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8 male idols from 2PM, 2AM, C.N Blue and MBLAQ to be MCs on Mnet M!Countdown

2PM Nich Khun, JunHo, ChanSung, 2AM Jo Kwon, Jung JinWoon, C.N Blue Kang MinHyuk, MBLAQ Lee Joon and G.O will be the new MCs on Mnet M!Countdown.

According to Mnet on 16th February, the 8 members will grouped in groups of 3~4 members to MC M!Countdown set to air every Thursday from 18th February. This is different than the usual arrangement of 1~2 fixed MCs on shows.

The CP said, “The 8 members are some of the representative HOT star icon representatives of Korea. They are chosen as MCs as we felt that they will be able to relay Korea’s music and trends as the advocates of our global music show.”

“M!Countdown will bring unique and experiental performances on its shows every week. And hence the MCs of the show also play an important part to that. So we have chose MCs who will match the concept of performances to MC for that episode.”

Meanwhile, the 8 members have been given the name of MCD Guyz.

S: StarNews

15 Responses

  1. minhyukkkkk!!!! ❤

  2. guys with eyeliners these days are just soo hot!

  3. MINHYUK !? Whoa ^^ . He doesnt really like to talk much so i’m anticipating his mcing (:

  4. EXCITING!! i hope M!countdown got better Audio system this year ^___^

  5. no girls at all? -_-
    i would’ve liked to see an after school member or a secret member thrown in the mix. (i would say 2ne1 but they’re never on tv)

    well w/e m countdown is a good show so im excited for it to come back

  6. Omg I love them all !!!!!! (:

  7. most of them are my favorite idols!!!!
    jinwoon, jo kwon, minhyuk, chansung, cant waittt!!!

  8. go min hyuk! i’m so excited to see him!

    • yeah! d most anticipated from all of them since MinHyuk is so new…juz love dis boy!!! ^_____________^
      Hope they’ll pair up Joon, JinWoon & MinHyuk once…^^

  9. wow minhyuk looks so hot!! like a manga character

  10. unfortunately junsu didn’t join…
    and actually i wanna see Jonghyun from C.N BLUE
    anyway..can’t wait to watch them on Thursday =D

  11. oppa hwaiting

  12. Jo Kwon is everywhere i love him but if his in every show maybe some people well get sick of him JYP need to limit some of his activities.

  13. Khun looks soo badass! hahaha pretty interesting to see a rotation of HOT MCs.. Can’t wait for mcd!

  14. YIPPEE! Minhyuk looks super hot in the pic! I am so glad all my newer fave boybands are part of the hosting team! YAY!

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