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2NE1’s first appearance on MBC Music Core confirmed!

4-member girlgroup 2NE1’s first appearance on MBC Music Core in 9 months since their debut has been confirmed.

Coming 20th February, MBC Music Core will be having their 200th episode special. For that, a variety of performances have been prepared for the show. And amongst them is 2NE1’s first performance on the show.

The truth is that Music Core’s officials have been liasing with 2NE1′ side recently, and on 15th February the girls’ appearance on the show has been confirmed from 2NE1’s side. And it has been said that there is high possibility that the girls will be performing their recent hit ‘Try To Be Like Me‘ on the show.

Meanwhile, formal MCs on the show Big Bang DaeSung and SeungRi will also be appearing on the show. They have been MCs on the show for a long time since last March, even when there was rumoured discord between YG and MBC.

And 2NE1’s appearance on MBC ‘DanBi’ last December was said to be a sign that YG and MBC are reconciling, while YG has insisted that there was no discord between the 2 at all, and they will let their artistes on MBC shows as long as the concept fits its singers.


133 Responses

  1. Keep hating 2NE1 but my girls will always shine.
    The 2nd single and 2NE1 won No.1 for 5 weeks.

    To haters, why are you always compare SNSD with 2NE1? Remember that Genie lost to I Don’t Care.

  2. I miss my girls so so so much!
    I’m happy to see them again.
    A Go Go Go for my CL~Roo!

    And to haters, Try To Copy Me is No.1 on Monkey3 for 1 weef and remember, Try To Copy Me is just a CF song.

    2NE1 Hwaiting!

  3. wtf!!! whats happening to kbites…
    Dumbass Ignorant Retard people are coming over here, oh! yeah probably from allkpopshit and popseoul.
    this is getting worst and people are infecting disease…even their comments are unrelated that causing of fanwars.
    Its Just Ridiculuosly and full of stupidity..I bet you people are just plain Jerks and young one’s
    sorry Sookyeng for my bad words…just can help it to call them that way.

    Suggestion Sookyeong if u have time…please BAN those people here.

    and uhmm haters please Give your life a break…Stupid Idiots!!!

  4. The only thing I know is that everyone is on FIRE because of 2NE1. If there’s a lot of hating, then bring it on–hate it or love it, but everyone seems to talk about 2ne1..they’re just at the front of the kpop scene and they create a buzz wherever they go. If you truly hated 2ne1, you shouldn’t have replied under this article anyway–perhaps you are actually interested in them and expect something awesome out of them?
    When did Blackjacks get this terrible reputation? Well, perhaps it’s because we’re always so defensive of 2ne1 because others bash them, saying, “oh, they’re so ugly, they aren’t as pretty as “[insert no-talent-looks-only girl group name here]” Not all of us care for those who sell themselves out, you know.
    I look forward to their performance—I’ve definitely missed them.

  5. i love 2ne1 haters gonna hate 2ne1 fighting ^^

  6. Oh wow. People are really hating on Blackjacks =]
    Oh yeah, they actually called the BJ’s cocky? Fuck yeah, we are. ’cause we have 2ne1’s talent to back our facts up. What do you have to say now? If you’re actually gonna bash on 2ne1. Bring on some real facts. Compare them to your favorite artists. Let BJ and the haters have a real debate about it. Not just some half words saying “Oh, they suck.” Whoever is hating, We’re sorry that your favorite artist didn’t win #1 because of 2ne1. It’s not their fault, you know? We’re cocky, but at least we’re not the ones acting like a butthurt, jealous anti. Sooorrry >.<

  7. i didnt read any prior posts before posting my take. so excuse me if everything ive said has already been said.

    maybe kbites should be a closed site, meaning only members may post and/or disabled comments all together and host a forum where only members may see.

    if possible, i’d try to help sookyeong acquire her own domain like how coolsmurf alvin helped ahboo do so. that way, we can end this pathetic trolling and spam. im not sure if you even need your own domain though. i know there are free forum hosting sites but idk about well, websites.

    honestly, who gives an ef whether they suck or not. i can make a legitimate argument for how EVERY kpop group i know, and perhaps research ones that i know less of, and claim they either suck or lack an important skill. that means yes, i can argue that your beloved artists suck. but at the same time, i can argue why theyre good too, so dont get mad.

