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2PM fans unhappy with Jo YeongGoo for “deliberately injuring the 2PM members”?

Broadcast personality Jo YeongGoo has been subjected to verbal abuse for injuring the 2PM members.

Jo YeongGoo was on MBC ‘Star Titans – God of Wrestling’ aired on 13th February when he defeated members JunHo and ChanSung of 2PM, who were both of smaller size than me. But it was pointed out that the 2PM members were injured in the process.

After the show was aired, fans did screenshot caps of the show as evidence and commented, “Jo YeongGoo had the members’ neck and forearm scratched.” But a majority of the TV viewers’ stand on it was, “But the injuries were caused because he was trying his best on the show.”

But despite that, many fans are unhappy about it and verbal abuses against Jo YeongGoo were posted on online bulletin boards, and many fans also requested for an official apology from Jo YeongGoo.

Meanwhile, on the show, 2AM SeulOng emerged as the ultimate winner of the wrestling games.

S: SportsChoSun

What’s your take on this? Over-reaction or not?

50 Responses

  1. they’re guys…they’re suppose to be rough…plus its frekkin wrestling… but…ouch seeing those scratches…

  2. Some 2PM fans just need to stop whining, They are suppose to Beast. A little scratch here and there isn’t going to kill them. I’m a big fan of them too, stop trying to make them look like little panzie.

  3. HELLO!!! chanchan does taekwondo! i doubt a few scratches is the worst he’s ever gotten in a fight. good god!! they’re MEN!!! fangirls don’t be whiny mkay? they were even SMILING in those photos.

    wrestling doesn’t mean scratching? yea. but when you have aggressive bodily contact like that, some scratches are bound to happen! oh god! they’re the beastly idols right? so let them be beastly! or is your definition of beastly limited to ripping your clothes off on stage and that’s it? gosh.

    and to answer the question, YES, i think they’re overreacting, if that wasn’t apparent enough in my reply. lol.

  4. let boys be boys. i dont think its such a big deal. its guys nature to rough house a little. its not as if they’re bleeding either.


  6. Nest time play bridge instead or ping pong

  7. What kind of wrestling is this?! Isn’t wrestling suppose to be like trying to take you down or something, have u guys even watch wrestling, they don’t scratch each other. Thats even a rule, its suppose to be foul. The wrestling is probably not professional stuff.

  8. O.o That’s the first time I noticed scratches

  9. seriously? 2pm are men, not boys. these scratches are nothing to them. leave the poor man alone LOL

  10. soo wrong

  11. loooool

    OBVIOUSLY those 2pm fans who are unhappy with jo yeonggoo are girls. i highly, highly doubt guys would make a fuss over this. (besides the point though).

    but i honestly think the fans are overreacting. the 2pm boys themselves are not wimps. theyre young adults. if anything, the only remark they have with the bruises are “check out my batter scar!”

  12. well its not that bad, its not like bleeding or anytihng

  13. 2pm fans are being pathetic!!! did they expect hugs and kisses on the wrestling match? NOT! It’s wrestling. Getting a scratch is nothing! LOL

  14. come on guyz! its wrestling. hottests should be reasonable. they r bound to get scratches in a wrestling match

  15. put your idols in glass cases!

  16. it was expected that 2PM would get hurt..i mean it’s wresting. i feel so bad for jo young goo though..i don’t think he was purposely trying to hurt them D: 2pm fans overreact way too much.

  17. Quit your bitching and treat your “beastly” idols as “Beasts” not Bitches. Scratches here n there arent gonna do shit. JYP already had them getting punched in the face by the national boxing representative for HotBlood this isnt shit and if it is like the trainers said give the title of beastly idol to 2am and cry 2pm another river.

  18. I’m not even a huge fan of 2PM and i think this was too much. :l it looks painful x.x to be scratched that hard.

    and of course they’re idols and they have to take care of their body. :l

    I would definitely be angry if someone scratched me up if I were a popular idol. It’s just a game, yo! Relax.

  19. to tell you the truth hottests are really starting to bug me.well not all of them but those who demand an apology for small things,hating on other celebs just because they touched their precious 2pm. god calm down people.

