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Lee SeungGi expresses unhappiness to YoonA-TaecYeon scandal

SBS variety show Strong Heart MC Lee Seung Gi reveals his unhappiness to YoonA-Ok TaeYeon scandal.

So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and 2PM TaecYeon was present in the recent filming of ‘Strong Heart’. The 2 had showed not just their dances as Korea’s representative idols, but also their good speaking.

Especially during the filming, Lee SeungGi-YoonA-TaecYeon “love triangle” was the hot issue amongst the guest appaearances. Previously, YoonA and TaecYeon put up a couple performance for MBC Gayo Festival on 31st December, which had sparked off talks of scandal. Back then, the 2 had clarified with the comment “It is just for business” to calm the scandal rumours.

So the issue of scandal between the 2 was put in the spotlight during filming that day even though the 2 had made it clear that it was just for pure entertainment purpose. With that, Lee SeungGi was seen uncomfortable during all the talk about the scandal between the 2.

Lee SeungGi has also always proclaimed that YoonA is his ideal type of girl. With that YoonA also revealed, “I’m really happy that Lee SeungGi has chosen me as his ideal type of girl.”

It is said that the YoonA was also made to choose her ideal type between Lee SeungGi and TaecYeon during the filming.

Meanwihle, the show is set to air on 9th February at 11.05pm.



74 Responses

  1. why do people keep saying or thinking that there’s a “thing” between them just because they collaborated??! I mean Come on they are stars and they do what their company tells them to do It’s not like they said they were each other’s ideal :S

  2. i’m currently watching SH right now, and it seems like seung gi is not with himself. even the guests felt like he’s awkward.

  3. Ha Ha Ha I’m happy with Yoona-TaecYeon couple. Let my Khunnie alone for me kekeke.

  4. LoL, i don’t think that seung gi is jealous at all, i’ve not seen the episode so i can’t say anything for sure…but judging from the previous SH episodes, he’s basically trying to spice things up since he’s a mc (and maybe he’s following the script)

  5. LOL, the PD is trying to get more viewers with the yoona-taec scandal, which is getting really boring since the 2 of them have denied dating or having feelings for each other
    And about Seung Gi, i don’t think that he’s jealous at all, he’s a MC so basically he has to spice up things and i’m pretty sure that the jealous part is scripted

  6. They’re not dating that’s for sure. The PD of Strong Heart is just trying to milk this “couple” a little too much. Whoever says these two are dating, just because they were matching rings doesn’t mean anything. Jessica and Jaejoong wore similar rings, but they’re not dating (even though I want them too XD).
    Lee SeungGi on the other hand, should just ask Yoona out instead of getting all jealous over a non-couple.

    Yes, more Sooyoung please!!!

  7. i prefer taecyeon…

  8. i’ve been already seeing this several times, you guys really need to proofread no matter how bad you want to get any news out quickly. even the slightest misspelled word can cause a huge controversy. i highly recommend that whenever you post something, please proofread.

  9. whiy is it lee seungRI?? @_@ isnt it supposed to be seungGI or Ki @_@

    im amazed that even after a couple of hours it still isnt changed/ corrected. πŸ˜€

  10. Yoona and Taec are apart of the nut family leave them alone…lol and Lee Seung Gi gotta stop creepin on Yoona…if you like her that much then ask her out geez enough with all that jealousy from you already its like you put up a front of how much you like her but you don’t do anything about it

  11. wow…. well i noticed that Yoona and Taec are ALWAYS somehow together of shows!!! huh… this is so sickening and getting annoying…. -.-“

  12. Don’t take it too serious,it’s just simply a show:) and they just try to make more viewers…More dramas more exciting or finally boring

  13. ughh taeckyeon again??? I want to see more of Junho or others 2pm guys.