    people are just using an article about 2NE1 performing on MBC as a viable excuse to troll and bash. the article made no references about how talented 2NE1 is. honestly, there are only a handful of idiotic bashers. but like how some hypocrites are, certain 2NE1 fans are way more defensive than some snsd fans like me. anyways, i know supporting your artists is honorable but the trollers are just stupid, they feed off your responses so let them be. even if they bash on 2NE1, in the end, if they dont receive any replies, they would have failed their goal to wreck havoc among hardcore 2NE1 fans and casual fans

    • oh, i wasnt bashing 2NE1 fans in any way. i hope it didnt come off that way. that “2NE1 fans are way more defensive than some snsd fans like me” was merely a sidenote unrelated to my point so please take that statement like a grain of salt.

      im just saying, the trollers are stupid and relentless. feed them responses and they’ll survive. let them starve and they’ll quietly die off, lol. mean choice of words but oh well

      • @anoymouss
        shut up bitch/bastrd how you know all this
        ”like how coolsmurf alvin helped ahboo do so.”
        didnt even know sookyeng whatev name is is a chick dthought it was some guys called sookyeung

      • lol you’re funny.

        i know so because ahboo said so on their site.

        sookyeong has a twitter. sookyeong has a “about me” page.
        need i continue? think before you comment. you’ll just look stupid otherwise.

        but yeah, its just an idea. imuyachan and nulsaranghae can also help. it seems like a great idea on paper but nothing ever works smoothly so who knows

    • @anonymousss
      I love your idea ^^

    • I seriously think Sookyeong and the other mods should monitor the articles. And I agree with your idea. Except the 2NE1 fans are more defensive than SNSD fans. I say, both SNSD and 2NE1 fans are defensive. It just happens that 2NE1 fans here are overly defensive when it comes to the girls, but from other sites, SNSD and 2NE1 both have their fair share of overly defensive fanclubs.

    • Sookyeong, another suggestion.

      You should ban other unnecessary words. No need to monitor daily. Just put all the bad words you could think in the Discussion setting.

      Those who use one of those wouldn’t be able to be read by others.

  8. @ftrir
    its ”buy” not ‘by’ lol

  9. wow. sookyeong should monitor this type of article, really. some people just post something inappropriate and not even related to the article or the group itself. watta bunch of noobs.

    anyways, let them haters hate.
    just like what anonymousss said before on a 2NE1 article: if I could earn a dollar for each and every hate comments on this article, I could probably by a pearl.

    • @VIP4lyf : yeah. I just noticed that. *buy*

      Anyways to add onto this, I just realized when it comes to 2NE1 and SNSD articles here, there are more antis. But still, I can’t wait for this!

    • loool.

      thanks for remembering my silly comment (:

      dang, if it were true, you and i can go out and get some boba right now or something. shit, 5 for you and 5 for me you know, we cant drink it all at once. we’ll die

    • Sookyeong, I’ve got some suggestion.

      It would be good if you ban the word youtube. It would stop the video spamming.

  10. if anyone doesnt like them…then dont even bother watchin them
    jeez no one forcing you to like them
    theres bound to be other artists performing at music core..watch them
    just let the 2ne1 fans enjoy and get excitited
    its been a while since they performed and we miss them
    damn..you haters just gotta ruin everything
    get outta here

  11. Lol haters with so called criticism crack me up . Here something just because you don’t like the song doesn’t make it bad loser your opinon means nothing Korea likes it so oh well. Anyway Im happy 2ne1 is performing can’t wait

  12. i’m so excited for 2ne1’s comeback performance! le’ts celebrate blackjacks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. honestly ‘Try To Be Like Meโ€˜ is BLEH.
    I was really disappointed with their new song.

    • God, totalmente de acuerdo!!!


      • not everyone is a native english speaker.

        i made that same mistake before. i said something like, “please, learn proper english before making a legitimate argument against me”. it was very ignorant of myself since i forgot the fact that kbites is a site that attracts global viewers, meaning people from all across the world and not just america

      • yea, but when no one understands what you’re trying to say, then isn’t it like being somewhat elitist? what if that person was bashing the group in another language and we didn’t know it? then that person gets away with it. you don’t have to use proper english but at least use the international language on an international site. it’s only common sense.

      • if you dont understand it, then it shouldnt offend you.
        if you dont understand it, you wouldnt respond to it and it ends there

      • ah~ touche. you make a good point. it would still irk me though. knowing that they get away with something i’d otherwise call them out on.

        but yea, if they’re trying to make a valid point, they’d try to say it in english anyway, so maybe you’re right.

