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Who is So Nyeo Shi Dae members’ ideal guy?

Previously we’ve read news about So Nyeo Shi Dae’s special dating rule in KBS2 TV’s Sweet Night program.

The videos from the show are out and subbed, so simply click the play button to join the girls’ excitement and see who wins their heart!

Part 2

Part 3


51 Responses

  1. aaaahhh gd and top how hard!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lol the beginning was funny. Trying to figure out those baby pics xD.

  3. yes more screen time for hyoyeon! that girl needs & deserves so much more love! lol her, sooyoung, and taeyeon are so cute and funny!

    • whoops forgot about seohyun! glad she’s getting some spotlight! haha @ her love for sweet potatoes

  4. omg I didn’t know that hyoyeon was funny.

  5. Taeyeon’s so cute fangirling over Kang Dong won!! LOL

  6. haha yuri so cute when she thinks “to deep” in 2pm’s.. hahah yurii why so serious

  7. i think they just want to marry celebrities..very suitable for them..LOL

  8. You can’t blame this whole Ideal World Cuphing on SNSD or any celeb. It’s always been a segment on Champange or now aka Sweet Night. You may find it boring or annoying, but from its popularity and how long the segment has lasted on the show (even with the show changing its format) and how even other shows try to do this Ideal World Cup thing, you can see how popular it is and how the viewers like it.

    Anyways, Yuri’s face when she saw that G-dragon won over TOP was hilarious. No need to wonder who she picked.

    • Totally agree :]

    • haha omg yuri! yuri was not pleased gd won over top at all.

    • I totlally passed by this article cuz Im not sone so wouldnt be interested but OMG *~* PRECTION BABY TABI
      didnt know was a show ,he look better than gd as kid.already saw babay pic of the guys just saying

  9. ‘cmon Guys…

    just like how fangirls are crazy bout wanting to know their Idol’s ideal type, I think fanboys also want that..

    This is unavoidable.

  10. Wow o.O

  11. Wew. . I really2 don’T care about her ideal type! ! But, i know my fRiend like this. . .

  12. bla bla bla ideal type just stop dancing stuff trying to be cute and just get married

  13. I already watched this earlier. Still freakin surprising to see Taec make it to the final. I thought they would pick one of their fellow SM boys for sure like Minho or Yunho.

    • oh but of course i’m happy taec was chose ❤ rawr hahah

    • not really surprised since if you have worked with certain people for so long they really become like family. I wouldn’t be surprised if the SNSD girls really just see the SM boys as brother figures especially sunny and jessica considering sunny is LSM’s niece and has been around SM many times growing up and Jessica and her very long training period. It also possible that even if they did find the SM boys attractive they wouldn’t admit it at the risk of causing fangirls (especially DBSK fangirls) to attack them for it. They are finally getting passed their past mistakes and are probably careful of their idol image.

  14. siwon and heechul child pics are cute~!!! LOL Maknae loves sweet potatoes.

  15. I agree with them!! Seunghun is HOT.

  16. OMO this is so funny.. they have good taste.

  17. Why do they keep doing this?

  18. if yoona were there LSG would have won lol

  19. same here~!

  20. Again! “Ideal Type”. I’m very boring.

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