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2PM ‘Tik Tok’ full MV revealed!

The full MV ‘Tik Tok’ for 2PM and Yoon EunHye’s endorsement for Cass Beer has been revealed! TaecYeon and Nich Khun of 2PM plays the main characters in the MV alongside Yoon EunHye.

T-ara BoRam also plays cameo in the MV. Go under the cut for the 2nd part to the MV.

74 Responses

  1. what’s that song played in the club?? driving me crazy..

  2. refreshingly unexpected for a beer commercial! 10 out of 10. .good acting, and the girl got the man. hah hah. hah next episode please . this must be raking money. did it?

  3. awesome story line!!
    taecyeon + nichkun! SO HOT 😀

    btw.. does anyone know what song was playin when they were at the club??

  4. Wow!!!
    Junsu is Khun’s manager, yes?
    What’s YEH’s role in the MV though?

  5. whoaa. what a twist! cass always brings forth a badass image of their endorsers lols.

  6. Khunnie is in dangerous with hye!!!!!!

    I love the storyline so much, I totally understand YEH coz khunnie’s hot!!!

  7. wow. nice story line 🙂 i like junsu’s acting. HAHA.

  8. Go Boram! I liked her creepy stalker fan character. I liked this MV better than the first…it’s more like a movie but I didn’t care much for the song. I liked the first song (Kiss) better.

  9. Damn. That’s not a MV, thats a movie.

  10. mmmmmmmm very hoottzz =\

  11. YEH – creepy in a gorgeous way

  12. this MV..very good… i wonder what will happend next…
    hahahaha… they also good in acting…

  13. I guessed it right, the stalker was YEH, it was quite obvious from the fact that she saw the actress going up to Khunnie’s room and that there was a car accident.

    The roles were perfect for everybody, Boram’s was quite unexpected but I liked it. She’s not exposed much during promotions of T-ara and such.

    Wooyoung got a longer cut than he expected. ^______^ It was hilarious the way he fell off the chair.

  14. Looks like Khun knew who the real stalker was at the end.

  15. Hahaha woah…got me there! Nice MV!

  16. OMFG that was frickking good!
    But I want a better ending !

  17. i knew it too. kekeke. 🙂
    but the unfolding of the story was nice.
    taec is perfect for the role.
    eunhye very good acting. 🙂
    nichkun, junsu and wooyoung were perfect too.

    i missed chansung though too. 😦

    • I agree with you Taec is so good for this role he is clever and very observent BUT I missed seeing ChanSung but I think he is to young to perform in a beer commercial it is not appropriate I think in South Korea it is not like Europe or the States ChanSung is 20 already but in SK he is still young. I hope to see ChanSung soon in a new drama.

      2pm=LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. AHH I KNEW IT!
    When he said “We caught the suspect” I was expecting him to grab her and just go “It’s you, isn’t it?”

  19. wow.
    that was.. pretty dang amazing…

    YEH is cr33pin f’real.. haha

    poor taec.. but definitely more poor khun! >< hahaha
    loved this thing..

    except.. where's chan and ho?

  20. Khun! You ‘ve done an awesome acting. You really make my day.

  21. that was awesome!!! YEH is the bomb! Taec is hot!!! I think I have a new favorite in 2PM now but man Junsu’s voice is amazing!!!

  22. really like it….wooyoungieee….love ya!!!!

  23. i like~

  24. Oh…mv so hot. I look mv, and love khun// Rak na jub jub

  25. I feel so old when all I can think of after watching this MV is “what’s the world coming to, if this is what they promote on TV?”

    Yup, I need to take a break from Kpop…>.<

  26. I wanted to point out some funny moments..Woo falling off his chair after Taec gets angry. Junsu with a flying type of kick on that guy in the club LMAO!! Nice acting by all involved

  27. Love Eunhye acting ”” awesome!!!!!!!!!!
    and surpricing me with Khun charactor !!! totally changing from cutty to veryyyyy charming guy !!!!!!! can’t take my eye of you

  28. Oh! khunnie this is one character that I waiting for long time to see ^^
    Yeah! you do it’s the best khunnie So cool ! hope to see you on series soon 😀

    Ps. The MV Cass Beer was so cool I love it ^^

  29. AWESOME!!!!!






  30. AWWW I was really looking forward to seeing ALL the 2pm members in it after I spotted Junsu and Wooyoung!

    We need a part 2!

    Eunhye’s SMOKING in here. Wish I could pull off that aura.

    Sorry Khun! Taec and Wooyoung steal the show for me XD

  31. OMG..
    too cool too hot too sexy

  32. khunnie so cute kkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. ohh!!!! Nichkhun very handsome …. He’s perfect

  34. I don’t expect that khunnie will be the sexy and handsome. He is so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  35. OMG!!! this is tooo hot!!! They are good at acting! Especially, Eunhye I love it!!!

    Khunnie is dang hot here!!! I really love this look of him!

    Tace is so cool!!!!

    Wooyoung is so cute and funny

    Junsu!!! still expensive guy huh? kk love his out fit really good on him!!

    Borum nice acting!

    Really wanna have very big file on this ad!!!!