      • p/s: tried the translator. she said, “God, totally agree!” and i wouldn’t have responded to that kinda comment anyways. lol.

      • lol, good ol` reliable translator. and yeah, what would we have said to it? lol

        “i agree!”
        “well, i dont agree”

        thats pretty much it and what a boring convo that would be ><

  14. what I love about 2ne1 is the variety of their voices, cl and minzy bring the strong, fierce vibe, bom brings the r&b, hiphop vibe, then dara brings the bubbly, sweet pop part.. mixed together, they compliment each other which brings a whole new appeal to their songs..

    so, I aint gonna criticize dara for her voice because her role isn’t meant for the highest parts of the song anyway, however, if she’s a solo artist, then i’ll do the criticizing, and comparing, to other ‘solo’ artists.

    She’s in a group, and the harmony is there. For me, she fits in 2ne1 as well as the other 3 members. ๐Ÿ˜€ peace out!

  15. I’m confused can someone please help me out?
    I know how boygroups have fangirls,but when come to girlgroups…..

    I notice that snsd have fanboys does that mean some of the blackjacks here are guys?….gay

    • errr…. i don’t think so. i think blackjacks are mostly girls cuz 2NE1 promotes a “strong girl” image that women can relate to. they have an image that says, women can be fierce and sassy without any guy trying to make her feel powerless. 2NE1 doesn’t have that “perfect girlfriend” image like other girlgroups have so i don’t think guys are into them that much. so i think blackjacks are mostly girls. i have yet to see a 2NE1 fanboy but i’m sure there are guy blackjacks out there.

      anyways, i think wonderfuls are mostly girls too. maybe sones are the ones with most fanboys? i dunno. but all girlgroups are awesome. just cuz a guy likes them doesn’t mean they’re gay. lol.

    • Erm… majority of 2NE1’s fans are girls and women. ๐Ÿ˜€

      They have more girls supporting them because of their song which most of them wanting girls to be strong. I like that since I’m not the girly type of girl.

  16. Finally some good news. Music shows are becoming boring without 2NE1 or Big Bang.

    And LOL @ all the people who come in 2NE1 news topics just to hate. If you really don’t like the song or the group, then there’s a little x int he right-hand corner. Press on it. Then go find a song that you like and listen to it. Simple as that, simple bitches.

  17. okay lol so there’s 2 videos here, one anti-2NE1 and one anti-SUJU.

    what’s happening to Kbites >_>

    • lol all the haters on AKP found this site instead probably ๐Ÿ˜› since they have that thumb down thing, no one can see their rage, nor care for it, so they come here x(

      atleast thats what i’m guessing :S I love kbites because it is the most unbiased of all blogs. sookyeong and co love pretty much everyone, so it was always happy here ๐Ÿ™‚ but now, its like a breeding ground for antis who think their opinions are always right b/c their opinions.

      sigh. its sad really.

  18. cmom…i am sucker of powerful voices, but i like dara’s voice, her voice may not be as powerful as the other singers but definitely she can sing. sometimes comments are going overboard, which in fact i would say it is understandable since we are dealing with 10, 12, 13 years old kids, i was like that when i was younger, lol..but anyway..excited for the girl’s comeback, try to copy me is not their best song to date but i am looking forward for more dancing and grooving. hopefully bigbang will be there too..let the party begin with YG family!

  19. I’m excited. What’s happening to this site? Lately, a lot of bashing and defending. Anyway, I’m quoting GD, โ€If an online news article about me is released, the first comment is always someone bashing me…Iโ€™m actually thankful in a way. If these people really hated me, they just wouldnโ€™t pay any attention to me at all. I think they keep checking my articles because they still expect something of me in the end. Something along the lines of โ€˜I hate this guy, but I still canโ€™t help being interestedโ€™, maybe. Because of people like that I feel like I have to try even harder.โ€

    • GD is overrated.

      • lol. yeah he is that. talented but overrated. I just like his perspective on anti-fans. it’s very positive.

      • overrated = awesome, then. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yeah but overrated doesn’t mean talentless. uee is overrated but damn her acting is superb. hyuna is overrated but have you seen this girl dance?? srsly, why do ppl think overrated means that you aren’t talented. lolssss….

