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After School Uee does “Sevens”!

After School Uee is selected to endorse premium jeans brand “7 for all mankind” (famously dubbed “Sevens” by fashion editors and stylists) in South Korea.

On Feb 9,2010 it is reported that Uee is chosen as the model for “Sevens” 2010 S / S World Wide Campaign. The campaign is a Global Marketing Project from the  premium brand and will cover China, Taiwan, Hongkong and South Korea.

After School Uee is endorsing for the South Korea market and has done the photoshoot on the 8th of February 2010.

More photos under the cut!


12 Responses

  1. i’m like in a love-and-hate relationship with this UEE girl…
    LOL i hate her really bad while she’s acting in you’re beautiful..
    but on other times, she’s definitely better LOL.

    Oh i like the first pic……………
    sexayyyyyyyy girl revealing her back ahhaha…

    but don’t you think that her right upper-arm and legs photoshopped much?
    either it’s too obvious of a work or she’s really THAT skinny..

  2. Ooohhh I like the first pic of her closeup in the laid shirt. Pretty. ^^
    My fave out of all the pics. ^^

    Love her!

  4. the 4th pic is pretty!

    but the rest are just plain awkward or looks a bit too old skool.

  5. damnn expensive jeans!!!


  6. the first one looked so much like go hyun jung!!!

  7. She the most awkward & expressionless talent. I just don’t get it. I don’t get what appeal there is to her?

  8. i like the 2nd pic.. although she looks awkward but at least she has an expression

  9. omg! uee is so pretty ! :>
    uee fighting ! 😀

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