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Sunny refuses the hospital despite the body aches

Girls Generation member Sunny showed signs of serious body aches, however she declined to go to the hospital.

On the filming of KBS ‘Invincible Youth’ on the 10th, when Sunny showed signs of pain on the set, people recommended that she should visit the hospital. However its known that Sunny replied, “Instead of the hospital I think it is better for me to just take a rest,” refusing to go to the hospital. Because of this Sunny couldn’t fulfill her duties that day, and she also couldn’t attend the MBC radio program ‘ShinDong and Kim ShinYoung’s Shim Shim Tapa’ on the 11th.

Kim ShinYoung revealed through the radio that Sunny’s condition is not well and the radio listeners wished her recovery with the message “Sunny get better.”

Nulsaranghae: Get better Sunny~

20 Responses

  1. Sunny, stay strong! Get well soon! ><

  2. sunny.. get well soon..
    don’t let sm get you as they did with hangeng..T_T
    stay strong sunny !! ^^

  3. knowing SM, she’ll prob have to pay a fee if she misses a show, so she’d rather perform hurt then pay the fee >.<

  4. awww…sunny bunny get well soon…
    darn SM..y is he letting this happen to his talents…specially SNSD..last time i heard all them overworked…and i also watched the video where they dance with SHINee…i think its on MBC(during their Genie promotions..july 25, 2009)…i saw taeyeon so stressed..i thought maybe she had a personal problem or something happen that’s why she’s sad & spacing out…then some of the viewers informed me that at that time TaeYeon is SICK…i don’t know if its really true…but looking at taeyeon i think its true…poor them…
    i know he(SM) knows that the girls were exhausted but still he let the girls go…

    pls let them rest!!!

  5. Hopes she get better …
    But won’t her uncle want her to go hospital ?

  6. That’s true ?
    I don’t know about recently sunny’s condition

    Thanks for share

  7. maybe she had her period

  8. awwww sunny’s my favorite! hopefully she feels better soon!!! =)

  9. OMG I hope it isn’t anything serious T_T I really hope for her to be good in health soon</3

  10. i really hate this kinda of news T_T…..hope my sunny bunny recover….

  11. Sunny, T_T
    that poor girl..
    Did she catch a cold..

    Hope she gets well soon..

  12. These poor idols are worked like robots. I really think it’s a bad idea not to go to the doctor in her case.

    Get well soon

  13. Get better Sunny. I know this day will come. She’s one of the busiest members now along with Yuri. Please take care of your health

  14. We should respect her decision. Sometimes you can feel like a trip to your bed will be more efficient than a trip to the hospital… when i’m sick i try the old school methods first, and if it doesn’t work then i go to the hospital !
    But body aches… i don’t think that’s a wise move to ignore that.

  15. Knowing SM’s history, this doesn’t sound too good. hopefully she doesn’t get overworked.

  16. Sunny get well soon…T.T
    I was freaking worried yesterday when I heard that she couldn’t come to Shim2tapa bcos of going to hospital.
    I miss seeing 9 members on a radio show.

  17. Why is she like that…She could cause any other members to get sick 2 becoze of her decision…what a stupid…

    I love YOONA…

    • I’m sure the members wouldn’t mind that as they’ll be more glad to take care of her themselves, instead of worrying about her when she’s in hospital, and have to rush forth and back from schedules visiting her… Besides, with the weather in Korea now every1 could easily get sick on their own with that kind of activities…

      Btw, from what I read from other sources, she did visit the hospital but refused to stay at there as she insisted to rest at dorm….

    • yeah i think other members really don’t mind her at the dorm…instead they are very glad as they able to take care of her…

  18. That’s considerate of her, but health should come first~~ It could be a really foolish decision.

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