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TaecYeon and YoonA speak up about scandal, YoonA chooses Lee Seung Gi over TaecYeon

2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae Yoona talk about their scandal.

The both of them were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 9th February. Kang Ho Dong then asked TaecYeon, “Have you heard about the talk of the town?” and TaecYeon answered “No. I don’t know about it.”

MC Kang then asked, “There are rumours that you and YoonA are a thing.” TaecYeon seemed a little flustered then continued, “Yes, I heard about that. That I am close with YoonA.”

Kang Ho Dong joked, “But do use take note of how you put your words across on broadcast even though there are saying that the 2 of you are close.” He was playing on the fact that TaecYeon addressed with ‘YoonA’ instead of ‘YoonA ssi’.

The 2 were then asked, “Have you heard about rumours of you 2 as a thing?”, TaecYeon replied “Yes” and Yoon replied, “Yes, I know about that.”

Lee SeungGi who normally had proclaimed YoonA as his ideal type said, “Tiffany is close to our YoonA ssi” which was caught by Kim YeongChul who said, “Did you say ‘our YoonA’?” which had everyone breaking in laughter.

Tiffany then clarifies the TaecYeon-YoonA scandal, “Isn’t this because of me?” Tiffany had previously revealed on Strong Heart on an incident when TaecYeon, YoonA and herself were having a meal together. Tiffany added, “Honestly I didnt’ know that it would be misinterpreted.”

2PM JunHo who was also present said, “TaecYeon heard all these rumours and felt unfair about it, saying “It is really not like that”. But I don’t know about it.”

After that, Kang Ho Dong asked YoonA to “Choose between Lee SeungGi and Ok TaecYeon in terms of looks, and not on popularity.”

YoonA replied, “The other members can also get this right. In terms of looks, it has be to Lee Seung Gi.” Lee SeungGi then let out a very happy expression and smile.

YoonA added, “I prefer caring and soft image guy instead of strong image guy.”

S: StarNews

33 Responses

  1. ummm i think yoona hates that taecyon guy coz hes so ugly he he he no affense in taecyon he he sorry but its true yoona is to pretty for that guy he he he but yoona i hate u in the part when u look the skirt of tiffany i love tiffany u know!!! lol i felt angry about u but i i hae u in that part T_T

    • ahem. the skirt part was like ages ago. and she was not doing anything bad, just asking her unnie if she had pinned her skirt. :p Fany & Yoona already explained so stop already :s on the other end, looks like Taec is developping feelings for Yoona recently 😀

  2. Oh and , if Yoona wants to be with LSG seriously.. that WOULD be SO MUCH BETTER , cuz i wont have to envy the girl being with Taecyeon..! Here’s to YOONA’s fans , let her be with LSG ,since she said that by “appearance” she choosed LSG. ( Dont drag Taecyeon in any of this craps…)

  3. getting more and more speechless by seeing all these info-s , taec also not so bad , at least he did bow to his seniors and greeted them , gosh. LOL , im getting irritated by what your is saying about taec -.-

  4. leave TaecYeon for me then Yoona! lmfao

  5. LSG better than overrated/untalented/unmannered taec….

    • Taec may be a lot of things but the ONE thing he’s def not is “unmannered”…If you had actually watched him on shows and fancams of him with the other idol groups, entertainers and PDs, he bows and greets them without fail. In fact, with very senior sunbaes (such as on Strong Heart), his bows actually go beyond 90 degrees. He has also always thanked his fans for their support, including in their latest album.

      • on this video(SH)…2 times he speak with no honorifics with his senior…. isnt this unmannered???

  6. Wow,Yoona is very suitable with LSG….
    They are very popular idol nowadays…
    They will be very great couple together…
    I hope Yoona will accept LSG love n will marry him..
    Owh,so sweet couple….

    Matchmade from heaven……

  7. YoonA replied, “The other members can also get this right. In terms of looks, it has be to Lee Seung Gi.”

    No brainer right there.

  8. i don’t sense such a big scandal at all
    but those shippers and all let it go out of hand just because they HAVE to pair up hot groups together.

    When Junho said that Taec felt unfair about it, i think we all can tell that Taec is really irritated by it.

    Like how you would feel if people tease you and someone who is just your friend as a couple~ Gets on your nerve sometimes…

    anyway, whats the big deal about YoonA -.-
    Her news are now a bore….

    • i understand how u feel…but with different person….whats the big deal about Taec =.=….his news are now a bore…

  9. YES!!! i want Yoona with Seunggi!!!<3

  10. I honestly think it’s tiring, too. Because I don’t even feel any chemistry whatsoever. If they both gel together naturally things might have been a little different.

  11. WHAT scandal?

  12. nothing scandalous about this ‘scandal’. getting so damn old.

  13. the PDs should know, same issue won’t sale. It’s boring.
    People will just hating on Yoona, while it’s not even her fault.
    Yoona’s taste definitely not Taecyeon. Like she mentioned, she likes caring and soft image guy. Her ideal guy is always Yun Jung Hoon, and someone like Shinhwa Andy

  14. i just wish this would end soon. this just screwed both of them up

  15. pia pia pia >_>

  16. i just hope all this love scandals thing will die down soon

  17. Yoong chose SeungGi, and the other members would all agree to it. Who wouldn’t chose SeungKGi? That guy is handsome…

    This whole scandal is really getting out of hand, it’s not even interesting from the beginning. Those two don’t even look good together, and has no chemistry whatsoever!

    Btw, Fany looks so incredibly hot in this episode!

    • I agree, Yoona and Taecyeon were only ever linked in the first place was because they did the joint stage, which was ONLY because they were the most popular of their group. Yoona was paired up with Nichkhun when he was the most popular, now it’s Taec. =.= Does this girl serve any other purpose???

  18. This thing is getting overboard…I’m tiring of hearing about it…

  19. bowlcut lol

  20. this was recorded feb 4, so it was after sweet night

  21. This definitely got taped before Sweet Night. If I remember correctly, LSG didn’t even get past Ro16 of the Ideal World Cup since he got put up against Jang Geun Suk.

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