  20. Man all these articles now adays are full of hater. C’mon people grow up. Read the article, comment your opinion and that’s it. Sheesh!

    Anyways I’m glad 2NE1 is back. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I dont hate dara 1st saw her in Gummymv w/ tabi,

      ^haha thats what i did, was state my opinion and ppl going all butthurt

      • ofcourse there gonna be hurt! there fans what do you expect?!like you, they are also stating opinion!

      • Im done but…
        I’m VIP and I like 2ne1 and their music but even if Im fan I’m going to be truthful its called critcism

      • yeah i think your right! But have you ever heard of constructive criticisms. Try that. : )

      • 2ne1 fans are butthurt…

      • Good that your an VIP. But it would better if you use ,”I expect YG to do better. This is disappointing,” kind of thing. Fans like me, like that since we could talk on how to contribute to the best of 2NE1. Not to bring them down.

      • @parkjae

        and 2PM fans SUCKS BIG TIME!!!
        what do u expect when man wrestling??
        โ€œJo YeongGoo had the membersโ€™ neck and forearm scratched.โ€
        requested for an official apology from a wrestler coz he hurt ur idol in wrestling? hahahahahahahahaha pathetic fans!!!

  21. Oh! so if I say taeyang and the rest of BB are better dancers than TOP(its a fact),I’m jealous of TOP then… Rofl

    Blackjacks where is your logic?
    worst fanclub really

    • Your point is?

      Despite Top isn’t a best dancer, he has his rapping to show off.

      Being in a band doesn’t mean you have to be twins, triplets or something. Grow with your own talent than the other talent you could learn it later.

      We are not born with talent. We learn talent.

      It’s depends on you to make the best of it. And passion too.

    • what??? YOUR argument makes no logic. this here person was comparing dara to another artist outside of 2NE1. so obviously some overly defensive fans would have something to say. if she said the other 3 girls are better than dara, then we can say that dara has her own specialties on stage. she’s not the best singer but she can definitely sing. it’s a different case altogether. lol.

    • Soshi is the worst fanclub. Lol. Same goes for ELF and Cassiopias. Lol.

  22. finally the news i’ve been waiting for. missed these fierce girls so much. can’t wait for the performance. blackjacks rejoicing, haters will be bashing. But 2ne1 will blow them away. 2ne1 nulja!

    • fierce girls? i thought they have ditch that style for cutesy look in the corby CF? where’s the baddest female style?

      • thats a CF. its not going to be their official style. the commercial was meant to be comical, and being cutsey worked better then being badass would have.

        just wait for the performance before you make assumptions that they ditched their fierce style. ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont think YG would allow such a thing.

  23. i hope they have a really catchy dance to it cos i love it. been keeping it on replay the whole week lol

  24. yessss!!!this is what i’m waiting for~2ne1 show them what u got~

    • @sigh
      qouting you”Blackjacks are a new fanclub, and they havent been used to losing or criticism, so when they hear it, they react harshly. Give them time and theyโ€™ll shape up. all fans start off immature, but they grow with time, with the exception of a few people within the fandom.”
      wise~ didnt know all that ,so each fanclub like that even us VIP was that way when BB 1st came out?..


    • I nvr apogize ovr net b4 hehe

  25. you know, songs like this when performed will be GREAT. i knoww it’ll change a handful of you guys’ mind about the song after you see the perf.

    • haha blackjack are crazieass b*tches suckin 2ne1s pussies

    • haters have no life. obviously they show some interest in 2NE1 if they’re gunna keep coming back here and spamming inapproriate things.

      how sad, really.

      but elusive, i totally agree with you. when they came out with Fire, i didnt like it too much but watching them perform it live totally changed my mind. SNSD did the exact same thing with ‘Oh!’ the song itself isn’t that good, but they can carry the performance so well, that it makes up for it. this song wasn’t meant to blow everyone’s minds. its just for a CF.

      I’m sure alot of people will love their performance. the girls can really carry themselves on stage ๐Ÿ™‚

      • @TRAX stfu already you stinking the air
        go back to Trax the hasbeen group

      • @lay: aww why so angry with me? haha, I just stated my opinion.poor kid rofl! look I love DIA. I know your a fan. I just dont want her to be drag into this. peace out ahaha

      • First- Im not jealous at all Dara like 25 im like 16
        Second- Its not like I was dragging Dia into this,Ive heard her mentioned in other articles anyway just saying her vocals are very powerful unlike daras.

