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C.N Blue manager criticised for violent behaviour towards fan!

Amidst criticisms of group CN Blue manager’s violent behaviour, a representative has came out to explain, “We have taken disciplinary action towards this staff. We apologise deeply.”

A video was posted up on a Korean portal site on 14th February showing CN Blue’s manager apparently showing violent behaviour on fans, which sparked off criticisms immediately amongst netizens. In the video, the CN Blue members were getting off the car, and a guy in brown top was seen hitting the head of a fan using his palm.

With the netizens getting angry over the incident, FNC Music had posted an apology post on their official homepage.

In the apology post, it was written, “The video shows a footage of what happened before KBS Music Bank rehearsal at YeoIlGo car park on 11th February. Many fans were crowding around the car, and it was impossible to enter the building, so the manager displayed violent behaviour towards the fans who were going too close to member Lee JongHyun.”

“It is not right to use violence in any situation, hence the manager and all FNC Music staff would like to apologise to fans. The manager was disciplined, and was held responsible for his actions. We will make sure that this will not happen again.”

Meanwhle, FNC also clarified that Lee JongHyun was not smiling at the violent act as pointed out by many netizens who saw the video.


The video in the form of a gif, thanks to crimsonbox

64 Responses

  1. […] the first time that managers have displayed such inexcusable behavior. CN Blue’s manager whacked in the head a female fan whose only “offense” was getting too close to the band, and shortly thereafter a […]

  2. wow..this is crazy and SCARY… O_O

    its good that managers here are not like that, no offense.
    why do they do that to fans…yes, FANS??

    GOD, THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!! managers, please….

  3. I guess they forgot that the ones that made them KNOWN and FAMOUS is the FREAKIN FANS!!


    oh, well.. we’ll see what will happen next.. I’m curious..

    what a jerk. D:<


  6. manager was waayyy out of line for hitting a girl, and hitting her that hard at that, no matter how you put it.

  7. fans should have control themself when they saw the idols.

    manager do NOt have the rights to hit fans anywhere.

    He can be charged for assault.

    If I were the fan, I would have jump on him barbarically and bite his nose off. *mean smile*.

    nah…I dont have the guts…probably crying

  8. a woman brought him into this world, why is he disrespecting one? that bitch, i would have grabbed him by the hair and kicked him in the balls like 10 times -__-

  9. it is not an excuse to hurt fans like that..even though they were crowding but they never intended to harm the idols, a stupid and arrogant manner from the manager.

    He was PISSED OFF lol
    At least JongHyun bowed down and apologised on behalf of the manager as you can see in the .gif. But daaaamn not even DBSK’s manager/s go that far and they are even bigger superstars lol
    Both the manager and fan were at fault but that doesn’t justify the fact that the manager could have seriously hurt the fan. Especially if it was a young girl Not cool man.

    • Lol I take that ack about DBSK’s manager. I totally forgot this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O07DyS_Y44&feature=player_embedded

      Manager’s sure have it hard protecting these idols.

      • lol. i guess that answers my question. managers in korea really ARE violent. damn. we’re in the 21st century aren’t we? you can’t tell me there aren’t more civilised ways to handle these types of situations? celebrities in america are just as popular if not more. we don’t see their bodyguards practically assaulting women and girls like that, do we? and those bodyguards are three times as huge!

        c’mon korea!!! we know you love your idols, but shit, don’t be motherfriggin barbaric for god’s sake!

      • yes exactly here

  11. it is really hard to be a manager.

  12. They need better security, not a manager who goes more batshit crazy than a CN Blue fan.

  13. Lol this manager is a gangster or what?

  14. damn. he’s worse than the fangirls. if it was me, i would’ve slapped him with my bag and shove my fist up his ass up to his eyes. why the hell would you hit and punch those fucking fangirls when they are the reasons why you’re earning money. i wouldn’t be surprise if those fangirls create an anti-cnblue-manager club. they should fire that bitch.

  15. omg, that manager is so over.
    i would’ve punch him back .

  16. intensee

    if it were me and i got hit, i’d shove his ass back and just front him. i wouldnt punch him out of reflexes since it isnt my nature (obviously different from his) but i’d react nonetheless.

    the manager needs to chill the ef out. well, w,e there goes his job if people file a llawsuit

  17. talk abt anger management. that bitch of a manager should seriously just be put in a straightjacket and thrown on an island. motherfriggin asshole.

