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[Updates] 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards – SNSD wins DaeSang!

The 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards took place on 3rd February in Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

Go under the cut for the winners list.


  • So Nyeo Shi Dae


  • Baek Ji Young
  • Super Junior
  • KARA
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • SHINee
  • Davichi
  • Son Dambi
  • Kim TaeWoo
  • 2PM
  • Brown Eyed Girls

High1 Popularity Award:

  • Super Junior
  • 2PM

Newcomer award:

  • After School
  • T-ara

Hip hop award:

  • Drunken Tiger

R&B award:

  • Bobby Kim

Trot award:

  • Park SangChul
  • Park HyunBin

Digital music award:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’

Best Album:

  • Drunken Tiger

Special Hallyu award:

  • Super Junior

The list is updated throughout the ceremony.

83 Responses

  1. Congrats to SM Town!

  2. oh, i think its very well and rightfully deserved!

    wonder girls followed by snsd.

    ❤ my loves (:


    i wonder how it feels to stand in front of everyone and accept something. although it may not be SO prestigious because of the many controversies boiled by the fans, it must still be very overwhelming for them

    congrats again (: im glad people who lack top publicity got their chance to shine. pioneers at their best!

  4. congrats to everyone~!

    but… where’s YG? -________-

  5. Omona I’m so happy! Congrats SNSD and Suju!!!
    SMtown Rocks!!

    that man needs some MORE lovin men!
    SNSD& Super Junior winning,,is not exciting anymore.lol
    i love them but shit own all the awards much!?
    other artists needs some love!! ;]


  8. […] source: kbites […]

  9. What a turn for SNSD in a year’s time. Gee came out last January and they’ve been on a roll since then. I’m very happy for the girls. They deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

  10. Who cares if MBLAQ, 2NE1 or GD or TaeYang or whoever didnt show up at the award, didnt come. They don’t need an award to be acknowledge as great artist.

  11. Oh no! Taengoo!!!
    I saw their performance and I could tell she was sick! She couldn’t sing her high notes and her voice was shaky all throughout. Jessica had to hit her notes but even she can’t do all of it that’s why they let the backtrack song sing it instead.

    Damn you SM! Give these girls the rest they deserve!
    We love them but we’re worried for them too!

    And where’s my 2NE1 babies?huhu..miss them so much! Come back already.

    I’m kinda glad GD isn’t here. He needs a break from all the controversys. We all know he’s a winner anyway!

  12. Why are there no YG artists there at all? that new rule, no show, no award is stupid. None of these awards MAMA, Daesung they mean nothing now since either one of the main big companies never show up to one of the awards. Its basically eliminating the competiton


  14. Its a birthday present to kyuhyun n super junior..
    keep up good work guys..
    saranghae.. (:

  15. hmm… to be honest i’m glad YGFam didn’t show. no more controversies. at least for a while.

    besides, they’re busy enough with upcoming comebacks and albums and concert tours. at least i know they’re not being overworked.

    congrats to everyone who won. they all deserved it.

  16. Where’s TIFFANY

  17. snsd jjang^^

  18. YG’s not attending,meaning that there’ll be no follow-up controversy.=) better that way guys! i’ll always love YG artist no matter what though:D

    btw,congratz to all of the winners!
    SM should treat y’all beefs!seriouslXD

  19. Some of this I agree on. Especially the Bonsangs, but the newcomer category is just weird.

    After school isnt new anymore. They came out last year with Ah’ and Diva’. So I don’t really know how new they are and everyone knows about the T-ara situation. Such a bothersome….

  20. Yay congrats to the winners…

    And sookyeong, you forgot to add SUPER JUNIOR IN BONSANG.. ^^

    It’s kinda weird that 2ne1 didn’t won the new comers award -_-

  21. The nine girls totally deserve it (their hard-work etc) ,but I don’t think that in terms of music SNSD deserve it.

    I mean ,even if many music in Kpop are only made for money ,a lot of songs are very more interesting to hear than oh! ,Gee or genie and co =/ That’s why i’m a bit bitter with that…

    But congrats to the nine ^^

  22. Congratulations to all the winners !! Especially to SNSD !!!
    they deserve it, after all the things they’ve been through.
    SNSD jjang!

  23. Yaay! SNSD~~~ Super Junior!
    I’m glad that SNSD can receive the high award as well as BoA & DBSK ^^ So proud of them.
    Super Junior too. But, too bad they 13 can’t come together T.T

  24. Felicitaciones SNSD ^^ They deserve it after working so hard during last year.


  26. Was that a no show no award policy cos rookie award to Beast and T-ara? Serious?

  27. Oh em Gee!!! Congrats SNSD!!!!
    They totally deserve the Daesang :]
    SM town Fighting!!!

  28. yes Congrats to my girls SNSD <3333

  29. congrats to all the winners!
    one thing, hyo doesnt look good with those bangs.
    i mean, really short bangs. -.-

  30. Congrats to SNSD ^^
    The power of 9 ❤

  31. hmmm not a fan of SNSD poofy hair :/ makes them ummm weird to me.

    anyhoo’s gratz to the girls and the other winners.

