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Hong SooAh to ELFs, “It’s alright”

Actress Hong SooAh relays the message “I’m alright” to Super Junior fans.

Group Super Junior won 3 awards during the 19th High1 Seoul Awards – bonsang, High1 popularity award and Hallyu special award on 3rd February.

But the surprise birthday party which the group did for member KyuHyun has been criticised by many netizens. At that time, Hong SooAh and magician Lee EunKyul were announcing the winner for digital music award, and the birthday party had more or less disrupted the atmosphere during the award ceremony.

With that Super Junior fans have posted up apology messages on Hong SooAh’s minihompy and with that Hong SooAh and Lee EunKyul relays the message “It’s alright”. Hong SooAh wrote on her minihompy on 4th February, “Super Junior fans ELFs, please don’t worry. I’m alright, you don’t have to leave messages on my guest book.”

Lee EunKyul also wrote on the minihompy, “We understand the situation and it’s was alright for me, so ELFs need not post up the apologies.”

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40 Responses

  1. hell, when KNetizens judge your idols, you get mad and defend them even if they also did something wrong.. obviously you are anti’s.. why don’t u just make your own anti-sj site and put your lame criticisms there? Yes, I am an ELF, obviously. I am biased and so are all of u here, if u were in their position and suddenly u saw the cake u will be delighted with it, and so they couldn’t help the excitement and had fun, blame the cameraman for it. Just because they’re idols they have to do things perfectly, and what they did in the awards night has nothin to do with Kangin’s DUI. You’re just saying it to make things worse for them although this isn’t a big deal. Even SooAh said it’s okay, then you’re saying it’s still rude? Super Junior is NOT IMMATURE, LOOK AT YOURSELVES AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHO’S BEING IMMATURE HERE. i pity your idols for having such fans who talk as if they’re so perfect although the truth is that they’re so desperate to make their idols popular so they bash other artists, but anyway, keep talking shit, you’re making them famous.xDDD

  2. ELFs are speaking as though they are correct while suju is wrong ever since they got praise like “ELFs are so sweet to apologise for their idols”. Practical joke.

    ELFs were the ones to deliver cake to kyu and it becomes suju’s fault for celebrating it. OMG didnt you all see the pics?? the cake were lighted up with candles, obviously ELFs gave it to suju for them to celebrate at the music awards itself.

    I think suju are the ones who are kind enough to celebrate at the music awards itself and get critisized cus of that, because they didn’t want to disappoint those ELFs who gave the cake LIGHTED UP WITH CANDLES.

    ELFs were the ones who made a huge din when they celebrated so it’s like they’re the rude ones. then they start apologising for suju. what the heck?? ridiculous.

  3. ok imo, suju is practically wrong even though im an ELF. but on the other hand its also the cameraman’s fault, why would they shoot suju delivering the birthday cake to kyuhyun instead of the 2 ppl who are receiving the awards? -.-

  4. I’m sorry to say this, but some of you are making too much of a big deal out of this. Cut them some slack, kay? They’re humans too you know, not robots. They worked real hard already, stop complaining. Maybe if one day they can’t take it anymore and quit, maybe then you will realize? Gosh what is wrong with netizens? Go have a life and stop torturing these celebrities with your harsh comments! And this doesn’t only apply for Super Junior, this goes for ALL of the celebrities out there who worked real hard and sacrificed their pesonal lives to entertain us all

  5. Please stop comparing Super Junior to other artists! At least I am glad that fellow Korean ELFs are mature to apologise, why say it rude when you can say it’s inappropriate, rude is far more insulting. I respect what you guys have in mind, but please bother to care about other people as well

  6. no what kangin did was just plain wrong. and uhh yeah they would’ve found him eventually so him finally going to the police afterwards when his blood alcohol concentration lowered was the least stupid choice to pick. he’s HUMAN? yeah we all are. so if we all go and get dui’s does that mean its “okay” cause we make mistakes and what we do isn’t “wrong” but simply part of our natural characteristics of being human and can be disregarded? no

  7. it doesn’t matter if the fans gave the cake or not. SuJu should have respected the event. They can celebrate after the award right??ELFs did not ask them to celebrate during the event itself. Much respect to ELFs. It’s really sad that they are the ones apologizing rather than Suju themselves.

    If ANYONE say this is blowing out of proportion, THINK ABOUT THIS – what if it was you are the one on stage and your junior/other artists DID that to you???? – Would you feel a bit hurt?? It is really RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL. Hate aside, SuJu need to behave maturely like RIGHT NOW!!!

    Too much bad things happening to them so they should have learned a lesson already. It is truly frustrating when fans have to be responsible for their idols behaviour. GROW UP & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY IDOLS!!!

    • exactly, remember when LeeTeuk was mad at the audience that left the place when they were performing?

      ELFs are really sweet to apologize but I don’t think it was necessarily.

      Yes, they gived the cake but they didn’t tell Suju to celebrate the birthday DURING the awards.
      They could have did it backstage and took pictures to thankx ELFs.

      SuJu should apologize.

      You’re right, it’s really frustrating that the fans are more mature than the idols. Seriously….plus Suju are not rookie.

      btw – I’m not an anti, I’m an ELF….

      when I knew SUJU, I loved them for their funny side and because they didn’t care about their image.
      But that’s too much, after Kangin, Kibum, Shindong…. who’s next?

