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Male and female idol group rankings by 30 entertainment reporters

ENews tvN recently ran a survey amongst 30 Korean entertainment reporters to get them to rank male and female idol groups according to various categories.

Go under the cut to find out where your favourite idol group is ranked in different categories like vocal skills and dancing skills.

Male idol groups:

Public Recognition

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. Big Bang
  3. 2PM
  4. Super Junior
  5. SS501
  6. 2AM
  7. SHINee
  8. FT Island
  9. U-Kiss, BEAST


  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. Big Bang
  3. Super Junior
  4. 2PM
  5. SS501
  6. FT Island
  7. SHINee
  8. 2AM
  9. U-Kiss, BEAST

Vocal Skills

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. 2AM
  3. Big Bang
  4. FT Island
  5. SHINee
  6. 2PM
  7. Super Junior
  8. SS501
  9. BEAST
  10. U-Kiss

Dancing Skills

  1. 2PM
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  3. Super Junior
  4. Big Bang
  5. SHINee
  6. SS501
  7. BEAST
  8. U-Kiss
  9. 2AM
  10. FT Island

Fashion Sense

  1. Big Bang
  2. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  3. 2PM
  4. SHINee
  5. Super Junior
  6. SS501
  7. 2AM
  8. FT Island
  9. U-Kiss, BEAST

Overall for male idol groups

  1. Dong Bang Shin Ki
  2. Big Bang
  3. 2PM
  4. Super Junior
  5. SHINee
  6. SS501
  7. 2AM
  8. FT Island
  9. BEAST
  10. U-Kiss

Female groups:


  1. Girl’s Generation
  2. 2NE1
  3. Brown Eyed Girls
  4. KARA
  5. Wonder Girls
  6. After School
  7. Jewelry
  8. 4Minute
  9. T-Ara
  10. f(x)

Dancing skills:

  1. Girl’s Generation
  2. 2NE1
  3. After School
  4. 4Minute
  5. Brown Eyed Girls
  6. Wonder Girls
  7. KARA
  8. f(x)
  9. Jewelry
  10. T-Ara

Fashion Sense:

  1. Girl’s Generation
  2. 2NE1
  3. Brown Eyed Girls
  4. Wonder Girls
  5. 4Minute
  6. KARA
  7. After School
  8. Jewelry
  9. f(x)
  10. T-Ara

Public Recognition:

  1. Girl’s Generation
  2. 2NE1
  3. Brown Eyed Girls
  4. Wonder Girls
  5. KARA
  6. 4Minute
  7. Jewelry
  8. After School
  9. T-Ara
  10. f(x)


  1. Girl’s Generation
  2. Wonder Girls
  3. 2NE1
  4. KARA
  5. Brown Eyed Girls
  6. Jewelry
  7. After School
  8. 4Minute
  9. T-Ara
  10. f(x)
  • Source: [tvn enews+Naver Blog (screencaps)+Yuaerubi],
  • Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
  • Other credits: itszmaeee, letsplay21.wordpress.com, akiko@spectacle

Can’t believe the reporter put UKiss’ photo as Jewelry for the girlgroup rankings.

What the reporters say doesn’t mean they are true. Be respectful when commenting.


165 Responses

  1. lol. i didn’t wanna comment here despite all the biasness and fanwars, but i decided to do so anyways.

    I have no objections with how the rankings turned out at all. Even if you call 2NE1 some wannabe gangsters. SNSD with their slutty/shorts, as many of you may call it. WG not ranking because they are supposedly ‘Nations little sister’. After School a better dancers than the rest. f(x) dancing way better than Dara etc.

    We all have our biases and unfortunately all the groups that are in the top 5 are my main biases.

    SNSD and 2NE1 are 2009 main moneymaker in the girl group sections whereas 2PM is in the boy groups section. WG has been inactive during that year so it’s no surprise to me why they are ranked the lowest and SNSD, 2NE1, KARA beating them.

    DBSK is still Korea’s #1 boy groups and I don’t think any group can take that title any time soon and so is Big Bang. No matter what 2PM fans say, DBSK&BigBang will pawn them.

    And as for 2NE1? I could care less about what others say, really. Because as a true fan, I’ll stick to what I believe in. And that is 2NE1 is definitely one of Korea’s Best Girl Group.

  2. I think all of them are fairly true/accurate EXCEPT… the male vocal skills. Yes i definitely agree DBSK and 2AM belong at the top, but how do 2PM’s vocal skills beat BEAST’s vocal skills? I like all those groups (and LOVE 2PM), but we have to be honest here. The only people from 2PM that can *really* sing are Junsu and Junho (MAYBE Jaebum/Wooyoung) but in BEAST ALL of them are good singers. So it just makes no sense.

