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KBS Music Bank 05.02.2010: So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 with ‘Oh!’

Today on KBS Music Bank, So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 on KChart with ‘Oh!’.

Other highlights of the show today includes:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae, Untouchable and UKiss‘ comeback stages
  • Special stages put up by 2AM and C.N Blue
  • Other hot performances by TRAX, After School, Kim Jong Kook, Rainbow, ZE:A, F.cuz etc

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Comeback Stage

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Oh!’
  • UKiss with ‘Round And Round’
  • Untouchable feat BEG Narsha with ‘Living in the Heart’
  • Min Kyung Hoon with ‘It is love since there is pain’

Special Stage

  • 2AM with ‘My Love By My Side’
  • C.N. Blue with ‘Love Love Love’

Music stages

  • TRAX feat. SNSD SeoHyun on piano with ‘Let You Go’
  • 2AM with ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’
  • C.N. Blue with ‘Loner’
  • After School with ‘When I Fall’
  • ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’
  • Rainbow with ‘Not Your Girl’
  • F.cuz with ‘Jiggy’
  • Sori feat. I the Tri Tops Bin Hyung Moon with ‘Burning Down’
  • Yoon Hwa Jae In with ‘Wings’
  • Na Yoon Kwon with ‘Fool’
  • Kim Jong Gook with ‘It’s This Person’
  • Gavy NJ feat. MBLAQ’s Mir with ‘Sunflower’
  • Han Ra San ‘Don’t forget to remember’
  • Park Hyun Bin with ‘Ah! Hot!’
  • HybRefine with ‘You Can Fly’
  • Deevine with ‘I Close My Eyes’
  • ShiHyun feat. Jewelry’s Ha Joo Yeon with ‘미치지 않고서야’
  • AB Avenue with ‘Love for Two’


  • SNSD interview
  • 2AM – CN Blue interview

59 Responses

  1. Great performance from/by all. 😀
    Congrats to SNSD. ❤

  2. Not surprised that SNSD won even though Oh is not a good song. I am not trying to be an anti or anything but even SNSD fans have to admit that some of the girls sing a lot better than what is displayed in this song or in Gee for that matter unfortunately this is what sells and if it makes SM money this is what he is going to promote. He tried to change the concept with TMYW but blame it on 2NE1 or it not being as catchy as Gee but in comparison it didn’t do as well as Gee so he reverted back to the cutesy concept. This is why kpop is a joke for many foreigners because the songs that are so popular aren’t the most vocally challenging even though there are some very talented kpop artists not just balladeers. For example Sunny is a pretty decent singer when she is actually singing and not doing aegyo cutesty pitched singing and we already know Taeyeon sings better than this. I mean I am not a fan of SNSD, personal preference but I actually liked their ballads because it shows what some of these girls can do but this is not what they promote. You can still do fast songs and display vocal talents, I mean Lyn’s most recent album was dance music and many of the songs on 2am album were fast tempo.

    Musically both 2am and Cnblue’s songs are of better quality and this is not just preference but lyrically and vocally they are better, I am sorry but the lyrics to Oh are quite stupid to be perfectly honest. But SNSD is super popular and unfortunately 2AM and CNBLUE while popular doesn’t have the fanbase such as BigBang, TVXQ, 2NE1, etc. to compete with them just yet .

  3. Somehow I also get the feeling that SNSD won simply because they are SNSD and not because the song is good. This song can’t be compared to their previous songs (not that I like their previous songs that much either), but they can come up with crap songs and they will still get no. 1 because they are so freaking popular in Korea.

    But in any case, I like Taeyeon and Hyoyeon so congrats gals!

  4. ok, no offence but SNSD sounded terrible
    i know they can do better than that but that was just horrible
    and mics were so loud, and why did taeyon lipsynch ? is she sick or something ? .. they were off tune too..
    but Congratulations !

  5. Honestly, I can’t see what the fuss is all about with SNSD’s “Oh”. If you close your eyes and just listen to the song, it’s NOTHING SPECIAL @ ALL. Save for a few like Taeyon, Tiffany and Jessica, the others can not sing well @ all. I saw the 1st comeback performance. My gosh, SUNNY IS SO ANNOYING. Trying to sing in CUTESY TEENY LIL VOICE it didn’t come out as cute at all.