  36. I love this CF!!!! It’s great music drama that I’ve ever seen!!
    Khun’acting is great!!!
    Thumb up!!!

  37. I love it ^_^

    Nickhun is so hot hot

  38. mv darama was awesome love 2PM figthing

  39. super perfect khun.

  40. Good……………………..
    Love 2PM and YEH

  41. we love khun & support him 4ever
    khun su su good job guy ‘khun’ teac ‘woo ‘Su ‘


  43. nice song…nice MV/CF and to top it all off…YEH looked really hot especially in that blue dress! wow!

  44. wow. that mv darama was awesome! khun and teac are really lucky working with YEH.
    gosh! i thought the teen-age girl did all those harsh attacks from khun’s lovers, then you won’t expect that it would be Yoon eun hye! gosh she’s scary, she’s so obsess at khun. if that happens in real life i would be totally scared.! tsk tsk… taec was a good police then he got tricked by yoon eun hye! wow. obsess people are genius. lol.
    the MV was so so so amazing! i want to see more!!!

  45. Was that little Boram?! Well it’s just good to know she doing other stuff than T-ara.

  46. cool. does this mv have a 19+ rating? afterall, it shows beer and violence.

  47. ohmygod. this is actually pretty much like an MV instead of a CF!! im impressed!!

    the boys acting are pretty good. (Y)
    really love how the action and plot goes about.
    i thought Boram was the one behind all these.
    hell yeah, this is so good!!
    YEH got me fooled too.. lol

    junsu looks hot and wooyoung; he’s haha.. too cute.
    falling off the chair , sleeping. ❤

  48. Eun Hye, Taec, Khun = you’re mine too XD

    Awesome! Wooyoung fell off the chair is so funny. LOL

  49. the music video itself is pretty awesome..i can’t wait till it’s subtitled…boram’s acting was quite good! in fact, i think all of the acting here was pretty good…however, it’s such a weird way to endorse cass beer! O_o the video’s creepy…it makes me NOT want to drink..AHAH!

  50. oh my god this is so COOL!!!!
    time2sub please sub this asap! LOL

    • the previous fancam was taken when they r actually recording this mv. haha. anyway will there be a ‘sequel’ lol this is epic!

  51. I love the MV!!! It’s like telling a story using only pictures and less words…plus the awesome music.
    Gaaad YEH is so sexy in that blue ensemble.
    I love love it!!! really a nice music drama!

    too bad though the music “Tik Tok” wasn’t really played out straight.

  52. Why does Boram looks like jaejoong? Even the way she smile at YEH is exactly the way jaejoong would smile. She looks real pretty. It sad that the other 2 members of 2pm were not in the drama.

  53. that was unexpectedly good. absolutely loved it. everyone acted so well, the editing was excellent the music was used at the right places oh and the twist at the end was lovely.

    LOL at the fight scene at the club. are they trying to convey the message of alcohol=violence?

  54. loved every second …. makes you want to grab a bottle of Cass after that classic ending 🙂
    YEH – creepy in a gorgeous way
    Khun – hot
    Taec – surprisingly good in acting…& oooh so smexy
    Woo – adorable, funny & cute
    Junsu – cool
    Boram – unexpected surprise. the girl can act !
    if only this cf can be longer …… 😉

  55. arghh… I read the description for the first video (with the 2 last lines) and I kind of understood the twist… I hate that. =/

    But YEH is gorgeouuuuuuus!
    I hope that we can see her in an another drama. ❤

    WooYoung made me laugh. ^^

    The storyline is really good, wasn't expecting that ^^

  56. sookyeong , ur the best babe 😀
    tengs for the MV 🙂

  57. its hella interesting!! i want subs!<3
    it's ALOT better than the first one.
    i like it! CASS mini Drama CF are awesome!!!
    i hope Cass brings more of this!
    Nickhun<3 cute as usual
    YEH<3 flippin gorgeous!!
    Taec<3 cool
    Wooyoung<3 super cute!!
    Junsu<3 i expected his role to be that..
    two thumbs up and an applause (:

      T-Ara’s Boram cameo was cool. i seriously expected that she was the “creepy” one but i guess not 😛

      • Boram was the soon-to-be YEH. she’s just a kid there, unlike YEH who’s already Khunnie’s manager. hehehe. and older than him.

  58. The ending was so creepy and unexpected.
    The drama was so good. I loved it!!!
    They all did really well. EunHye “Your Mine” gave me goosebumps. Poor Taec got fooled. lol. Woo falling off his sit was hilarious too.

  59. Omg taec is so lovely:) Junsu!! Nice kick, HAHA. I hope they will film this kind of drama together, omgggg!!~OH!! So the rumour about khun and hye going overseas is just because of this filming? Hahah!! They were wearing the same clothes in the vid and the pixx:)

  60. Great MV!!!!!!
    I love this one! Storyline is great very unpredictable.

    Eun Hye ” You’re Mine”


  62. the drama is really awesome! too bad i can’t understand fully.. 😦

  63. omo!!
    love this MV!



      I’m kinda in awe right now. I didn’t expect this…awesooooome lol

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