  3. Why are people saying AS should be #1 on dance skills? Only Gahee can dance & I’ve seen her freestyle & she just shakes her butt? I saw her dance MJ, but I thought SNSD’s was better. I haven’t even see her pop nor lock at all…. So i don’t think that she’s that versatile of a dancer. She can only do choreos anyways. Fans like those are really turning me off AS…saying after school are the best dancers! yea! BS! don’t bring down other artists for that.

  4. people go check out youtube
    ‘2NE1 dance’

    just check out those videos

  5. so SNSD biased..
    how is SNSD fashion sense is better than 2NE1?
    all they wear is short skirts/pants..
    n short shirts.. hahaha..

    n I don’t understand 1 thing..
    for the female rankings in Income, Dancing Skills, Fashion Sense, Public Recognition.. 2NE1 is on the #2.. but for overall, how come they r in #3?

    for the male.. the dancing skills ranking is sooo WRONG..!!!
    how in the world they say SUJU is better than Big Bang or BEAST?????

    • owh ya.. 2NE1 can dance waaaaay BETTER than SNSD..

      p/s: i do like SNSD.. i just like 2NE1 more.. lol..

      • LOL 2ne1 dance better than SNSD?
        I’m sorry. Minji is beast at dancing and CL can do her thing but Bom and Dara are amongst the weakest dancers of all the Kpop Girl Groups.

        At least SNSD can get in sync. HAVING 9 MEMBERS!

      • @5: They were just flicking their legs anyways. How hard is that?!

  6. why the hell is 2ne1 2nd place?? thats bull… WG is still korea’s girl group! WG and SNSD.

    2ne1 has good fashion sense??? they look like ghetto gangsters.. it doesnt look cute on asians..

    • Yes thankyou! No offense but if they were to come to America dressed like that. They’d be in the same terms of fashion style like Lady Gaga. And we know how ridiculous she looks.

    • Technically, no! WG is gone! They already lost their place from all the rookie girl groups. Maybe when they come back but for now, not yet.

      & yeah, even when they look like ‘ghetto gangster’ they still look badass though, Although, that was the concept to begin with 😀

  7. I think there is something wrong with the overall!!!!!!!
    2nd place is 2ne1 not wonder girls
    don’t they know how to get average!!!!!!
    and for fashion sense and dancing skills i’d choose 2ne1
    but snsd is also great but 2ne1 rocks more

  8. DBSK = ON TOP! 😀
    Man, still dominating even as they navigate the rough waters of a contract dispute.

    These lists make me happy. Hopefully this helps Cassies out there keep the faith while they (we) wait for DBSK to come back.


    Congrats also to Big Bang, my other love.

    And BEAST!!
    Seems just like yesterday that they debuted, and they’re already on these lists (yay)!!!

  9. I agree w/ everything except that Big Bang are definatley better dancers than Suju and 2ne1 are both better dancers and have better style than SNSD.

  10. well, i’m certainly agreeing with the whole list. just wish KARA was a bit higher in ranking. but their spot is still good.

    DBSK still pwns whoever in kpop even till today. they’re great. just wish their fans would be a little humble. no need to blow horns. yes, DBSK is currently still untouchable. but calling them gods? hm. ok. they’re an amazing group. we get it. don’t have to rub it in. lol. ppl improve and ppl get worse. you can never tell.

    anyways, i totally agree with this. ppl who say it’s biased really should come to terms with fact. lol.

  11. This… doesn’t even make any sense. I love FT Island, but they’re a BAND group, and they made it onto DANCING SKILLS? And MBLAQ didn’t?

    And they put the wrong photo for at least one group! That makes it seem like it wasn’t very professionally done. :/

  12. I am happy that DBSK is in top 3 in most of them.. Alwyas keep the faith ❤
    Nice to see not many ppl argue with that ^_^

    I thought Suju was very famous.. more than Big Bang.. I am a recent K-pop fan so I heard the name Suju but yeah its not like I follow every k-pop news… I hoped to see ss501 a little higher on the vocals… higher than FTI probably??

    • Fact: Big Bang is more popular than Suju in Korea.
      DBSK and Big Bang are the two big boy bands in korea.

    • SJ only gained national popularity this year with their Sorry Sorry before they was popular but not as popular as BB

  13. I’m wondering why they didn’t have a vocal skill section for the girl groups? Do they not care if the girls can sing or not?

