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Jung YongHwa and Jung JuRi remake ‘towel guy’ scene on SBS Strong Heart

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February, C.N Blue vocalist Jung YongHwa talks about the nickname of ‘towel guy’ given to him for his role in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’.

And he did a live remake of the ‘towel scene’ in the studio, by demand, with gagwoman Jung JuRi. The only difference this time is that he changed his lines from “Because you are around I cannot wash up” to “Please wash up”.

15 Responses

  1. jung juri is EPIC!! XD hehehe~ omg, and yonghwa’s shy/embarrassed expressions is priceless!! soo cuuute! 🙂

  2. gyahahahaha nice gag..!!!
    gotta love Juri…and Yonghwa’s so cool…

  3. LOL @ the towel and bucket. the poor boy was so embarrased and Juri is hilarious as always.

  4. Juri is sooooo funny.
    She looks like CL too kekeke
    But when she sports a bowl cut, she looks like Minzy kekeke

  5. LOL I LOVE Juri she’s hilarious! Poor YongHwa was so shocked at the end when she acts all sexy XD. Juri really isn’t bad looking she just acts goofy which takes away from her appeal ^^.

  6. hahah!!! she’s amazing!! XDD
    i wonder what he said to her after putting the towel on her head? cause it seemed like he was saying something different- something funny XD
    and his expression is just pure WIN XDDD

  7. jajajaj his expression!!! Shock!!!! wow that was really fun!!!!

  8. did juri dance to “because of you” on this episode? her outfit looks a lot like kahi’s

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Jung Juri is amazing!!

  10. omg. he’s shocked! hahaha!

  11. Yonghwa~~! haha and I just looovee juri! she’s so funny! first her funny part with taeyang and now this! XD

  12. LOL. I think he was shocked at the end to see Juri’s final act.

  13. omona! makes me want to watch the series again! hahahaha
    yonghwa oppa! sarranghaeyo~! haha

  14. He was so cute! Was a little disappointed his story is postponed to next week but it’s ok, yonghwa ftw!

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