      Like someone else said, I feel sorry for other members like Siwon (he isn’t even my favorite…).

  8. what the hell were they thinking. they are already is so much trouble. know this come on guys.

  9. ahh i really liked hong sooah… especially in nonstop 5 ahaha (:
    but yea…
    what super junior did was really bad.
    so sad to see the FANS have to apologize FOR the idols…
    shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  10. I can’t believe they did that…I was speechless when I heard about it. It was nice of ELF to apologize and I hope SJ would too.

  11. Fandoms aside, it was straight up rude and disrespectful, but at least the fans apologized on the group’s behalf right? If only ALL 13 members was there, it would’ve been nice to see all of them happy together.

    Well imo me of the suju members should enjoy their time together while it last. In a year or so, some of the members need to serve the military and soon they might go in different ways. Except for the ones that have a slave contract [10+] with [S]lave [M]anagement.

  12. What the heck is a minihompy, and where can I find it?

  13. Wtf has the world come to when you got fans apologizing for their artists??? Seriously?? When someone messes up they should apologize for their mistake. Fans play too much of role in artists career when they don’t need to be..oh we will protect you oh we will defend you…list goes on and on the fandom in a korea is a little out there

  14. I think this is being taken a bit out of proportion now. Look I didn’t see this live so I can’t say much but I’m sure the producers are bound to know what is happening and they are the ones that allow what gets recorded or not. Someone from SJ or one of their managers or even SME must have asked permission if they could do that or not.

    Criticizing them more and causing more ruckus is just too much people. All I’m saying is that this must have been preplanned. It was also a short time that focused on them too even if it wasn’t.

    KELF’s apologizing is sweet and respectful too and it makes sense since they realized that they were loud and felt bad for the announcers standing there about to announce the winner.

  15. OF all SM artist, SuJu seems to be the most immature one. SOme of them are talented, but most of the are childish, immature, rude etc. Feel sorry for the good ones like Siwon and Sungmin.

    I remember DBSK Jaejoong was once DUI too, but things get better for the group. But for SuJu, after Kangin’s case there seems to be more and more trouble for the group.

    • omo… sooo true -____-

    • I sometimes also think so.
      I feel really bad for Siwon, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, ryeowook, donghae….Coz it’s obvious that they’re like the mature one despite being the younger members.

  16. It’s nice to see fans acting reasonably mature. Rather than trying to defend their idols to death, they accept the reality of what their idols did was (unintentionally) rude.

    Even though ELFS are not obliged to apologize, because they responded in a more mature way, the outcomes of the event resulted positively. This is a good example for other fans ^^

    • Agreed. Sadly not many fandom acted like them (ELF). Most of fans always defend their idol although they know that he/she (idol/celeb) is wrong.

  17. Im glad the Koreans ELFs showed everyone how mature they are and that they are not stupid fans I hope super junior will also going to apologize because what they did was indeed wrong and rude

  18. ok
    although im a suju fan but this is completely wrong and senseless
    dont get me wrong im someone who know whats right and wrong clearly without putting personal views in it
    like kangin with hit and run incident
    seriously i get angry seeing his face again as my grandma was invovled in such an incident and get into wheelchair for life,i mean hit and run seriously is something not right
    own it up but still come on how u gonna pay a person’s live ?
    also,about the b’dae , ya we know it’s kyunhyun b’dae and nothing big deal to me though,i just congratz him and thats all
    if they really want to celebrate they could just ask their managers to take a self-cam about their celebration backstage right ?
    like beast and 4 minute to mblaq
    this is really wrong
    i dont hate them but this is just like grabbing attention out of nowhere
    even with 3 members missing
    i dont quite get the awkard atmosphere among them

    • why do yu think having a cake is grabbing attention ?
      the fans gave them the cake and all and its not like the they told the cameraman to take them.
      and seriously about the dui, EVERYONE makes mistakes
      juss cuhs he is a celebrity doesnt mean he isnt a human. at least once in yur life yu get into an accident either yu do or yu get into it
      he was juss scared. at least he still confessed up to it -_-
      im sorry about yur grandma but yu shouldnt bring her up into what kangin did

      • no what kangin did was just plain wrong. and uhh yeah they would’ve found him eventually so him finally going to the police afterwards when his blood alcohol concentration lowered was the least stupid choice to pick. he’s HUMAN? yeah we all are. so if we all go and get dui’s does that mean its “okay” cause we make mistakes and what we do isn’t “wrong” but simply part of our natural characteristics of being human and can be disregarded? no

      • im not saying its okay to get into dui and yeah we are human
        we make mistakes and learn from them. it IS in our natural characteristics. i didnt say it should be disregarded. yeah he got into a dui and he is taking responsibility to it.

  19. even fans know something is wrong…you would think Suju would think twice before doing something like this..
    but I guess they were just being boys…
    but awww~ Hong Sooah is so hot…I wonder what she has been doing?

  20. You know you did something really wrong when your fans apologise for you.

  21. ohh i feel sorry for her 😦

  22. aww… she’s so sweet!!

  23. fans apologising on their behalf when they are the ones doing wrong …


    noble fans ..like (noble Mom)
    fans taking responsibility for suju does like how a mom would for her child …

    • it’s because fans gave the cake, it wasn’t from suju member. so because of that action, it disturbed the ceremony.

      that why fans apologized for what they did

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