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Watch the Adam Couple overcome the English language barrier to make a new friend!

‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn in a showdown of the limited English language.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 13th February, the couple were given a miss to spend a day with a foreigner. With the sudden visit of a foreigner at the love nest, the 2 were put in a situation and had to use their limited English language to communicate, bringing laughters to the TV viewers.

Jo Kwon was the first to speak up after the foreigner visit. As for GaIn, with the sight of a foreigner friend, she did not dare to speak a word or look at Jo Kwon. And the saviour to the flustered couple is none other than the electronic dictionary.

And Jo Kwon passed the baton over to GaIn when he had to go out to buy food. GaIn told their foreigner friend, “I have not had my first kiss with my husband. Will he not kiss me?” having loads of fun joking around.


18 Responses

  1. Does the Korean media still not know what Ga-In said? SOMEBODY has to know, OMG. “Take a dump on my chest?”

  2. Response for Lingopal, the iPhone app Ga-In and Jo Kwon use. “We didn’t know about this tv program but do now – thanks everyone! We’re happy to give English lessons to Ga-In for free too ”

    What she tried to say was “…I want to kiss you and embrace you or lean on your chest …”, but obviously it got lost in translation. LOL X’D

    Other part I LMAO:
    “…very scary eyes!!!…I’m crazy!!!…I’m crazy boy!!!…”
    “…Noooo!!!!…She’s crying….Oh that’s okay….”

    Like DEG this WGM episode will be a classic funny! Poor Ga-In will be teased forever for saying “…I want to kiss you and take a dump on your chest!…” repeated no less. Love this couple!

  3. […] couples are given various challenges that they have to overcome. Today’s challenge was the fearful and difficult task of … meeting a foreigner. When they first see the foreigner, an Afghanistani student, through […]

  4. PART 2/4 set to private. Can’t watch it.

  5. Haha! too cute. πŸ˜€

  6. I can understand where the mix up between “kiss you” and kiss him (Jo Kwon) came from…. but wtf @ the dump on the chest… really? lol just epic x3

  7. LOL “I want to take a dump on your chest ..”
    He was like wtf o__O ?

  8. Seems scripted; why would she just say ” I want to kiss ypuk and take a dump on your chest”? Anyway, she’s so cute, and the 2pm guy is…different.

  9. “i want to kiss you and take a dump on your chest.” wtf?!!!! lmao i just choked on my breakfast. what kind of dictionary does she have? haha

    i love this show even though i don’t speak a word of korean.

  10. this will be epic, petite couple is so hilarious!!
    I need subbed! I hope time2sub will sub it as fast as they can.
    Anyway who’s this person??

  11. Wanna watch it so badd, but I will patiently wait for subs.

  12. oh wow this will be epic, can’t wait for this to be subbed! i’m in a frenzy already, it’s been two weeks since i had a dose of the adam couple’s chemistry — i think i’m addicted xD

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