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BEAST Lee GiGwang garners attention with his figure revealed on ‘High Kick’

Singer actor Lee GiGwang catches the attention of TV viewers by revealing his figure on ‘High Kick Through The Roof’.

Duing the episode of MBC ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ aired on 8th February, with the truth of JungEum(Hwang JungEum) and JiHoon(Daniel Choi) date going out, SeHo sets to show JungEum a more matured and manly side of him.

So SeHo called JungEum over to the gym to show her his more manly side through his figure. But having seen his abs, JungEum’s response was a frustrated “With the time you spend to tone these muscles, try do something to your height.”

After the episode that day, the scene has received heated responses from TV viewers who found character SeHo both cute and pitiful.

S: EToday

Thanks to Melissa for the headsup!

10 Responses

  1. well he is kinda short compared to other male idols. But at least he’s got talent

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! AJ is so hot =D

  3. LOLOL @ JungEum’s height comment.

    Aww Kikwang bby. You are a hottie. I don’t care about your height. XD

  4. ********************O**********************

  5. lol why are members always those who have abs ? Tae Yang, Jae Bum, Gig Wang… haha.

    • LOL!!! Right!!
      but i like it .. KKKKKKKKK~

    • I meant SMALL members * sorry O_o

    • lol if they start working out to early, it stunts their heights. Has something to do with too much testosterone. But I aint complaining about height

      • genes too have a factor in their height. and also like samsters said, yes, if they started working out too early (agewise – adolescence period), their height are stunted.

        but i dont care about height too! ❤ i love my boys a just a little taller than me and yummy. hahaha!

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