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HanBok Catalog: 2010 Lunar New Year

Another round of Hanbok Catalog with this year’s Lunar New Year.

Go under the cut for the photos of your favourite Kpop idols in the traditional HanBok.


2AM (No solo photos for JinWoon and Jo Kwon released yet)



Adam Couple Jo Kwon and GaIn

Real couple Kim YoungJoon and Hwang JungEum

The trot ‘couple’ Jang YoonJeong and Park HyunBin

Like I said previously in the 2009 ChuSeok HanBok catalog, I wish to see how the 2NE1 girls will look in Hanboks.

Here are the previous Hanbok catalogs:

21 Responses

  1. awwwwwwwww gd in hanbok

  2. you will never see 2NE1 is hanboks nor Big bang. only daesung because he was solo and doing trot. doesnt fit YG image.

  3. hmm… i think you’re missing.. mblaq on your list? lol anyways.. i love seeing ppl in hanboks ^^

  4. ^^I’m not saying that they are not attractive…
    Just saying that looks doesn’t really matter to me..
    It’s their talent that shines out…(^_^)

  5. no offense. but 2am are ugly never knew them b4 only jokwon

    • Who cares about their looks..(well, apparently you..)
      Atleast they are TALENTED….

      • I disagreee…
        2AM are really attractive guys.
        Its just the fact that they do not dance or sing hip hop songs that they are not attractive to people. So shallow.

      • agree………
        they are talented.
        i think they are better than 2pm……

    • @ayn you’er ugly……

    • so what? you’re going to dislike them because they are “ugly” ?

      do you think you’re NOT going to offense some fans by saying that 2AM are ugly?

      2AM are singers (not model or smtg like that), their voices are more important than their looks.

      geez, I hate how there’s always a stupid comment like “he/she/they is/are so ugly” for any idols. pff.

      get over the looks for one second.

      anywayz, 2AM are far from being ugly.

  6. i didnt know THEY were a real couple!

    ive always wondered why they showed somewhat real affection for one another on we got married. their interaction seemed so pure but i kept puutting it off because we got married is just a show.

    well, happy lunar new years everyone (:

  7. dangit, is it a rule for YG not to wear hanboks? Lol. I mean for photoshoots? lol. I really wanna see big bang…and I hope 2NE1 has too.

  8. is there a photo of big bang i never saw them together wearing hanbok only daesung.

  9. jinwoon’s and kwon’s are actually released.
    check tumblr/2AM ^^

    everyone looks so cute in the traditional clothing : )

  10. i already seen dara in a hanbok…i can sorta picture Minzy in one.
    I would love to see Bom and especially CL in traditional costume. Bommie can’t show her beautiful legs in a hanbok though.

  11. umm ZE:A? Lol. Should have chosen better idol groups instead.

  12. ZE:A with hanbok >.< reminds me bout suju and kyochon lol
    Ya i wish to see BigBang n 2NE1 wearing Hanbok.

  13. Jewelry with only 2 members. 😦

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