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KBS Music Bank 12.02.2010 – So Nyeo Shi Dae’s 2nd win with ‘Oh!’

Today on KBS Music Bank, So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 on K Chart with their song ‘Oh!’.

Other highlights of the show include:

  • Special joint stages BEAST-ZE:A, 2AM-2PM, SNSD-Joo HyunMi, F.Cuz-Seul Woon Do
  • Other hot performances by So Nyeo Shi Dae, C.N Blue, U-Kiss, Kim Jong Kook etc

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Still updating the performance cuts

Comeback Stage

  • Lim Chang Jung with ‘Forgotten Farewell’

Special Stages

  • BEAST & ZE:A
  • 2AM & 2PM
  • Joo HyunMi & So Nyeo Shi Dae
  • Seul Woon Do and F.cuz
  • C.N. Blue

Today’s Music Bank

  • 2PM with ‘Gimme the Light’
  • SNSD with ‘Oh!’
  • T-ara with ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’
  • 2AM with ‘Won’t Let You Go Even if I Die’
  • U-Kiss with ‘Round & Round’
  • Min Kyung Hoon with ‘Love Me Even Though I’m Hurt’
  • Gavy NJ ft. F.Cuz JinOn with ‘Sunflower’
  • C.N. Blue – ‘Loner’
  • BEAST with ‘BEAST is the B2ST + Mystery’
  • Hong Jin Young with ‘Love Battery’
  • Park Hyun Bin with ‘It’s Hot’
  • Lydia with ‘Woman’s Proposal’
  • Kim Jong Kook with ‘It’s This Person’
  • Park Min Kyung with ‘Come back’
  • Untouchable ft. Secret Song JiEun with ‘Living in the Heart’
  • ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov
  • F.Cuz with ‘Jiggy’

21 Responses

  1. great performance by all. It really was fascinating. Congrats to SNSD! ❤
    This totally blew me away, i really couldn't get off the TV. ._.

  2. wow i didn’t know 2pm performed “Gimme the Light”!! great performance and also one of my fave songs off the album. 2PM + 2AM joint stage looked really fun, and I bet they all had a blast performing it. I really liked 2AM’s vers. of “Again & Again”. The dancing w/ “This Song” was a lil diff. at first but understandable since 2PM is a dance group, somehow it matched w/ the song hehe.

  3. 2pm+2am!!!!!!!!!
    kwon totally blew me away with again and again.. boys got talent!
    and the “oneday” perf only made me realize how much they AREN’T oneday! miss you jay!
    i can’t believe jyp didn’t wait for jay to come back to do this…

  4. I digged out god’s live version of “the place you should be”…
    I like 2pm, but still have to say… god was WAY BETTER!

  5. dayummm~! B2st was so hawwt ~!
    luving what they all are wearing

  6. Ahhhh~ “The videos has been emoved”. :|||||

  7. congrats to SNSD .. wow they have 2 consecutive 20k+ score.

  8. Congrats SNSD!!!! I’m not a fan but i really like Oh! 😀

  9. OMG BEAST & ZE:A dance stage! ❤
    And Congrats to the SNSD girls on 2nd K-Chart win for Oh!
    Lol Seems like there's always someone trying to eat the confetti at the end xD

    • i loved the dance stage!!!!
      beast boys definitely lived up to their name. and my boys ze:a worked it!! minwoo and kevin was so HOT!!

      haha^^ the confetti thing is so true. they're always playing with the confetti one way or the other. lols.

  10. wow 2am. we can never go wrong with 2am. they’re so damn good!

  11. Congrats SoShi unnies! 😀
    I’m not surprised that they won though. I just hope they can keep this up for 8 more weeks! ^^

    SNSD <3333333333333

  12. I had to mute T-ara’s performance when I was watching it live – the traditional instruments with the song was painful to listen to.

    • not really…

    • Agree!! TT__TT

    • i watched it for curiosity’s sake…
      oh, i think i had secondhand embarrassment from it…
      i guess they had to ‘remove’ the backing track so as the traditional music will be heard.

    • Agree.

    • agree. when i watched it on TV, it gave me a slight headache to tell you the truth. i mean, bo peep is already a pretty annoying song in the first place, then adding so many more instruments to it. just…. too much. they didn’t really re-arrange the song that well. maybe cuz they had limited time to do it, but hmm… hopefully, it’s a one-time thing.

      they look nice in the outfits this time tho.

    • lol. i had to play two videos. one for the sound and one during their mubank perf, but the sound was muted on this one. i, first of all, do not like their traditional version when i first heard it back in january.

  13. congrats snsd ^_^

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