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Park GyuRi’s mother, “Goddess daughter would hide ramyun and eat it secretly”

KARA Park GyuRi’s mother exposes her daughter’s habit of eating ramyun.

GyuRi was on KBS 2TV lunar new year special ‘Big Star Family’ aired on 15th February with her mother Park SoHyun. And during the speed quiz on the show, the word ‘ramyun’ appeared and Gyuri revealed, “I will hide and eat it secretly.”

With that her mother said, “GyuRi had that ‘goddess’ habits with her since she was young. But because she really like ramyun she will eat it secretly and was caught by me” which had many of the guest appearances laughing.

Meanwhile, on the show, the mother-daughter pair did a funny parody performance called ‘Mother human rights committee’.


8 Responses

  1. I need to see her father to be sure! 😛

  2. aww.. she’s beautiful!^^

  3. She doesnt look half a goddess to me.

  4. that’s what gyuri will look like when she gets older. ^^

    i’ve always wondered if she’s half.

    • actually, yeah…Gyuri looks mixed blood.
      She has that Latina feel to her. At least that’s what I think.

      • You realize that since most latinas are mixed of native american heritage (who originally came from asia), that it is the Latinas who are look like mixed asian – not the other way around.

    • She’s not. both of her parents came out on TV before. Her mother, as you see here, is pure korean. her father too. He used to be a vp of the korea’s army broadcasting.

      although, yeah, i agree, she does look mixed.

  5. they have similar smile… so pretty

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