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Fanmade ‘Big Bang’s Family Tree’ gives netizens a good laugh

A fanmade family tree of each of the Big Bang members revealed have caught the attention of many netizens.

The family tree pictures an imaginery family for each of the Big Bang members with hilarious descriptiong of each family member attached.

Go under the cut for the translated family trees.

Meanwhile, some new yummy photos for the boy’s BSX endorsement have also been released. Check them out here.

Happy lunar new year!

*Some grammatical erros, pardon me, rushed the translations after the new years reunion dinner.


83 Responses

  1. […] the fanmade ‘family tree’ for Big Bang members revealed which garnered much interests and attention previously, group SHINee members get their […]

  2. fart you fukin

  3. o wow haven’t seen this before Oo bad vip i am xD
    thanks soo much for the translation :*

  4. Waa….. That is really really funny and hilarious…. The family trees were so cute… The pic when they were being a girl or woman so cute… I wonder if big bang’s member were a girl??? Hahaha… It’s still the funniest family trees i had watched… 🙂 <3333333 Lots of love from me to BIG BANG

  5. […] the fanmade ‘family tree’ for Big Bang members revealed which garnered much interests and attention previously, group SHINee members get their […]

  6. Hahahah omg I laughed out loud.

  7. lollll~i like~so funny

  8. the panda OMG so cute

  9. …Dad what are you doing??

  10. your translation is the best…the choice of words makes it more funny.

  11. LOL, so so so funny :))

  12. ROFL!!!!!!!! :)) YB’s parents! hahaha


  14. ohmygod this is too funny! XD loved daesung’s and seungri’s. ^___^

    btw, does anybody know the kind of font used within the post? it’s really cute. 🙂

  15. wahaha..this is too funny! XD

  16. that really made me laugh.. I like Kwon Jiyong’s Family the Most.. YoungBae’s was cute.. lol at TOP’s.. hehe Seung-ri’s full of aegyo..Dae’s mafia pic.. lol
    hilarious.. GD’s heartbreaker definitely was well done..
    ahw they all look pretty as female..

  17. omgosh i love it !! this fan who made this is a genius ! XD

    and seungri , panda … hahahah 😀

    I THINK 2NE1 SHOULD MAKE ONE TOO! anyway, hav any of you guys see any members of 2ne1 crossdressed?? X=

    • isn’t wearing pants/hip hop clothes already considered crossdressing for the girls? LOL. They say women are the most prominent crossdressers in the world.


    Thanks to those who created these.

    And those who translated it.

    That was funny.


  21. Still learning to swim HAHAHA

  22. This is awesomeee!! Haha. I just can’t stop laughing.

  23. LMAO !
    BIGBANG <33

  24. fun~~~
    i cant stop to laugh

    good job!

  25. HAHA this is so clever and creative xD

  26. i couldn’t stop laughing while looking at this. whoever made this is a genius! :p

  27. LOL ! what a creative fan 🙂

  28. LOLL!
    LMAO @ YB’s parents & the panda haha

  29. LMAO! The Panda = Seungri!!!!

  30. ROFLMAO!

  31. hahaha..LOL..really funny…give me a good Laugh..
    Happy Lunar new year Everyone!!

  32. Cutieeeeeeeees^-^

  33. LMAFO!!

  34. LOL at Daesung “the aunt who sells cotton candy”
    and how does the panda relate to seungri?

    • cuz seungri has dark circles under his eyes that won’t go away no matter what he does. so fans call him panda seungri. it’s hella funny if you get the joke the first time. lmao.

    • this site so grstg

  35. LOL at Daesung “the aunt who sells cotton candy”
    and how does the panda relate to seungri??!


  37. Haha. That was good.

  38. random panda LOL

  39. puahahaha…..it’s so damn funny…XDDDD
    i love jiyong’s part ^^ and 2nd bro who has lost his hope of life (seungri)….this family tree is genius things that netizen did…
    thx for sharing….

  40. OMG. DAYUM. Thank you for linking to their new BSX pics btw!!

  41. LOLOL @ Taeyang’s ‘parents’.

    LMAO. Seeing TOP in that pic for ‘1st elder sis who is like Jiyong’s 2nd elder sis’ brings back good memories. ❤

    Awww, the panda in Seungri's family tree! Haha. <33

  42. LOL! this is so funny! I love all of them.

  43. roflmao that one pic of youngbae’s “elder brother who gets angry whenever he sees me” had me laughing so hard. we usually never get to see that side of taeyang. xDD

    the gd’s heart breaker one was well done. xD
    and daesung mafia pics are total win LOLL

  44. giggle ~

  45. Makes me miss ’em even more!

  46. this family tree,seriously had made my day!!XD

  47. Thanks for translation. It gives me a good laught. So funny xD.

  48. IT IS SO FUNNY !
    ❤ BIG BANG ❤

  49. ” dada wat r u doing?” lmao!! thats not mommy hahaha im dying

  50. LOL!

  51. LMAO!! “Grandfather who has become physically inconvenient” that one was my favorite!!
    2nd fave was the 3nd oldest sister who will 10th member of SNSD.

  52. HAHA. The panda, looool!

    Daesung one was funny. Actually, THEY’RE ALL FUNNY.

  53. LMFAO!!!!! Is sooo funny it’s my birthday today!!!! Happy valentines day sookyeong!!!! ❤

  54. thanks for the trans^^
    it’s so funny..so many funny family members..lol

  55. lol, that was so adorable. i chuckled at each family.

  56. HAHAHAHA, omo,
    i think i died when i saw a panda bear in Seungri’s family tree.
    this is genius!

  57. i freankin love this! its funny! ❤

  58. lol i liked how they put the pic for GD’s heartbreaker promotions as the 1st younger bro with heartfailure, hilarious. XD all of it

  59. That was freakin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! holy mother of pearl….. im tearing up.

    Who ever did this chose amazing pictures to represent the members’ family xDD

    and holy shit, some of the descriptions killed me. absolutely hilarious

  60. LOL !!!! love it ! the panda XD… Actually the choice of the pictures for the mothers figures are o_o … She/He has a great imagination…

  61. Thanks so much for translating!! Omg Korean fans are creative, this is hilarious.

  62. LOL!! Top’s “….Dad, what are you doing” killed me

  63. gives me as good laugh on seungri’s family tree…

  64. LOOOOOOOOOOOoooool ^^

  65. OMG!! LOL!! man, this person who created this family tree really knows his/her big bang stuff. i LOLed at practically every one. thanks for sharing & the translations! ;]

  66. Lmfao! Yes they all have cross dressed!
    My boys, loveeee ’em (: Thanks for sharing!
    But my fave is the pic of SeungRi dressing up
    as a girl for Coffee Prince Paroday, & was like,
    “I’ll be the 10th member of SNSD.” ROFL!!!!!

  67. Lmfao. the panda! and lol @ dae sung’s mafia brother lollll. lord.

  68. HILARIOUS! this made me laugh so much lol.

  69. LOL that is so cute!! XD Loved it. thanks for sharing.

    SEUNGRI <33

  71. The funniest was a panda being related to Seungri. xD

  72. omg this is hilarious. lol at last born seungri being a panda

  73. LMFAO! XDD It’d be hilarious to see this for other stars too! Haha. I love SeungRi’s youngest brother… xD

  74. omg…that’s so funny
    made me laugh XDDD

  75. LOL!! this is really funny. Cant believe all BB members have crossdressed before HAHAHHA!!

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