  14. BORING….

  15. Yoona and Taec should do We got married…
    sorry, I donΒ΄t really care…
    where are the others 2pm boys???
    I’d happier if I see Junsu and Chang …..
    well, I like Junho too…

  16. Lee SeungRi or Lee seungGi?
    ^^ but I LOVE SEUNGRI !!! hehehe

  17. Yes, please more Sooyoung and Junho! It’s funny how everyone is concentrated on the Yoona-Taec scandal when there’s still that one fancam of Sooyoung and Junho where he supposedly asks for her number lol. Anyways I hope it’s not too concentrated on Yoona-Taec-Tiffany friendship because Sooyoung and Junho are friends too. They don’t have a nut club or whatever, but Sooyoung certainly did thank Junho on the Oh! album just like how Yoona and TIffany thanked Taec.

    Oh and amidst all this, poor little quite maknae Seohyun will even be more forgotten. Should’ve brought in the 91’er club for her so she could have some friends there as well lol.

  18. Again? *rolls eyes* I guess i’ll be skipping LOTS of parts.

  19. taeckyeon again !!!! Boring……………..

  20. Yonna again !!!! Boring ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  21. OA much Lee seunggi? It’s not like Yoona’s yours. Bust a move or keep sweating balls.

  22. hahah i like how “SeungRi” is unhappy about their “scandal..”

  23. I love hearing about friendships between Idol Groups but when it gets excessive like these two it just becomes irritating and boring. I mean what else can they tell us about Yoona – Taec besides the fact that they’re close friends and they belong to a little group. Like others have mentioned its about time they give other members in the groups some time to shine because honestly I’m sick of seeing Yoona being paired up with every guy, don’t get me wrong she is pretty and she comes across as down to earth and I know it is most likely the PD’s fault but would the company step in once and a while and say “Please let Yoona have a rest from being linked to everyone”. As for Taec love the guy but I’ve had enough of seeing him everywhere too, give the limelight to others.
    Were going to be seeing those two regularly on FO2 so I’m not going to be surprised if more articles about these two come out.
    *fingers-crossed* we get to see JunHo and Sooyoung in this episode πŸ™‚

  24. aww…3 out of 5 “Nut Family” members..haha…i on the other hand find it cute just knowing they’re all friends..period..haha

  25. Yay, yet another episode with Yoona in it! When are they ever going to stop putting her in the show? Yeah, we get the point. All the guys like her, and she has a million scandals. Good for her. She’s not even funny- all she does is sit there and look pretty, while her stories are hella boring. I would understand why she was on so many variety shows if she actually DID something besides get hooked up with other guys. And I love Taec, but lately the attention he’s been receiving has been bothering me too. Its not fair for the other members. The whole episode is going to revolve around them like usual, and other people aren’t gonna get much airtime. I want some JUNHO and SOOYOUNG. Jeez, when will PDs ever stop using the already old loveline between Yoona and Taec? And SNSD and 2PM for that matter. Everytime 2pm is on some show, why does SNSD have to follow? Is it some package deal? Cause I def. don’t want it.

    • SNSD isn’t following 2pm or vice versa. Both groups are stable enough and have enough star quality to stand alone by themselves. It’s more like the PDs and shows request for them because having both would just double the views, media attention, etc. They are arguably the two hottest groups right now. Wonderbang brought the views a couple of years ago and now it seems like SNSD and 2pm do or rather Yoona-Taec.

      • Well, there’s a big difference between WonderBang and 2PM+SNSD.
        Many VIPs (Big Bang’s fans) and Wonderfuls (Wonder Girls fans) were fond of WonderBang pairing… They made lots of request for tv channels to pair them again after their first special stage together. They even made petitions… that’s how WonderBang last performance together was made possible. Fans of both groups wished to see them together and cheered for them. Big Bang’s fans even became Wonder Girls fans and vice-versa. And both group even got new fans (that weren’t even VIP or Wonderful) after their special stages together.
        But nobody is buying this 2PM+SNSD pairing… Because fans notice they have no chemistry (as groups). And most Hottest aren’t fond of SNSD and neither Sones are fond of 2PM. This pairing are only making fans angry and making Sones become 2PM antis and Hottest become SNSD antis. Both fans are annoyed by this pairing and are even requesting it to stop…
        So there’s a big difference between both pairings… It’s not because they’re both popular that the pairing will work… There need to be chemistry and also fans support. But 2PM + SNSD pairing doesn’t have neither. It’s just making fans annoyed and making both groups get more antis.

