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Countdown for Jang WooHyuk’s singer comeback begins!

Ex-member to one of the hottest idol groups H.O.T of the late 90s, Jang WooHyuk will be coming back as a singer.

According to a representative on 1st February, it has been known that Jang WooHyuk has been invited for ‘2009 Beijing Popular Music Awards’ coming 5th February in Beijing.

The rep also added, “The ‘Beijing Popular Music Awards’ organized by ‘China Music Chart’ has never in the course of running the awards ceremony for 16 years invited a foreign singers to the ceremony, Jang WooHyuk will be the first and he will be giving out awards and performing for the event.” This shows the level of popularity that Jang WooHyuk amongst the Chinese fans.

The rep continued, “After being discharged of his military duties offiicially on 18th December 2009, Jang WooHyuk will start the countdown to this singer comeback with the appearance for this music awards.”

S: StarNews

Ooo. Can’t wait for him to be back!


13 Responses

  1. LOL, I still have some of his songs on my ipod!!!! Can’t wait for his comeback!! The man sure can dance!!! I hope he can dance with Eunhyuk since they kinda resemble one another!!! XD That would be epic!!! XD

    I don’t want to explain how much i freaked out when i saw this. I feel like a little girl =P baha.
    I am so pumped for this. Woo hyuk is a top idol, and needs to show these youngings how to do it. Though he is quite out of my generation, you cant ignore such talent when you see it.

  3. come back and show all those rookies how to DANCE, WH !!! ~<3
    sow them you don't need expensive/high-profile choreographers to make a sick dance, it's all TALENT ^^

  4. This is great, I need JWH back in my life. lol

  5. definitly can’t wait ^^

  6. hahaha.. i thought it was eunhyuk..

  7. haha and earlier, I was watching a Loveletter episode 😀

    niiiiiiice!! ❤
    can't wait ^^

  8. Omg T_T I didnt even know he had already been discharged -cries- Such a bad fan. I waiting all last year for news as well 😦
    I can’t wit though <33

  9. Ohh I’m excited for this! I honestly don’t know much about H.O.T. but I watched every X-man episode and Love Letter and loved him!

  10. OMG OMG Im so excited and happy Jang WooHyuk oppa is like one of my fav H.O.T members I think both of Tony Oppa and Kangta oppa will be released very soon from the arm but Jae Won will be released by next year anyway I hope he will have a great comeback and I hope one day we will be able to see all H.O.T members standing in the same stage

    • i’m such a major fan of them too! But i don’t think a H.O.T reunion will happen since I heard that two of them don’t get a long or something along those lines. Plus, a while back they all had the opportunity to do a reunion but they declined to do so =(

      okay OT but, I used to have a pen pal in Korea and we used to exchange goodies. I’ll give her american merch. and she’ll give me Korean merch. and DUDE, i compiled a HUUUGGE book/album with HOT pics, stickers, postcards, and charms. kekeke.

  11. Kangta is released from the Army on the 19th (in 2 weeks) too… SM is getting one of outlet for profits back soon.

  12. I’m excited!; )

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