  32. Congratulations to all the winners! Especially to Drunken Tiger! His album is really daebak! Hope he’ll receive more awards, seriously.

  33. wow…girl power…..

    last time wonder girls won…and now SNSD and they deserved it..congratulation snsd!!!



  34. Congrats SNSD! ❤

  35. congrats to snsd…what i love about them is their sync dance move..it’s just amazing O_O

    • ..proving their hard work & excellent teamwork.

      They’re seriously one good role model to look at. Honestly I’m inspired by them so much. Despite of what they’ve gone through, with all the obstacles they have to face, they keep moving on and set in their mind, they’ll change it.. They keep setting & breaking new record.. and now they’re at the peak of their career, I’m truly happy for them. Congratulation SNSD.

      • thumb up for u.

        Although they’re all younger than me, they’re really one good model to look at.

      • High5!!! We feel the same way.
        They’re not the best singer out there but they’re a role model for me.
        All of them r persistent…
        Even during trainee days, it was too tough to the point where many trainees dropped out from this SNSD project. These 9 girls are the survivors of the harsh training. They managed to win over many obstacles n deal with hate or scandals.
        Improve, stay humble n keep their bonding stronger… the best thing is they appreciate every single support they got.

  36. 😀 congrats girls!! 2009 was such a fantastic year for SNSD.

  37. @_@ congrats to snsd! but i dont think they deserve it that much. >.< i guess thats just how it is.

    • They deserve it. Yes, They do.

      tonight, seeing taeyeon’s tired face makes me sad. Sooyoung even must lead her to stage by the hand.

      SNSD’s success is achievement of their hard work.

      yes, they dont climb to this position easily and fastly, they’ve been working hard for it.

      They even dont have time to pratice song together.

      With all of that hard work, They really TOTALLY DESERVE these awards.

      Every artists deserve to be respected for their works.

    • yes they do deserve it…i dont know what you smoking

  38. Congrats to SNSD for winning Daesang ! They TOTALLY deserve it, no matter what haters or jealous people say ! 🙂 9 girls on top !

  39. i cant believe 2ne1 didnt win a rookie award. @_@ its unbelievable. beast? wtf.

  40. no 2NE1?????????????/

  41. SHINee has won. yay. 🙂 I’m happy for them. & everybody else. Job well done guys! 😀

  42. OMGGGG
    how come ?….
    2NE1 GD ??????? really ? seoul music award ==;
    aigoo *speechless*

    • YG sucks that why hes a prick no award no show thats why.
      I didnt even know of this award show

  43. anybody know what is Hallyu award?

  44. Where’s 2NE1????GD??

  45. Where’s 2NE1????

    • i don’t know probably sleeping or watching korea dramas.

      • or resting…
        something that SM and JYP never allows

      • uh… that’s nasty. 2NE1 at least deserved the rookie awards. but they didn’t show up sadly and therefore they didn’t get the awards.

        FYI though, the last thing they’ll be doing is sleeping cuz they’ll be having a comeback soon so they’re busy preparing for that.

        haters to the left.

      • LOL SM and JYP )well jyp mostly)
        treat their artists like humans
        Suju,dbsk all take vacation(hyuk-france,thailand) they only went to hospital when got in accident.

        GTOP have gone to hospital multiple times from exhaustion,TOP at least 3 or 5x in hospital from work
        he had to get his tonsils removed he was in pain.GD just fainted in past so YG the one who ovrworks,plus daesung just went due to car accident like suju.

  46. lol at Kara t-shirt i thought i can see there nipple.

  47. YA!!!! KARA FIGHTING!!!

  48. today is totally taeyeon’s bad day. She has really bad frizzy hair (OMG STYLIST WAE?!! *shakes fist*). She’s totally ill T_T

    Regardless, congrats to all winners. 🙂

    • Now that you mention it… Taeyeon’s hair looks really strange D: And somehow the black and white boots don’t really match that well with their outfits.

      Anyway, congrats to all the winners! 😀

    • She looked really ill.

      Hope SM give her a rest. they’re so busy now.

      When they were promoting Gee, they just can sleep 2-3 hours a day. But they still have time to practise.

      Now, With OH!, they even dont have time to pratise their songs, i wander how they can still do all their hard schedule

  49. Bongsang Awards went to SHINee, Kara, SNSD and Baek Ji Young

    popluarity awards to Super Junior and 2pm

  50. i hope brown eyed girls name comes up soon :<

  51. Congrats to all. 😀

  52. congrats to everyone

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