  26. Same old about Yoona love again. LOL
    Ok I’ll pass this. πŸ˜€

  27. The title says it’s Lee Seung Ri…

  28. They’re just doing all the scandal things to get more viewers.
    All of this really needs to stop, it isn’t good for Taec nor Yoona. Crazy fangirls/fanboys will just attack the artist for being close wtih him/her.

    Yoona <3333

  29. Love this.. LOL
    Taecyeon <33333

  30. Sorry, but I just CAN”T get over this gossip! It’s soooo fun!

  31. Oh god, stop it SBS and Strong Heart staff. Aren’t Korean netizens sick of this bullshit? I know I am.

    I feel bad for the other three SNSD members and Junho who were also there. No need to say, the attention is all going to be on Yoona and Taec once again. Yoona really needs to stop coming out on Strong Heart. I like her as a person, but the show just ruins her. Her stories aren’t interesting and all they do is try to pair her off with guys. Not entirely her fault I know, but it’s still pretty annoying. Maybe if she actually has an interesting story this time, I’ll let her off the hook.

    Oh and they better not edit Sooyoung out. Last time she came on, all they asked her about was Yoona and she didn’t even get to tell a story or if she did they totally edited it out and just left the parts where she responds to Yoona related stuff. Sooyoung definitely is a talker and always has funny, interesting things to say so yeah if they edit her out again this time it’s just bs.

  32. No matter whom they like, their company wouldn’t allow them to date.

  33. shes going to pull a 180 and say jokwon!

    then she and jokwon are going to hit it off on FO2.

    then ga in is going to get mad

    then ga in is going to be a guest on FO2 and yoona and ga in are going to rumble!!

    exciting much?

  34. she can chose the other guy and stay away from Taecyeon. I don’t really want her near 2PM.

    • in this case, the “other guy” fangirls will feel like Taecyeon fangirls feel now. (I don`t wanna her near Seung Gi neither lol)
      though it`s all a big fuss made from nothing.

    • are you kidding?! It should be that wannabee “beastly” guy who should stay away from yoona.

      Besides all Sones knows Yoona’s type, and it’s definitely nowhere near that guy’s looks. lol

  35. i guess it’s kang hodong who had brought up the issue again, he might have asked lee seung gi if he’s happy about the yoona-taekyeon scandal, of course its impolite to say he’s happy!

  36. So this is about Lee Seung Gi or Lee SeungRi

  37. i think they would use this show to end it (hopefully)

  38. lolx the title is funny, not seungRI but seungGI! haha had me stun a moment there, i thot: since when did seungri become part of the scandal too?! lolx^^

  39. dang it..this episode will be full of YoonTaec..

  40. Nooo… please, don`t involve Seung Gi in all that “ideal partner” mess… T_T

  41. lol i was going to mention the whole spelling thing.. but everyone has done that already.. lol

    but i agree with the first comment.. i’m tired of love scandals and ideal man/women… the entertainment business needs better ways to attract attention..

  42. Hahaha!! YAY!! Taecyeon’s going to be on Strong Heart!! WOOT!! Can’t wait!!

  43. Lee SeungRI?

    Hehe..<3 YES YES. i love him too.

  44. Sookyeong unni is excited about 2NE1… so she must be thinking about their family members BIG BANG hence the SeungRI instead of SeungGI !!
    Sookyeong unni just calm down lol !!

  45. Um….Sookyeong unnie, I think u make a spelling mistake (?) lOL…it should be Seungi, not Seungri (Big bang)…LOL

  46. why does it say lee seun RI??? not GI??? πŸ™‚

  47. OMG. Can the PDs or scriptwriters stop trying to create a love scandal?

  48. im getting tired of this whole ideal man – ideal woman thing @_@

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