  14. Ahahaha, I knew that these rankings were going to start some kind of war on here!

    Let’s just keep in mind that the rankings were ranked by only 30 entertainment reporters in a survey. I’m sure these people didn’t just quickly go through the survey, but took time to consider their answers and have a good, valid reason as to why they chose that answer.

    However one must also keep in mind that this only reflects the opinions of 30 people. And of-course that will differ from the opinions of hundreds of fans -.-

    Take the ranking as lightly as possible. It’s not an official rank, but a ranking according to a survey.

    • AGREE!!!! only Int. Fans will give the other side of this Survey…and make it a Fanwars!!!!!

      I actually AGree to the all groups rankings…and knew it this news gonna be a hot topic here.

      • i think the list is REALLY accurate too.

        with one or two questionable ones here and there, but i was truly surprised when reading the list.

        a nice list and im glad that the reporters understand that dbsk, wg, bb, and those who have been away from the scene for a while, still has major influence over kpop.

        i thought SS501 and suju would rank 3th and 4th but idk. i did question 2pm. i didnt realize how much their popularity soared in 2009 alone.

        oh, i think 2pm was sorta really high on the fashion list but its okay(:

  15. Hi sookyeong. I’m the one that did the picture and there’s a mistake on the overall picture whereas Wonder Girls is #2 and 2NE1 is #3 and the overall list too.

    2NE1 is #2 on the overall ranking list and the picture has been switched up either. Could you please change that? 2NE1 is at #2.

    And about the UKiss picture. I didn’t know it was supposed to be Jewelry at first that’s why I didn’t label it.

  16. ok so let me get this straight 2pm’s vocal skills are better then suju and ss501??????? i’m i like 2pm but dude come on. but then again what would i know.

  17. Yay! Overall Kara is # 4. Not bad. I’m so proud of the girls. They work so hard. Good thing they get their income compared to other girl groups. I have to say that Kara is better than others in dancing. Nicole is a great dancer. They all work so hard. Kara fighting!!! 🙂

  18. dancing skills: DBSK, After School
    fashion sense: 2NE1, Big Bang
    vocal ability: DBSK (but this is because i really dont think being able to rap = having vocal ability, i still insist they’re different things lol)
    public recognision: DBSK, Suju, Big Bang, SNSD, WonderGirls

  19. hahahaha, DAAANG, WG still beat out girl groups even though they didn’t even promote a song last year! WG <333

    SNSD-best dancing? okay, ITNW days-maybe. but i'd give it to 2ne1 or WG. maybe AS. and BEG barely dance (of what ive seen).

    Boys i mostly agree with, except Vocal. Big Bang has amazing rappers, singer wise they only have Daesung and Tae only.
    but in a couple years, BEAST will be higher on the list, those boys are really talented.

    • Daesung and Tae Yang are still better singers than most out there.

      • GD can sing. He can hit a high note (listen to “A Boy”) TOP can also sing. I saw one of his pre-debut video where he sang “No Diggity” or something. Besides, vocal can also mean singing AND rapping right? TOP totally beats all. As for Seung Ri, well he’s getting there but it’s not bad at all.

    • yea pretty much all 5 big bang members can sing

      • yeah agreed people should go and listen to She Can’t Get Enough where TOP actually sing and i got to say his voice is super sexy in that song even though he only sing a small part

    • Just because SNSD have all these talent degrading concepts right now, doesn’t mean they can dance like they did during their debut days. Dancing skills wise, i’d either give it After School or SNSD for having their members so in sync. Yeah, Minji is beast and CL can do her thing but dara and bom are the weakest dancers amongst kpop groups. Wonder girls? They have no strong dancers.

      If it were between individual in dancing skills.

      BoA>Hyo>Gahee>Minji>.. and so on.

  20. this is totally biased and inaccurate u-kiss should be higher in several of these categories and not be behind beast in everything and mblaq should definitely be mentioned in some

    • if u-kiss have their comeback early then am sure they would be more higher on the chart but because in their rookie year they didn’t leave much impact in korea…then they comeback in 2009 with their i’m i that easy song where they finally gained popularity but to many people they are still not well-known

  21. snsd owns. nothing anyone says here matters because they’re korean entertainment reporters XD

  22. are you joking me?
    why is wondergirls so low? o_o;
    to me wonder girls have always been the best dance group.
    whenever they go on stage they just have a charisma that makes you want to keep watching, and a thing I like about them is that they’re always so in sync with each other, they don’t give off their own vibe that clashes with the other members, but they give off the vibe of Wondergirls as one.
    public recognition? I’m SURE that everybody’s heard of Wondergirls not only from all their songs but also because of BILLBOARD CHARTS !
    Fashion sense…. really 2ne1? o_o; I understand SNSD cause I guess they did start the skinny jeans trend (I think…?), but really 2ne1? No offense but I would hate to have to wear the stuff that they do.
    So sad how wondergirls is like 4th for income as well. I guess now that they’re in america they don’t get a chance to sell as many stuff, but still. A senior in the music industry and they’re getting such low income. I guess that’s the hardships of going to america.

