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CN Blue, ‘Bluetory’ means blue bird?

The new group CN Blue is swept in the tides again with the fact that they have also copied the album title from Ynot after the song as well. Currently, CN Blue is in fight against the copyright issues with the song ‘Blue bird’ from the group Ynot. The rhythm pattern and the melody of the chorus matching in the two songs was the cause of it.

According to Ynot, they stated that FNC Music, the management company for CN Blue, asked the composers Kim DoHoon and Lee SangHo to apologize about the matter, but it the issue seemed to be calming down solely because there hasn’t been any more actions from CN Blue.

However, the netizens are raising the matter once again by claiming that CN Blue’s album title ‘Bluetory’ actually means ‘Blue bird’. According to these netizens, ‘Bluetory’ is a mix up with the word “blue” and “tory” which means “bird” in Japanese.

CN Blue’s management, FNC Music replied that the album title ‘Bluetory’ was purely made up by the president of the company and that it represents CN Blue with the “blue” and the pure Korean word “tory.” They also added that “tory” stands for the “music specialty that each area has” and ‘Bluetory’ in general means that “CN Blue will be showing their own color in the music industry.”

Translation By: cnbluemoonlight @ CodeAzzurro

37 Responses

  1. will netizens ever get tired of this?

  2. That did kind of ring a bell, ‘tory’ in Japanese and ‘bird’. Well, it’s hard to tell whether the management really intended to have the same name..

    Those who are grumbling about the netizens… while I don’t agree with the actions of the k-netizens all the time, it’s not always bad that they dig out the weirdest things. IF in the case that the composers and management did plagiarize, I would rather see Ynot get their recognition than the plagiarizers snickering away thinking that they can steal as long as the other party is not famous.

  3. well before this netizens issue, JYH alr mentioned somewhere that bluetory = cnBLUE and tory is some korean word for pure or smthg no?
    this is what happens when u get popular/famous, there’s alw someone there to pull u down..
    hopefully they’ll get through this well! i mean their song is still doing well on charts so ❤

  4. netizen needs to get a life
    even the name , lmao .

  5. lol who is Ynot? i guess when someone esle comes out a song similar to theirs and gets big they try to talk… yea flopped that why they have to talk about copy

  6. i thought Bluetory r shorts of Blue Territory??

    “music specialty that each area has”

    does it ring a bell?? no??

    obviously there’s another song which is more likely had plagiarized western song yet no one even talk about it…stupid netizens!! go & ship ur b****!!

    well, good luck to C.N Blue then…love them so much!!! every artist that i love face this kind of issue…hope they can make it through even if they r rookie…fighting!!

  7. i hate the stupid netizens digging up all this kind of thing…. they got nothing to do except to find faults & flaws of every celeb….

    yonghwa said that “tory” is from korean word and not japanese word… and blue is from their name…

    netizens (antis), get a life….

  8. how ridiculous
    netizens are just making things up again
    blue obviously came from their name “CN Blue”

    netizens do not have to get involve, but being the nosy people they are…..

  9. […] Translation By: cnbluemoonlight @ CodeAzzurro […]

  10. @ Tenshii: I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that it was blue(s)tory. xD

    Anyway, I think the whole thing is whatever. The song is still amazing and these netizens need to just learn to enjoy the music and stop trying to bring people down.

  11. so not only did they ‘plagiarize’ the song
    they also decide to name their album the same name as the song they supposedly plagiarized?

    really? -_-

    seriously,people just need to relax and let CN Blue be
    leave the people behind the issue, the producers and songwriters, deal with the issue

  12. I think Bluetory is coincidental, but as for the song, I’m sure that the composer was influenced by the original song and should apologize. I feel bad for CN Blue that they have this hurdle to go through just as they debuted. Probably didn’t think that the song was plagiarized. @ Tenshil, I hope they perform the rock version too!

  13. I thought Bluetory is blue(s)tory >.>

    Well, I want CNBlue to perform the rock version of Alone =D (Burning teaser version)

  14. Even if they supposedly plagiarize the name, HELLO, can you sue them for that?? You can sue them for plagiarizing the song but not for having the same title. Coz if you call that plagiarism then I guess you can sue most singers nowadays coz they have the same title to their songs as that of previous singers.

