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T-ara leader EunJung fell asleep in a toilet cubicle!

During an episode of SBS’ Strong Heart, EunJung cracked up the audience by sharing her personal hardship. But what caused the laughter? It seems that because of lack of sleep, EunJung fell asleep in a toilet cubicle.

She explained “Well usually we get enough hours of sleep but sometimes we only have 2 hours of sleep. The other members seem to be taking it well, but I fell asleep inside a cubicle once.”

Hyomin has also commented “Eunjung really has weird habits. She can sleep anywhere and anytime. One-time we were in the van talking and suddenly we didnt notice she was already sleeping.” She continues “when she was sleeping at the toilet, we had no idea where she was. So we kept searching the whole building for our leader. Suddenly our staff member said she fell asleep inside the cubicle.”

Eunjung responded, “Honestly, I fell asleep because I was so tired. But the seat was so comfortable and I didnt even smell any bad odors.”

C: *YANiPOPO*@tiaradiadem

18 Responses

  1. Lol.. I agree.. I also experienced sleeping in a toilet cubicle. It happens last month when I worked overtime.. I feel very tired and sleepy so I decided to sleep in the toilet cubicle.

  2. can someone tell the leader of t-max??????

  3. soooooo!she love sleeping in the toilet.shes a cute gal

  4. […] falling asleep in front of camera might not be as embarrassing as dozing off in a toilet cubicle. She continues β€œwhen she was sleeping at the toilet, we had no idea where she was. So we kept […]

  5. seems shes tired out
    hope Eunjung can get more rest

  6. ROFL….Eunjung is freakin’ cute. XD
    I hope she’ll keep her short hair.

    Her story is funny…. I always admire people who can sleep anywhere anytime. lol

  7. I did it once..when u’re tired, u just won’t care. XD

  8. lols always thought hyomin was leader for some reason…

  9. I also did XD IT was when I had my period and I had some mean cramps. When I sit on the toilet and spread my legs like Im making crap, the pain seems to subside. So I rested there thinking it’d only take a few minutes to go away permanently. It took longer than expected cuz next thing I know i was dozing off and fell asleep for a while XD hahaha~

    (Sorry for sharing if some of you didnt want to know XD)

  10. hahahha she’s soo cute xD

  11. hahahha.
    the seat was so comfortable and she didnt smell any bad odors was her reason other than tired, lol.

    she must’ve been sitting on it for a while to warm up the seat for it to be that comfortable

    shes funny&cute

  12. Lmao becuase that is the best place to sleep

  13. Lol, at least she got a bit of sleep ^_^

  14. totally!! i love her too!! look at her cute smile and dimples<3

  15. omg, this girl is soo cute πŸ˜€
    I just love Eunjung.

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