    • duh you wouldn’t wear 2ne1’s clothes
      You wouldn’t wear any of the weird stuff on New York runways but its still fashion.

    • WG is so low because they are not even in korea currently. because they’ve been gone so long, lots of their fans turned away from them. thats how k-pop is. I’m sure when they come back, they’ll get higher rankings, but this is 2009, which is the year WG wasn’t really part of.

      and 2NE1 wore some really amazing things. i wouldn’t wear WG’s nobody dresses. 2NE1’s stuff is really.. wierd, but its considered more fashionable then what WG wears. people design all these wierd peices of clothes for fashion shows, but nobody wears that stuff. still, its considered fashion.

    • Like k-k-kelly! mentioned, WG have been inactive. To still be in 2nd in overall ranking is still surprising, considering their absence for over a year 🙂

      As for fashion…. let’s just say this: Fashion is style. Style is a way of expressing oneself. Just because it is something you won’t consider wearing on the streets doesn’t make it unfashionable. Simply put: It just ain’t your style.

      From the minds of people who don’t want to be boring and limit their clothes from what is “okay to wear outside” or not being daring, they think out of the box. With fashion, it’s an art of expressing. Coordination, colors, feeling, individuality … From that point of view, 2NE1’s outfits are fashionable.

      Btw, just saying.. people do wear outfits like 2NE1 in rl ^^

    • wondergirls have been inactive.

      they there was no hype for them what so ever going into this survey so its only reasonable. they won, came in second, in the overall category which really, really says something about them. being away from the kpop scene for so long, it means that they had an incredibly, nationwide, influence over korea and its reporters. its fitting that snsd is first, considering their insane popularity boost, but if this survery was taken back in 2008, we know, for a fact, through awards, wins, etc, that wonder girls would come in first. of course, in no disrespect to snsd.

      snsd didnt start the skinny jeans trend. stylists follow other stylists and those start from the “hot” trend, shown off by conventions and runaway shows. it appeared as if snsd started the skinny jeans trend because they enforced the “trend” making it bigger simply because they wore them. like how people would wanna dress like celebrities.

      i honestly do not think 2NE1 is up there with style, either, like their dancing. have you ever noticed? many events they attend to, they stay within the same genre of clothing, hip hop. they dress on stage like how they do in variety shows. lacking, at least from what the public can see, a variety of attires and feel. they just portray what YG is more known for.

      adding to what biscuit said, being on stage is an excuse to wear anything, clothing not often seen on a regular basis. despite groups being dressed by their stylists, they each have say in what they like and what makes them feel more attractive.

      anyways, idk about 2ne1. i can even dress like 2NE1 easily if i had the money to cop such. i just need money to buy more clothes, and to layer them. its not all 2NE1’s fault though. i think theyre limited because they have to stick to a concept YG enforced. it just looks that way to me, since they cant drift apart from their “image”. like how daesung was told not to be silly on FO, it changes his big bang image, thus, YG’s. but he did, and it was all for the better.

      with that said, idk. judging from fashion, and fashion alone, my vote goes to the lovely girls of BEG. wondergirls either second or third, maybe fourth. jewelry has to be up there too. snsd can sit pretty on 4th or third

      • sry for my long read.

        its just easier writing about things you enjoy i guess so it doesnt appear that long when writing it out

  23. DBSK ❤
    Always Keep the Faith.

    These lists are fun..hahahaha!!

  24. umm..public recognition..i think wonder girls should be higher..and vocal skills?? 2am should definitely be first….and fashion sense..wonder girls should be higher up..they have AMAZING fashion when they don’t wear their matching sparkly outfits….

  25. What is this…where’s MBLAQ at least they @ the list for dancing skills, they are much better than u-kiss, 2AM, & FT.Island in dancing skills & even they are rookie, their public recognition is much better than u-kiss…

    • Their only popular because of Bi Rain ==”
      But i agree, their better dancers that 2AM and FT Island.
      Thats only because those groups aint dancing groups.