        Oh didnt notice vid! thnk mskwonjiyong see proof that daras voice sucks ppl to Akp to PS keep saying

      • why are the comments under mine? xD LOL

        well, i gotta add my 2 cents in.

        @lay, about what you just said about Dia.. that doesnt give you right to bring Dia into this. its just ruining her name amongst ‘blackjacks.’ and yes, her vocals are much more powerful then daras.. but this isnt a place to be comparing. fans are just rejoicing about a comeback. comments like yours are obviously not going to be welcome. i know you are entitled to your opinion, but some opinions will not be taken lightly.

        Blackjacks are a new fanclub, and they havent been used to losing or criticism, so when they hear it, they react harshly. Give them time and they’ll shape up. all fans start off immature, but they grow with time, with the exception of a few people within the fandom. for your sanity, just ignore and keep your words to yourself.. As a blackjack, i apologize for many fans raging, but you should know you had this coming.

      • @lay: yeah but my point is your creating fanwars because of you trying to compare DIA to dara. for me both of them have different talents. dara’s voice may not be strong on your opinion but for her fans, they really like it. by the way i think dara improved a lot when it comes to singing. I’m not a fan of her but I’m a fan of music itself that’s why I’m not bias at all. I like DIA she is AWESOME, but since it’s not her article I didn’t mention her here.

        Girlgroup fighting!

      • @sigh
        qouting you”Blackjacks are a new fanclub, and they havent been used to losing or criticism, so when they hear it, they react harshly. Give them time and theyโ€™ll shape up. all fans start off immature, but they grow with time, with the exception of a few people within the fandom.”
        wise~ didnt know all that ,so each fanclub like that even us VIP was that way when BB 1st came out?


      • @lay,

        Well, tbh, i wasn’t a VIP right away, but i’d assume so. but if you think about it, Idol groups have become the trend in 2009 more then in any other years, so its a real battle between fandoms these days. when BB came out.. i dont know what the situation was, cause i actually got into kpop in mid 2008 sometime, but i’m sure the fans at the time were all ‘there the best!’ kind of attitude. i dont think until BB went up against DBSK that vips really accepted others (just my opinion though). I didnt know DBSK until then and i didnt accept them right away either.. but as time went on i realized theres more out there then just BB. I guess now since 2NE1 is so widely accepted that anything against them is like denying a religion.. well for the newbie fans. just let them learn and grow and hopefully they’ll be able to take criticism.

        but for next time, use a different example when comparing dara. ๐Ÿ˜› using Dia was like ‘wdf?!’ 2NE1s just wanna rejoice with the prospect of a stage coming up, since they’ve been so quite. just let us have our fun ๐Ÿ˜€

      • @sigh Ok sorry..haha(i nvr say that really xP)
        Im girl so have huge bias towards boygroups my boys Bigbang and Suju..I not that into girlgroups but I do like 2ne1 they literally brought fire back to the
        girlgroup scene aside from all the cutesy images other group had they set a new trend w/ their gangsta style,just like BB^^

      • @lay,

        lol its cool ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m not the one you really need to apologize to, but i’m glad you did. it takes alot to apologize and its great to see you doing that ๐Ÿ™‚

        aha i’m a girl too and i also have a huge bias towards BB and DBSK, and i also loved how 2NE1 debuted with such energy that showed that there’s more then being cutsey. I thought it brought back alot of power to girl groups and they gave alot of girls power with their music. i agree, Dara doesn’t have the best voice, but she has the ability to sing. it may not be the best voice but it definetly gives 2NE1 color with their music.

  26. unlike the majority. i like the song and i think its not bad at all pushing aside the fact that the chorus is repetitive. it wasnt supposed to be an urban song it was supposed to be an electronic song for a cf and it sounds exactly like one. and 2ne1 rocks ! ๐Ÿ˜€ cant wait for their mbc stage.

  27. that’s awesome news!! and i love Try To Follow Me, despite the haters. its been number 1 on my replay list. so glad that Daeri are MC-ing too!! if only the hyungs will perform La-la-la with them…that will make my WEEK!!

  28. Lmfao wtf does dia have to do w/ 2NE1? aside from the fact that completely ditched her debut look for Bom’s. But whatever. haters gon’ hate~

    • lol stylists are in charge of dias look shes no wannabe,same as 2ne1s stylists w/ their wack clothes haha

      • If it’s so wack then why does Dia’s stylists wanna copy it? LMFAO.