  6. UKISS was awesomee!!!

  7. snsd’s appearance didnt sound too good..think kbs is increasing the volume proportion of the mike than the background music..

    hyoyeon sounded like she had a cold.

  8. thx to Rihanna coz i can actually listen to this song anyway…(~_~!)
    “brand new song”?? “run this town”?? WTF!!

  9. Lisette posted this on her twitter some days ago: This dance industry: is 10% dance and 90% business. If you don’t have ur business together how are you going to succeed?

    I think the music industry is the same.

    if u want to talk about Music’s quality. i dont think Kpop would be like nowadays. Let’s take a look at kpop industry, is kpop only Idol music?

    if u talk about Music’s quality, then when Park Hyo SHin come Back, he must win, Lee Seung Chul, Tei, KWill come back, they must win… but no… this is life…this is business.

    I really want 2Am to be successful. i like their music. actually, i prefer their old songs like ‘A friend’s conffesion’ , ‘This Song” ….

    But i’m glad that SNSD won. Why. because i support them.
    Blame me “bias fan” . i really dont care. i’m definitely SNSD’s bias fan.

    i dont want to drag many Idols in here to make a defence for SNSD. but, i think if u talk bad about SNSD’s music… u better check other idol’s music again.

    anyway. i believe that 2AM will be more successful in the future. they’re talented. maybe, they”ll never be popular as Performance groups. But they are affirmed their talent. That is what all the idol group wish for.

    • Totally agree!!

    • Agree!

      Talking about quality of the music, how many of us actually buy the album because of quality? Don’t only talk, “their song is good. I hope they can win” One of the winning criteria is high album sale. Go & buy their album to support them, rather than going around talking about other artists with their poor quality of music. For me, music is what I enjoy listening to & nice to my ears. Good or bad, I don’t understand it because I’m not majoring in music field…

      Most of us probably just buying their favourite artists’ album. That’s not bad, because that’s how we are their fan. Fanatic! Similar thing to SNSD fans. Fans support them by buying their album. You can see in this MuBank, they won no.1 mostly because of their high album sale.

  10. i love as when i fall and raina can really sing.. but they should have given more lines to the other girls. 3 of them didn’t even have solos.. and jooyeon’s was like 3 seconds long.
    anyway, 2AM must really win something. they totally deserve it… their comeback is awesome. sigh!

  11. OMG..ukiss’ perf is great!! i love dongho!!! XD
    i love the last video. does cn blue know that DBSK yunho sang “im a loner” at his 2010 Wish Showcase?? woah..! 🙂 changmin and yonghwa sang each of the other groups’ songs!! awesome!!

    jinwoon&&minhyuk are cuuuute!! XD

  12. i hope SM let the girls rest abit.

    they are working too hard.

    today, when i listened to CHINCHIN,i cant recognize Taeyeon’s voice. Yuri seemed sleepy, all the girls seem tired

    SM… i’ll kill u

  13. Congrats to SNSD!! Love oh! :]

  14. how i wish u-kiss win next..
    that song was epic!
    there voices was epic!
    dance was epic!!
    and they are epic but so underated..
    im happy that there starting to shine now..

  15. haih…. congrats to them. although i dont think they deserve it. 2am deserves it more. but hei, its snsd. their ahjuhshi fans are scary—- they would do anything for these girls to win. sad sad sad for 2am.

  16. congrats to snsd! hopefully 2AM will win next cos their song is just too awesome! u-kiss’s performance today is so nice!! nice dance =D

  17. congrats to e girls! the song is catchy!

  18. congrats snsd !! <33 soshi fighting.. loving those fanchants

  19. […] Credits to Kbites + whole performances lined up, click. […]

  20. im not hating, bashing or whatever you call it but…WHY???

    im expecting that it’s 2AM’s week today!! T_T wth happened?!

    for just one time, just that one time 2AM would win…half of the kpop fans would rejoice. LOL. [overreacting to the last phrase there.]

    i respect SNSD for their song concept and for everything that they do…but im still asking myself WHY??