  26. for the boys groups i agree for most of them, but for the girl groups i totally disagree.

    dancing skills:
    SNSD isn’t even top 3.

    2NE1 ftw. i’m sorry.

    public recognition:
    Wonder Girls definitely.
    then SNSD.

    Wonder Girls, SNSD, 2NE1

    good job to Big Bang, 2PM, SUJU for staying top 5!

    • u r so biased.. dancing skills: After School >>>> 2ne1.

      • lol hypocrite your biased too…

      • No I’m not a AS fan but I agree with gaheePower on the fact that AS >>>>>>> 2NE1.

      • After School <<<< 2ne1

      • loool of course she’s gunna be biased, its her opinion. opinions are biased, and i agree with her biased.

        your also biased. After School>>>>2NE1? if your going to say other people are being biased, don’t show what a hypocrite you are.

      • Well afterschool is better than 2ne1 at dancing overall.
        2ne1 only has Minzy who can dance as far as i know.

    • why is 2ne1 up there on dance skills?

      honestly, i dont see it! fire, idc, etc etc arent exactly difficult. they didnt even require much leg movments ><

      and if you based it on individuals, say, minji is good, so 2ne1 looks better, then there are many better candidates.

      honestly, i think f(x) should be high up there too.
      their quality of dance, how neat, consistent, and such are really up there. for a new girlgroup, everything looked really precise and sharp. the dance moves may not include any waves, popping, or anything but you know honestly, a dance looks much better when its easier moves but amazingly clean instead of harder moves with plenty off cue's

  27. I think 2PM has better vocal skills than SuJu AND SS501
    2PM jjang !!

    • maybe better than SS501 but def not Suju
      KRY blows them out of the water

      • SS501 has better vocals than SuJu. xD

      • yes i think tht many ppl tend to neglect SS501 alr. & perhaps, their latest songs doesnt really make their voices stand out due to the excessive digital effects mainly due to producers..

        I think tht ss501’s vocals are good just tht ppl dont realise it. try listening to their older songs without much digital effects. moreover, nowadays. many songs are just to filled with digital effects to even tell the singers’ true vocals.

        such a pity ~

      • Yeah, but KRY is only 3 of 13. I mean, the others guys are just… Idols, like I said before.

      • KRY just sings the most and are recognized as the three best singer in the group, but there are others in the group that could sing too. DongHae, SungMin, KangIn and Eetuek too. They’re not the best but they are a bit above average and could sing. As much as I love 2PM, the only person that could sing now is Junsu, no lie. Wooyoung and Junho are improving and Jay was good too. But since he left, I feel like they can’t sing as well as before. SS501 are good singers even though I know little about them. But they could sing better than 2PM.

    • I kinda agree. They have better vocals than Suju. Suju have K.R.Y which are really good. But 2pm has Junsu, Jaebeom, Wooyoung and Junho out of 7. I’m not sure about ss501 because i havent heard much of their songs only Love Like This.

  28. snsd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. wtf so snsd biased

  30. This ranking is made by entertainment reporters who knows the ins and outs of the korean entertainment. not to belittle our standing as fans but they are more knowledgeable on who’s in or out.

  31. @sookyeong for girlgroups, the PUBLIC RECOGNITION and OVERALL lists are switched. the cap is labelled incorrectly.

  32. For the boy groups overall I think it was accurate, but for the girl groups I have to disagree to some extent.

    Girl’s Generation
    Brown Eyed Girls
    Wonder Girls
    After School

    Dancing skills:
    1st After School
    2nd 2NE1

    Fashion Sense:
    1st 2NE1

    Public Recognition (somewhat agree):
    Girl’s Generation
    Brown Eyed Girls
    Wonder Girls
    After School

    1st Wonder Girls
    2nd 2NE1
    3rd Girl’s Generation

  33. big bang #4 on dancing skills…? uhm, i think they should at least be #2. people might go on ahead an say TOP cant dance, but he’s been pretty good lately. Daesung is decent , he’s a lot better than many other artists, and his energy on stage is amazing. TAEYANG+SEUNGRI+GD, omg have you seen these guys dance?!

    i guess acrobatics gets you extra brownie points for dancing skills..2PM is still love regardless! ❤

    for the girls, SNSD deserves the top spots..but i also think Wonder Girls & 2NE1 does too.

    • PSH yeah IA about BB’s dancing rank..
      TOP’s been improving.. A LOT.