      • 2ne1’s outfits are ridiculus.

      • Is dia wearing neon tights and crap like 2ne1 no,and I dont see any similarity w/ her and bom’s clothes,just dresses,if it is then its her stylist

      • i like 2ne1’s clothes,unique..

      • lololol. impersonator!! you must hate me so much to use my name and post bad comments to make me look bad. i’m sorry but ppl here know i aint no stupid 2NE1 hater. what a loser. get a life or at least get enough balls to hate using your own username. pathetic.

  29. I’m V.I.P but I like 2ne1 cuz of their fashion and etc.like their clothes in that pic they set trend and outshine from other girlgroups that way and w/ theri style.,and im not even into girlgroup

  30. Wonder what dance they”ll have for the CF song,YG gives those girls special treatment..
    Why cant BB perform halleluyah or their own cf songs..

    • Erm.. which one are you? The good? The bad?

      Sorry… to many duplicate username.

      Yeah.. I do feel like YG paying too much intention on 2NE1. Hey, but I still love them.

      It’s just that I miss BB so much.

  31. They suck too overrated
    Dara ; /at least Dia a better singer
    and didnt YG hate music core but some BB memebers use to MC that show

    • I agree that people give them too much credit but why do you compare Dia to Dara ? She can sing, she just doesn’t have powerful vocals.

    • jelous of dara eh.. lol.. why compare dara with Dia both have different capacities..

    • jealous

      • I could careless what you dummies think^^ cause I’m not,Dia’s the one with true talent,and the 4 others.
        So if you made a opinion against another group youre jealous then?
        retards ; /

      • TO lay: yeah your jealous because as they say jealousy are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves. whaha!

    • don’t think that your standard should be the pedestal to what is good…2ne1 has a lot of fans, it only means there are a lot of people who like them and their music.

    • lol.. why should you be jealous of dara.. I dont know maybe you should ask your self.. its pretty obvious.. look every one here notices how much jealous you are..

      PS: not all people who says your jealous is a fan of dara.. it’s just that your pretty obvious.. lol

    • hey stop it with that.

      In each group, there’s always a “weak singer”.
      I’m not bashing anyone. but always having the same thing to say against 2NE1 is stupid.

      “why 2ne1 fans so stupid and cocky”

      well, Jen wasn’t stupid or cocky at all.
      Do you think you’re better?

      seriously, lol what’s up with Dia? yup, she’s a great singer. but don’t compare her.

    • mmm … why are you using the same username as mine? and leaving such rude comments at that. i hope you’re not doing this intentionally.

    • I’m sorry, but the comments you got weren’t “stupid and cocky”, in fact, your’s was. They asked you NOT to compare Dia and Dara, because they KNOW that Dara and Dia have different talents and skills. They didn’t say “DIA SUCKSSS. DARA IS THE BEST”. That would’ve been a cocky fan. They just asked you to not compare.

    • YG don’t hate M. Core. He just doesn’t want his artists to perform there because of its bad sound system.

      Yes, Dia is a talented singer. For her to be underated is not an excuse for you to blame others who overrated.

      Give her some time. She just debuted. And young too. She still has plenty of time to be recognized for the talent that you can see from her.

      Rather than saying bad things about others, you should use your time to promote Dia? By making this comment, you have just made Dia’s fan not it a good light with the other fans.

  32. the song is bleh… but yeah for the performance

  33. Best news today ever. Well for me, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t care which song they will perform, I don’t care if this is only a special perf, I’m just glad that YGE and MBC were able to sort things out. I mean, I hope this good start continues on — I sure wouldn’t mind seeing 2ne1 in all music shows possible once they have their real comeback!

  34. ughh sorry but โ€˜Try To Be Like Meโ€˜ Sucks :/

    • doesn’t matter–i just missed them and now we can see them again.

    • Totally agree! I was expecting something awesome.
      lollipop is way better than this new song.

    • Whatever.. That’s ur opinion..

      However, we love it damn so much!!!

      BLACKJACKS REJOICE!!! *not trying to be haughty though just spazzing right now* ^^

  35. Hooray! FINALLY! I get to see them perform again!

    *showers confetti!*

  36. *DaeRi

  37. Why just Dari?
    what about tabi

  38. Why just DaeRi?
    What about Tabi

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