    HELLO!! that fan right there, is your bread and butter, mkay? she buys their album, the company gets money and then the company pays you. if she doesn’t, cnblue go bye bye and you need to find some other idol to manage. and the process starts all over again.

    and here i thought 2PM’s yelling manager was crossing the line. are all managers in korea like this?? shit.

  18. wowww. that is not right, a guy should never hit a girl. especially a grown man. its also looked veryyy painful.

  19. WOAW!
    manager-zilla or pms?
    yikes! that is just dis-turrrr-binn’!

  20. aren’t they both at wrong? i mean she should’ve given CNBLUE some space to ket to music bank, and on the other hand, the manager shouldn’t of hit her like that, it wasn’t even hitting, it was more like violent slapping. THAT’S JUST WRONG. he could’ve dealt with it in a more calm manner by pushing the fans instead, if i was in charge, he would’ve been fired first thing.

  21. wow this manager should be sacked. its scarying to be so violent! who knows what he might do next time. i mean, is this behaviour normal???

    and jonghyun was bending down, which means he did not see this act. he was smiling at the fans..

  22. Holy fuck. If i were the girl, i wouldn’t care even if CN Blue was infront of me, i’d hella pull that guy’s collar and demand for an apology. If he doesn’t, well we’re going to the police.

  23. Even if the fan may have been in the wrong, the manager has no reason to be abusively violent. Whether it be male of female, he has no right to hit that to anyone. Especially if he has the nerve to hit that hard on the head.

    Simply being a manager does not excuse this.

    If I was in the crowd I would have smacked him back -_-

  24. OMFG! Arrest that bitch

  25. Well he didn’t need to hit her.

  26. And they acted like nothing was wrong afterward…

  27. Even if he did his punishments, he’ll still be a manager right? Damn, they should just fired him or smth. & why must the company apologized on his behalf, he should goddamn apologized to us fans. This is just not fairrrr. Cant you guys see it?

  28. gosh, dis is freaking scary!!!

  29. It don’t even matter if the fan was pulling on Jong Hyun or not—that motherfucker of a manager could’ve just stepped in and separated her and JH. The manager did not need to resort to force or any type of bullshit he wanted to bull. WTF, he on a power trip. I guess assaulting young girls make him feel big.

    This kind of sucks of CNBlue though. Their manager and producers ain’t shit.

  30. No matter how over the board korean fans go, it is just not morally correct to hit a girl. Especially the way the manager did. I mean like wtf? Shes a GIRL damm it!! And i seriously hate the way u fucked up fan girls apply double standards when u say how obsessed these fan girls can get when i am pretty fucking sure you guys would do exactly the same when you see your idol groups. Fuck you guys.

  31. he really couldve killed her with that hit O_O,
    like it was no normal violence esp towards a young girl, the fan really should sue him, i can understand violent yelling/pushing to control the fans even though i dont approve it but that is just scary,
    even if the chick was gonna do something
    he couldve just pushed her away really hard but he literally attacked her TWICE, he should be fired
    i dont think CNblue at the time coz it was so hetic but if they did and didnt say anything >_>,,
    but hope this news doesnt affect them itll be unfair

  32. In any case, this manager should be lost his job.
    He can not do it like that with a fan of the band he is managing.
    How did he can do it?
    Even this girl was wrong in anyway, he cannot do it.
    It is too much with a girl fan.

  33. OMG!. Fans can be annoying sometimes but geez!. They’re still human!. Shouldn’t hit somebody like that!. The manager went waaaay overboard!!!. C.N Blue deserve a better manager…

  34. that girl was obviously pulling jonghyun’s hoodie
    but the manager was wrong for hitting her like this !

  35. WTF, he could have pushed the fan away or something, not hit her. He seriously needs to get some sort of medical help. Idols always get surrounded by fans, it’s nothing new, hitting fans is totally out of line, i cannot imagine any situation where such behavior can be considered acceptable.