      (and tbh it ruins their “top 3” trend in this list kekekeke)

    • Big bang dancing skills are better than suju…

    • I;m a VIP since forever but i do admit that they didn’t get TOP 3 coz of TOP… ironically. But whatever he lacks in dancing he sure makes up for it in other areas… charisma, looks, talent… no doubt! 😀

  34. BIG BANG <33333333333333333333333333
    DAnce skill they should be NUMBER 2 !

  35. ughhh dbsk??? c’mon 2pm are hotter and funnier than all of them
    JYP family <333

    • keeep dreamin bud. dbsk is untouchable.

      • dbsk .. untouchable.??? LOL
        2PM is the Best male idol group in 2009.

      • If U-Kiss’s leader fled the country I’m sure they would be popular too.

      • Im not saying 2pm is more popular, but they were already 2009 best male group even before jay left

      • lol sure when DBSK and Big Bang are gone.

      • lol agreed, 2PM can’t compare to DBSK.

        800,000+ cassies to 270,000+ hottests? uncontested.

        and to people who say 2PM was the best male group of 2009… yeah, thats 2009. DBSK has been best male group for much longer then one year. plus they are killing it in Japan, which is a much bigger music market then korea’s.

        I’ll be honest, i like both groups, but logically, DBSK is legit number one, followed by BIG BANG at 2. 2PM is only at 3.

        srsly, i get the feeling most hottests are new to kpop. they don’t understand just HOW popular DBSK is. just cause their not in korea currently promoting, doesn’t mean they’re not popular. its kind of scary how popular they really are.. *.*

      • yea if dbsk and big bang come back, all hell would break lose. 2pm can’t touch them. i guess somem hottests are new and don’t know how big they are either. they were ranked the top 5 idols for a reason. i already know that big bang would kill the competition and break records when they come back in the summer. i’m not a big fan of them, but everyone is anticipating it and know it would be huge.

      • yea but we’re talking about Korea here and, in 2009, it seemed like every female in celeb was confessing thier love for 2pm or one of its members this year

      • ^^ lol dumbass
        because a boy group’s popularity is based on how many girl group members like them….not
        and they only say for promotional reasons…
        I’m a hardcore VIP and even I wouldn’t think that there was someone stupid enough to deny that DBSK wasn’t the number 1 boy band in Korea or Asia for that matter.

      • Ok i’m a huge fan of 2PM and i know 2pm is not better than DBSK or Big Bang. DBSk and Big Bang was around longer than 2pm. and i mean WAYY longer. DBSK = 2003. Big Bang = 2006 i think and 2pm = 2008.
        it’s a big difference. Tbh it is, 1. DBSK, 2.BIg Bang and 2pm is in 3rd place. Aint that good for 2pm? They just debuted less than 2 years. and got soo popular less than 1 year. Well people have opinion, since my fav is 2PM, in my heart 2pm is the best. But yes i know dbsk and big bang are better.

      • Again, i never said 2pm was better ot more popular than dbsk. Nice assumptions “dumbass”

      • DBSK is irreplaceable. you have major flaws in your perception of popularity if you think 2PM > DBSK. .

      • I dont think 2pm is more popular

        but in 2009, in korea, 2pm was the it boy group.

        yes big bang and dbsk werent there, so lets stop making assumptions

      • Bae doona, yoon eunhye, lee hyori, leesooyoung, gilme, younha, janghyejin, ahn hyekyung, Tasha yoonmirae, ha jiwon,

        i wont even mention the idolgirls

    • dbsk can sing way better than 2pm.
      2pm can’t sing.
      2pm junsu can sing though.
      but just him.

      • oh and i’m not a casso.
        i’m a shawol.

        No offence but i think hottest here(who thinks that 2pm is better than dbsk) mostly only start liking kpop after june 2009.
        after bof.

  36. well 2AM are really talented boys.
    2AM >>>>>> super junior + 2pm
    2AM Fighting!

  37. WG’s still second even though they’re not active in Korea? Wow, definitely jjang!
    i don’t really agree that snsd should be no.1 in all of the categories but overall, i do think they’re the best.
    My two fav girl groups in the top 2, YAY! 😀

    WonderGeneration ftw!

    • thats what im saying!

      i think they gave wondergirls the benefit of the doubt since they knew the impact wonder girls had when they were there. THAT was how much of an impact wonder girls had and people realized it. it would’ve been really disrespectful for them to have ranked wonder girls any lower. snsd is reasonable since they’re fairly the same, in terms of debut date and fame boost/impact during their promotions

  38. WTF!!! Big Bang is way better than dbsk..

    • mind your manners. DBSK has been around much longer then BB, so natually their better. plus, DBSK music is more to the tastes of k-pop, where big bang is more western. Big Bang is directly behind DBSK for sure, but their definitely closing the gap.

