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SNSD Sunny to carry out schedule for appearance on KBS Music Bank on 12th February as planned

So Nyeo Shi Dae member Sunny, who is down with fatigue, will be carrying out the group’s schedule as planned.

According to SM Entertainment on 12th February, Sunny did the shooting for SBS Inkigayo on 11th February with the rest of the member, performing their latest hit ‘Oh!’. Inkigaayo is aired every Sunday, but this coming Sunday is Lunar New Year, hence the show is filmed prior to the airing date.

A SM rep said, “Sunny will also be appearing on KBS Music Bank with So Nyeo Shi Dae. Even though Sunny is still taking her medicine for fatigue, she has gotten better as compared to 1oth Feb.”

Sunny has developed fatigue after filming for KBS Invincible Youth on 10th February, and had missed the schedule for going on MBC ShimShimTaPa radio show with So Nyeo Shi Dae.

S: StarNews

14 Responses

  1. get well SUNNY!!!

  2. They wOn!! chukahe 😀

  3. please get better sunny 😦

  4. hmm they got 8 other girls to cover her she only doing 1 line of there song i say let her rest.

  5. I hope Sunny will get better day by day. She’s the energy pill of SNSD and to be honest she always makes me smile whenever I see her. The girls need some real rest SME!!! Let them rest!!!

  6. It was announced by fans at the shoot that SNSD won mutizen for SBS Inkigayo :). Not sure about Music Bank though.

  7. stupid Slave Management

  8. The girl needs rest even if she’s taking medicines. Soon, they’ll start their Asia Tour and Slave Management is not even letting the girls get a REAL vacation or at least a week or resting. I feel bad for her. They’re all working nonstop.

  9. Hmm… instead of giving her medicine for fatigue, maybe they should just give her some REST. I’m glad she’s feeling better, and I hope she does a great performance.

  10. Will they win today?Lets see~

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