    • that is not even the point. people are saying it is bad enough to plagiarized the song. now you even made it more clear by using the name of the song you plagiarized as the album name.that is the point.

      • Logic- and semantics-wise, I think the argument that ‘tory’ is actually a reference to the Japanese word (usually spelled ‘tori’) that means “bird” makes just as much sense as the argument that ‘tory’ is a reference to the Korean word (spelled ‘tory’) that means “(music) specialty that each area has.”

  15. oh come on we knew this as soon as we heard about the song issue. i already said how someone said bluetory sounds like blue tori and tori in japanese means bird. blue bird makes sense.

    • I think if the composers wanted to get away with copyright infringement via a VERY unknown indie band (even in the Korean indie scene, ynot is not very popular), then why would they give hemselves away by copying the name of the song as well? I think this sort of speculation is not only far-fetched but useless — ynot has a better case by sticking with the rhythm and melody of the chorus of “I’m a Loner.” The color ‘blue’ is a big concept of the band even before “I’m a Loner” came out (i.e. see their stuff before they debuted in Korea) — I’m sure that’s a coincidence. Also, be careful to keep in mind:

      tory (Korean word) = “(music) specialty that each area has”
      tori (Japanese word) = “bird”

  16. I always believed Bluetory meant like Blue territory as in CN Blue’s territor, I guess not 😦

    I still like them anyway…

  17. i like cn blue.

    this goes for other artists accused of plagiarism…i dont really care.

  18. I just thought that it means Victorious CN Blue since they do have the world ‘blue’ in their name (:
    I really don’t care if its plagerized or not, I’m a Loner is definately the better song out of the two. XD

  19. Plagiarism or not, i have to say that I love their song ‘I’m A Loner’ 🙂 one of the best rookies of this year.

  20. wow, netizens are at it again. seriously, i understood the plagiarism accusations because the songs were pretty similar, but bluetory = bluebird? Really? honestly, no one would be stupid enough to plagiarize a song AND the album name at the same time. Seriously, netizens should give it a break.

  21. I don’t get it. Whether or not Bluetory translates to Blue Bird, what is the problem?

    • Blue Bird is the title of YNOT’s song!
      The song that was said to be plagiarized.

    • The netizens argue that the composers further stole from ynot by taking the title of the song they committed copyright infringement from. However, F&C Music argues that a) the president came up with the name, and b) ‘blue’ is a concept C.N. Blue had way before “I’m a Loner” was composed and that ‘tory’ was a reference to the Korean word — “(music) specialty that each area has” — and not to the Japanese word, ‘tori,’ — bird. I think this is the sort of debate that all boils down to figuring out the motivations of the composers, which I think is difficult to prove because until the composers come out and say anything about it, it’s all speculation.

      • Oh, thank you for clearing that up. F&C really screwed up it seems… I hope CNBlue doesn’t suffer too much because of this.

  22. OMG, I think the name thing is so farfetched. It’s probably just a coincidence. Do you think any decent company would have the galls to plagiarise the song AND the title of the song? Seriously, this is a matter between the group and the composers. No one can expect someone to know every song in the world…

  23. omo .. even the name??

    • “tory.” = Korean word
      Yonghwa said , too.

    • if you go to youtube, there’s a street dancer group call ynot, and if you search in google, you will find blue tory is a part of conservative party in canada…
      so….. ????

  24. Yeah I think so, YNOT will win the case they have a strong evidence…Yay! these days netizens tend to dig and dig similarities to artist mostly theyre Right and some are just plain ridiculous of accusations.
    anyway for CN BLue, the plagriazed song is still doing great on charts. bleh!

    • strong evidence??? where??

    • sadly, they don’t have anything to prove it. and prolly netizens have no rights to determine anything.
      It’s depends all to FnC & YNot!
      well, if the song is already good, suppose to be on top of the charts!
      what’s the matter with you?

  25. nice i think Ynot will win if they sue them for sure.

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