      I love both groups to be honest. I got into DBSK because of Big Bang. the male side of the chart is spot on imo.

      • Agreed.

        I only love DBSK because Big Bang drew me in.

        I am glad that they are next to each other on the charts.

        There is no “better” because although both are talented, they cannot be really compared.

        Both have thier own styles, and will continue to dominate.

      • agree with Sophia and saywuut?

        I love the two groups, and I wasn’t surprised at all to see who’s 1st and 2nd.

    • Totally agree!! Big Bang is the BEST!

    • aigoo. no need for this kind of comment. lol^^

  39. BIAS ”/

    Dancing Skills?
    I really don’t like f(x) but they are way better than SNSD. 2NE1, After School and 4minute are also better than SNSD.

    Dancing Skills: “3. Super Junior 4. Big Bang 5. SHINee 6. SS501 7. BEAST”

    WTH? SuJu is better than Big Bang and BEAST? Really? NO WAY!

    • yep SuJu IS better than Big Bang and BEAST 😀

      • Nope, they can’t dance like TaeYang [ok, they are WAY BETTER than TOP. I am better than TOP too lol], SeungRi or BEAST boys.

        But… I almost agree that they are better than Big Bang, cuz TOP ruins it lol

  40. feel sorry for UKiss and Jewelry i mean like they been in this business for 10 years now and yeah many people still can’t tell the different between Ukiss and Jewelry, between boys and girls..

    and also the overall list is wrong it should be SNSD,2NE1, Brown Eyed girls then…everyone else because in each individual category these 3 groups are mostly 1st,2nd,3rd respectively

  41. xD You can totally tell this was SNSD biased. lol

  42. DBSK Rocks!!! SNSD Rocks!!!

  43. I don’t really agree with SNSD #1 for all of them? But overall they are #1. Fashion sense, Dance ability… I think it is deserved to other worthy groups…
    Dancing is like After School, 2ne1, f(x)(fx is really good!!)
    Fashion sense is 2ne1 or Wonder Girls, like personal style and stuff..

    But SNSD is pretty great!!!

  44. I’m a MAJOR KARA fan and I don’t even listen f(x) that much… but KARA = f(x) in terms of dancing…?
    Uhm… =/

    • I KNOW RIGHT? I was like.. uhh.. I’m pretty sure my KARA is lower than the level f(x) is on…

      • i’d rather some “fake” fans stop pretending that they are KARA fans. LOL you wish your fave group is lower? Ok what a great fan you are!

  45. For me wondergirls = NO.1 KpopGirlGroup =)

    Public Recognition: DBSK&Wonder Girls
    Vocal Skills: DBSK&2AM.
    Dancing Skills: 2PM,DBSK&Wonder Girls
    Fashion Sense: Wonder Girls,DBSK,2PM,SNSD.
    Overall : DBSK&Wondergirls

    • Yes. For YOU.

      • THIS

        they’re dead to me anyway
        for a long time they have…………

        and srsly
        wonder girls dancing?
        well they do covers and whatnot but still… they do solo covers, not in groups of at least 3 as snsd does unless hyo is doing her own thanggggggggg<3

    • wonder girls have no strong dancer.

    • I totally agree with you! DBSK is like the best! and wonder girls is too! Like with irony, tell me, so hot, nobody! if they stayed in Korea they probably would have lots more!

      And i dont get how 2NE1 is #2 while Wonder Girls is #4….. thats just….(well to me) not right…

    • Wonder Girls have no dance skills. I mean, they have, but they are not the best.

      f(x), 2NE1, After School and 4minute are better than them. And I don’t like all these groups lol [except 2NE1 and WG, of course]

      • how come people here say 2ne1 has dance skills?

        i havent seen anyone do anything. minji is alright, shes good in terms of being able to show it off but shes really, messy from what ive seen. but shes charismatic. who else showed off a strong sense in dancing?

  46. Lol sorry but SNSD #1 in Dancing skills? Thought only Hyoyeon or Yuri’s good in it. And even if they are, not definitely better than others.

    • definitely thought after school or 2NE1 would get #1 for that one. oh well..

      hyoyeon+minji+gahee = OWNS ALLL.

    • Dancing skills should be AS > SNSD > 2NE1.