  20. wow…this show how much the fans loves 2pm…^^

  21. I don’t hear junho and chansug complaining, so why should they? These fans – not all – are trying so hard to play as the voices of the members that they turn into overreacting, immature and scary people. My point here is: POOR MC, I’m sure he didn’t mean it. 2PM ❤

  22. one thing for sure knetizen are scary…and why does they have so much power small stuff like this…everything they do, got make into the news..i’m sure they are more important things for the reporters to cover than these sort of stuff…no wonder small things are make into big things..

    …and how come there’re only picture of 2pm boys what about the other guy, i’m sure he’s injured too

  23. Well, I just don’t understand over-reacted HOTTEST even though I’m a HOTTEST myself. It’s a sport..you are bound to get hurt sometimes…Duh, i guess, for most of Hottest, sportsmanship (which sometimes leads to fierce competition) does not apply to their idol?

    I feel embarrassed for those over-reacted HOTTEST…

  24. It looks bad but seriously its wrestling.. what do you expect in that sort of game.
    I dont think he did it deliberately, Just that he got so into the game he just went for it. like anybody would do. right?
    Some fans need to calm down and realise its only a game yes theres scratches not a matter of life and death, they will be gone in few days. 🙂

  25. It’s just scratches, it isn’t anything big! I am a big fan of 2PM, but I think they handle the scratches much better than the fans.
    They’re big boys, probably been worse hurt than this.

  26. I don’t think it was intentional…
    I mean if it were the other way around I bet no one wud notice..
    So yeah I think it’s juz fans overreacting..

  27. lol he’s a guy… He’s not made of sugar. But yeah, I understand why fans are reacting like this. Well, they are fans. I would be like that too if that would be my idol being “injured”. Hope fans don’t go kill that guy though…

  28. it’s the boys choice if they still want to continue the fight..
    the game ended so i guess it’s ok for them to get minor injuries..
    the scratches was unconsciously done, the guy knows that 2pm boys are strong so he used force without knowing that it would lead to scratches…
    i’m a fan of 2pm but bashing the guy because of this incident is a big “no”…it’s a wrestling game, 2pm knows that it will physically hurt them, but they still go on..
    i’m pretty sure that they apologized to each other behind cam..

  29. it’s normal. it scrapes of the manliness of the game when there is no damages. lol netizens so shallow.

  30. i hate it when people keep on saying something bad about the supposed to be obvious.

    it’s a wrestling game, of course they’ll be injured somehow.

    “crazy” fans should know when to say something bad.

  31. well, I think ‘trying his best’ doesn’t mean to hurt/scratch other people like he did. …it was too overdone.

  32. that’s the reason why I don’t like wrestling haha

    BUT the fans are again too much, it’s normal.
    plus 2PM members are not kids anymore.
    it’s kind of embarassing.

    I am Hottest~ 🙂

  33. this is a WRESTLING game, what do they expect ? *rolls eyes*
    asking for an apology ??? are you serious …?

  34. I hope people don’t think that all 2PM fans are like this! I am a huge 2PM fan and I feel bad that Junho & Chansung got these injuries but I’m not gonna go bash the guy they wrestled with (although he could’ve been more careful). Unless Junho & Chansung were seriously injured, there is no reason to make a big deal out of it.

  35. First, yeah

  36. I think it’s just normal to get injured in that kind of game. 😐 :/

    • lol exactly some fans are just too much.. hello its Wrestling so as u said in these types of games its normal that in the end someone will get injured

      • wrestling doesn’t mean scratching.

        ….honestly, I’m a huge fan of 2PM. but that’s not the reason of my point of view.
        I would definitely not change my mind even if other people/celebs would injured instead of the members (2PM).

      • *I mean ‘opinion’ instead of ‘point of view’. sorry.

      • @liinhy I get ur point but wrestling is a violent game so when people play it they naturally get aggressive and vicious beside it not like the MC scratched them in purpose he just wanted to win and the whole thing to me is stupid and I don’t think he should apologize b/c it’s not even worth it

      • and yeah if it was the other way round I assure u nobody would have even carried or spoke about it

      • *cared*

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