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Tablo reveal the faces of upcoming 7-member boyband Infinite

The faces of the Epik High’s juniors Infinite who are also from the same company have been revealed.

Epik High’s company Woorim Entertainment is set to debut a 7-member boyband Infinite, and a photo of the group has been revealed.

Tablo revealed on his Twitter that the photo was taken during their cheering UCC video for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic, also bring up the anticipation for the UCC video.

Tablo had revealed the photo on his Twitter, he revealed, “We will reveal the rest of the 2 members later” rousing much curiosity from many netizens.

Meanwhile, Epik High will release a new album in March.


18 Responses

  1. …lol i love tablo at the back.

  2. Oh they look cute and anything produced by Tablo…is fantastic!

  3. LOL Mithra in the back looks like he’s thinking ,”OMG I cant believe I’m producing an idol group. I’m too hip hop for this.”
    Tablo is so cute in the back!!! These guys look cute too.

  4. […] Meanwhile, Epik High will release a new album in March. source: kbites […]

  5. TABLOOO!!! so CUTEEEEE!!!
    i’ll stick to Tablo haha

  6. tablo is so effin CUTE back there!! haha >w<

  7. that’s weird…i wasn’t expecting this AT ALL

  8. when they said 7-member group, i was wondering if those two at the back we’re members, i found out that it was tablo and mithra ..xDDDDD ahhh . will they have an epik high kind of style or an idol group vibe? hmm

  9. Tablo!!! ^_^!!!! **** jajjaja

  10. Their pretty cute, I’ll just wait, and see what they got.

  11. rofl.. tablo..

  12. lmao i cna’t help but focused on the two at the back

  13. Jailbate

  14. so are they going to be a idol band or hip hop like big bang when they first started.

    • wow. i was about to ask the same thing..it will be hard to sell them as idols if they’re gonna do pure hip hop like Epik High. I mean even Big Bang had to shift styles to be as popular as they are now.

      • yeah, their lalala didnt bring it unlike kohjimal.

        i do like lalala though and goodbye baby but it just didnt happen for them in the early years. which actually turned out for the better. adversity makes you stronger

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