  36. ehh this made me not a cn blue fan anymore
    i mean at least one of them saw it but still smiling ?
    ok i dont get it is he laughing or wad ?
    i will laugh too im a bad girl but ouch like they are ur fans too right
    and somemore female fans
    at least a male fan is nothing wrong but a male beating a female
    aint right ?
    cn blue definitely notice this but ok i dont like them anymore

    • If you watch more closely… you’ll notice he was bending down and was in the middle of standing back up and looking at his fans when he was smiling. I’m pretty positive he wouldn’t be laughing at the girl getting hit like that… if for no other reason than knowing that this would cause them more problems. I mean really, you shouldn’t take it out on these boys because they got stuck with a shit manager.
      Just sayin…

    • at time jonghyun didn’t know what his manager did
      he was smiling to the fan to show that he was ok although fans almost made him fall down.

      sookyeong, i guess your article is not complete. because i have read in other article that FNC already clarified why jonghyun smile at time

  37. wahh! omg… he went really overboard! Geez, he coulda just moved her back nicely or something if she was too close or pulling at Lee JongHyun… he didn’t have to knock the hell outta her. I hope they get him under control … no actually I hope they just get CNBLUE a new manager altogether. They already have enough issues circulating around them without their crazed manager making more problems for them….

  38. That’s badassssssssss. What kind of manager is that?

    CN Blue seriously has the authority to just be like, “FANS, WE NEED TO GO.” or something like that, and the fans would have respected that and without a doubt, make room for them to leave. Hmm… Or these Korean fans are being too much…

  39. OMG..that is…too much. I think that’s way over the top to keep space for CN BLUE…why are they in so much news…it seems like debutting and reaching the top too fast brings other problems.

    wadeva…wae to ri ya ~~~

    • yea i think its because of their fast rise to popularity. people get obnoxious. the guy must be thinking he’s protecting some superstar and the fan, a nuisance. damn he went too far

  40. OMG!!

  41. O_O he deserves to be in prison

  42. WOW. he REALLY took it out on her!

    Although I wish fans would stop getting so close to their favorite artists. this kind of stuff happens because they get to close. apparently that fan grabbed JongHyuns hoodie..? Atleast the manager did for a reason, rather then just take out his rage.

    even so, that doesnt justify the right to hit a fan. security obviously needs to be better. this always happens to artists when they try to get to shows and such. some better plans need to be put in place to hold back fans and ensure safety.

    although i do believe fans should be held responsible as well. just because your a fan, does that give you a right to be up in your favorite artists face? a good fan should respect their space. just because your excited does not mean you can cross security. security is there for a reason.

    again though, for me, it doesnt justify the right to hit a fan, but fans should learn to give their artists space. That manager did go way too far however in hitting that girl. I mean i read the headline thinking it wasnt that big of a deal, but seeing the gif, i was like O_O . I understand that its your job as the manager to make sure your artists are safe, but that much violence is not required. honestly it looked like he was going to take off her head. 😐
    sigh .. its a real shame these things happen.

    • agreed.

      He did go WAAAY to far in hitting that girl, but girl should have held back too. security must have really sucked to not be able to hold back all those fans. It is true, that its the job of the manager to keep their artist safe, but that much violence was not needed. if she hit Jonghyun or did something bad, i guess i would have understood that, but apparently she just grabbed the hoodie.. i guess the manager may have thought she was going to do something bad to him and hit her to hold her back.

      but again, like you said, he looked like he was going to behead her or something. that must have really hurt. 😦 I hope fans take note though.. i doubt the manager would have attacked anyone if they were much farther back. I guess fans need to respect space as well. I Wonder what the fan was hoping to accomplish though when she grabbed Jonghyuns hoodie…? being a fan is really dangerous..

  43. when i first read this i was on the managers’ side because i thought the netizens r over reacting again and some fans do cross their boundaries…but after waiting for the gif to load that opinion changed. lol.

    i don’t agree with violent behavior period but i would’ve understood more if he tapped her or something, but his arm went way up in the air and he gave her the mean karate chop. smh

    that girl has every reason to be upset because getting overly excited does not mean you deserve to get the wax slapped out of your ears.

    • wow so there 3Jonghyuns so far,Shinee,FT.Is,now cnblue
      gosh jonghyun was smiling what else would he be smiling at

      • but as u can see from the gif, he was not looking up wen the manager was hitting the fans. just wen he looked up, the manager had alr stop.

      • @min
        so he still looked up after the guy hit her,so what he crazy he smile for no reason

      • Actually, only two. FT Island is JongHUN. No “y” ^^;

        And FNC made a statement saying that Jonghyun only smiled because he almost fell. Most people do that, or at least the ones I know, when they fall or trip.

  44. wow it hurts…ouch

  45. wtf!!!

  46. wah I feel like want to punish the dreadful manager *angry*…

  47. fucking obnoxious! the girl should go to the police for assault.

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