    • congrats to SNSD, anyways..

    • i hope 2am wins too!

      sigh, its been so long since they’ve debuted and they havent had that crazy leap to become part of the elite. they must feel the pressure now to succeed since 2pm”s popularity exploded just recently too. being brother groups, it must suck to be overshadowed by the other.

      honestly, i want snsd to stay at the top but it just eliminates the chances for other groups to grow. maybe it just isnt time for them. im sure they’ll win eventually! positive they will, as long as they dont give their hopes up

  21. as expected,its no contest ,SNSD its sure win ,its the battle of popularity,not the song.

    • welcome to KPOP

    • hey.

      how do people gain popularity?
      through different ways like a good song, public appearances, etcetc.

      snsd has good songs to boost their popularity.

      i hate how people say “its snsd, thats why”. well,im glad you acknowledged their victory only because theyre SNSD. this means that SNSD comes hand in hand with winning (from your logic). in order to get people to say “its snsd, thats why” takes, idk? accomplishments and constant victories?

      i mean, shit, i’d like it if my presence was synonymous with winning. its like, if i were to get drafted into a basketball team, and with my REPUTATION, people will pre-judge the teams outcome: victorious.

      im saying, “its snsd, thats why theyre winning” is more of a compliment because you acknowledged that snsd worked to get where they are to become synonymous with winning (:

  22. though i’m a snsd fan, nowadays, awards are really given out by popuiarity instead of quality-.-
    kinda pissed me off actually.
    the girls should promote songs that show off their real talents and not going round and round their same old spot.
    how would they ever improve this way-.-
    different genres would allow them to mature more.

  23. Why are people talking about quality ? There is not quality in music, there are just different tastes. Anyway.

    Congrats to SNSD for their 1st win on Music Bank 🙂 Hopefully they’ll have some more. Fighting !

  24. Oh! Not surprising ‘coz it’s SNSD. Haters are coming out again like mushrooms tsk2x. The QUALITY of their music is diff that’s why fans are loving them aside from their flawless looks.

    • TRAX should win 1st. Aww…

    • Different? LOL…. Its the same cutesy stuff like their old song ‘kissing you’ except overused. REAL music should win but sadly, it doesn’t apply to kpop.

      • What about groups who overuse sexy concept or fierce concept ? I mean… concepts are never original. It’s just a matter of taste. Everything has already been done again and again. And ‘Oh !’ and ‘Kissing You’ can’t even be compared LOL. Not the same at all.

      • @ Souly, and how about groups who overuse the cute concept? Yes, concepts are always done again and again but there are ways to give it a different feel to it. I didn’t mind that SNSD won, they’ve worked hard and yeah. Although, in terms of quality, the song wasn’t as good (in terms of music) as the other candidates, but hey, I prefer ballads over a overly pop song cause it’s my taste.

      • well its SNSD…I don’t expect anything less than a win from them lol its just a fact if you promote at the same time as them you have no choice. I mean they just broke the music bank record in points.

      • jess.

        i have a suggestion for you.
        take a break from kpop for lets say several months. when you come back, everything will feel different. even the same “cutesy” stuff will seem fairly new.

        its only overused in your eyes. perception

    • what quality are you talking about??
      i think 2am have a GREAT quality too..

    • They don’t need to create a new concept just to sell. Not a real music because it’s cutesy? So real music is just for the divas & balladeers? Their genre is just different. Every people has their own criteria.

  25. In b4 antis!
    Congrats SNSD! ❤

  26. Congrats to my 9 girls ! *-*

  27. Their first appearance on Music Bank Since last year and they’re already winning! ^^
    So proud of the SoShi unnies ❤
    Congrats SNSD, you girls deserve it. Don't let the Oh! fever die =)

  28. lol why Im not shocked congrats SNSD

  29. snsd wins??
    well, i’m not trying to be hate them.. but seriously i think 2am deserve more than snsd..
    but,anyway congratz…

  30. wow SNSD ^^

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