      After School don’t have weak dancers, while SNSD can synchronize well. 2NE1 are so-so.

    • Watch video above before you think any less of their dancing skills. It’s amazing how they can get so many members in sync with such a dance like that.

  47. 2PM has better vocal skills than SuJu AND SS501??? Really? o_O

  48. Why no vocals skills for girl group?

    Brown eyed girls would top that

  49. Totally SNSD biased
    Fashion trend : 2007 and 2008 is Wonder Girls, 2009 is 2NE1
    Dancing skill : Only Hyo Yeon, Yuri dance good but not great, Ga Hee is great dancer and others AS members dance good as well
    Public recognition : I dont think SNSD >2NE1 > BEG > WGs, nearly 3 years but WGs are still national little sisters. Now they are in US, their public recognition maybe fall, but they are not at no 4

    And while dont have vocal skill for girlgroup ?

    • yeah…totally agree with u…~

    • ¬______¬

    • Totally SNSD and 2NE1 biased. You left out 2NE1. They’re basically the same as SNSD, except no.2 in every category.

      Anyway, is this based on year 2009 only? If yes, I’m totally agree with the ranks.

    • Fashion trend is definitely SNSD. Skinning colorful jeans, anyone ? =_= 2NE1 didn’t set any fashion trend in my books. What about WG ? 2007 and 2008 ? We’re in 2010. What trend did they set anyway ?

      And SNSD is the most popular girl group, so YEAH, 1st public recognition.

      Except After School, other groups only have a few members who can dance, just like SNSD. At least SNSD can have a great teamwork and synchronize well, I think that’s why they’re 1st again.

      • i totally agree with u!! snsd have been dominating these years lately. they are definitely setting a lot of trends like coloful jeans, military uniforms, and now sporty outfits
        i like 2ne1 too but their fashion sense is not something u would usually wear for everyday use. its more of costume performances
        also, wonder girls are not the only nation’s little sisters. their vocals are sometime even weaker than those of snsd
        this is not biased cause those two girlgroups definitely gained a lot of attention ever they debtuted. there was never a promotion of snsd that has failed…

      • @Souly: Just a little reminder… the fashion ranking was “fashion sense” not “fashion trend” ^^

        It doesn’t matter if SNSD set the most trends in whatever year. Fashion sense means fashion sense. Whoever has a good sense of fashion. Not whoever set the most trends 😀

      • Big bang was wearing skinny jeans before SNSD anyway.

      • fashion sense can correlate with fashion trends. you dont set trends without having much steez yourself.

        SNSD was part of factory girl remember? they worked for um, Elle was it? a massive fashion corp and were judged harshly for their sense of fashion

      • @anonymouss: what I meant was you don’t have to set a trend to be someone who has good fashion sense.

        It may be easy to give credit SNSD for “starting trends” and to say they are most fashionable. With a trend, you need followers. SNSD’s clothes are easy to follow because they are more easy to wear.

        People can say 2NE1 didn’t start a trend. How can you start a trend that’s already a trend? There’s a few aspects of 2NE1’s clothing that are already popular in Korea. So they didn’t start the trend. Their outfits are harder to wear outdoors. Does that make them any less fashionable or people with no fashion sense?

        T-ara started this popularity of paw print gloves, but they’re last in the rank of fashion sense.

        Fashion sense is a person that knows how to dress. That outfit is well coordinated. Whether or not that style is popular or a trend, the fact is: that person knows how to coordinate their outfits well.

      • @anonymousss: A last thing I forgot to add. I do agree with your statement (I usually do) and I have nothing against SNSD. However;

        You may need good fashion sense to start a trend, but you don’t need to start a trend to be considered to have good fashion sense.

      • it’s FASHION SENSE! not fashion trend! dammit! The whole thing with fashion sense is to basically look good in what you’re wearing. Wether you’re wearing a trash bag and still look like a badass mohfuckaa at it…. & yeah, 2ne1 had some “controversial” outfits & even with that, they all still look hot.

    • actually the title of National Little Sisters now belong to KARA

      • And SNSD are the Nation’s Fairies.

        Before any of you think less of SNSD’s talent. Blame SM for giving them their talent degrading concepts.

      • wouldn’t it be f(x)?
        they’re younger
        and “everyone” loves krystal

        …and sulli

        ….and amber


    • Lol does it matter? this is just a ranking by reporters =.=

      SNSD supporters are so going to say that SNSD rock the hella out blablabla

      and we don’t know if any of the reporters are biased towards SNSD/2NE1 too right?

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