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V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim GyeongRok return to Star Empire!

Popular vocal group V.O.S members Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyungRok are said to have return to their formal management company Star Empire Entertainment.

Accord to Star Empire, V.O.S members have recently termination their contract with their current company Javon Entertainment and has returned to Star Empire.

With that Choi HyunJoon and Kim KyeongRok under Star Empire, and member Park JiHeon under Javon Entertainment, will continue to concentrate on their promotional activities in Japan which they started last year-end as group V.O.S.

All this while, V.O.S members have talked about their worries for their future career, but they have also decided that they want to continue working with each other as partners, given that they have known each other so well and for so long.

V.O.S said, “In the future, we will come down to a decision through  discussion, respecting each other’s opinions. V.O.S is for forever.”


6 Responses

  1. what? must be hard for jiheon and starempire to make up after what happened. o well. hope they stay v.o.s. forever. but they’re amazing soloists as well.

  2. i liked them under Star empire anyways. i always felt like they promoted them pretty good for a ballad group. i hope they can work things out to stay together. they are amazing group.

  3. kind of odd but….hope they remain together forever.
    ❤ them dearly


  5. Ohhh. But only two members returned to Star Empire while JiHeon is under a diff company. Hmm, might be kinda awkward. :3

    I would like to hear new music from V.O.S tho. ❤

  6. oh please don’t separate. I’ll take your words – V.O.S is for forever! V.O.S is one awesome vocal group…

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