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Angry netizens on new WGM couple, “We object to this marriage!”

Amidst news that So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa have been confirmed as a new couple on MBC We Got Married 2, many netizens also raised their voices about it.

Some netizens linked it to incidents of C.N Blue’s recent plagiarism accusations and manager’s violent behaviour to fans, “Too much noise and news about Jung YongHwa”, “He should just have stopped at drama” etc.

And about SeoHyun’s appearance on the show, “She just recently graduated from high school, isn’t it wrong for a teenager to be involved such a program on marriage?”, “Even though SeoHyun is good, but I don’t think she is cut out for variety shows” etc.

Also previously on a variety show, SeoHyun revealed that “Sweet potatoes are better than men” showing no interests in men. With that many netizens’ stand is, “I object to this marriage”, “Rather, get a sweet potato on the show” etc.

There also netizens who are worried that SeoHyun’s appearance on the show may also hurt her image as even before the show is aired, there is so much negativity against this new couple.


PS Let’s not get so worked up like the Korean netizens, shall we?

110 Responses

  1. i object too..yonghwa is not the right guy for her..yonghwa is like a happy-go-lucky guy thing and seohyun is such a serious person bcoz she’s matured and still studying..
    but when it comes to pairings..i would go for SeoKyu!!!
    now i know the feelings of the parents when their daughter is getting married..hehe ^^
    well, if seohyun is happy..then go.. ^^

  2. idc what the netizens think!! i’m really excited to watch this

  3. i like yonghwa and i like seohyun to0..but seohyun being in wgm is like too early??i mean…she’s still young..even when taeyeon was on the show i thought she was too young to get married..

  4. i want the leaders for WGM, Taeyeon & him

  5. that why seohyun need to be in this..it will teach her about men…maybe sometimes men does’nt seems important to her,but she will have a man one day…a man is a important companian,friend for our life especially to woman

  6. butt hurt fans..


  8. i don’t get why people keeps on saying she is young she is already 18 and will turn 19 this year.. and keeps on using that she just graduated highschool as an excuse.. well its because in korea you graduate highschool at 18.. in our country your already in second yr college when your 18 because you graduate highschool by the age of 16. and you will graduate college when your 20. people gets married at 20, 20+ etc. what so big deal about that. what you want get married at 45? you won’t have babies by then since you can’t get pregnant anymore..

    and looking forward for this coz i want to see the different side of seohyun

  9. aigoo the netizens are at it again. i was actually anticipating this couple as i do think they look kinda cute together. and seohyun needs more screen time and this show would allow us to see the other sides of her cos i thin she is often overshadowed by the other snsd members. so yeah. i say onward for the yonghwa-seohyun pairing!!!

  10. people who say seohyun is boring clearly dont know anything about her!

  11. just married to jinwoon!

  12. In a way , I really don’t want Yonghwa to be in this. Rather they should have the maknae in their group in it. Minhyuk and Jungshin hardly say anything in radio shows, they don’t get the camera much and plus, YH already co-starred in a drama .
    P: I also prefer Seohyun and Kyu > w <

    • Well, who would want Yonghwa to be in this? True enough, other members should get more spotlight. Yet such things like popularity wave exists. The spotlight is now on Yonghwa and it will change slowly towards time. We’ll just have to wait (:

  13. its not like i disagree but i think shes a bit young to get married?

  14. This yonghwa guy definitely needs Seohyun to boost up his popularity and publicity. His company plagiarized and jacked someone else’s song and album name, so why not just pair him up with a SNSD member? lol.

  15. But… this couple is so uninteresting. Yong Hwa expressed that he likes SNSD Tiffany – why would they give him Seo Hyun?

    I also think Seo Hyun isn’t cut out for variety shows. And preferring sweet potatoes over men? How is her “husband” supposed to feel about that?

  16. I can’t see this >_<. This kind of pairing just … doesn't seem to have a lot of chemistry together.


    Lol, well I can see her being incredibly awkwarddddddd with the dude.

    This will be "Interesting to watch" just to see what happens but only for a couple of episodes. Don't think this pairing is suited for a long lifespan =X

    • Long life span? Haha. There had been no one who REALLY succeed from this virtual marriage. Let’s just have fun and watch it. Anyway.. the both of them seem very quiet and shy.. but believe me, these kind of people actually do have interesting facts.


  18. Wouldn’t it be funny if she had a hard time calling him oppa and resulted in calling him sweet potato instead? That would be a great laugh! I really want this couple to go through. Screw the netizens. Yong Hwa = Hyun Joong 2. He was everywhere too. It’s not his fault CN Blue are having so much controversies. Plus Seohyun has her really epic times.

    “If you eat that, it will accumulate in your arteries and you will die!”

    “HEH HEH what they don’t know is, I got wasabi.”

    “Seohyun, what are you listening to?”
    “Keroro Soundtrack..”
    “You’re 18 and you’re still watching cartoons!?”
    “I don’t watch cartoons anymore! I’m just listening to it to reminisce!”

    “Did you know that even though you’re the MAGNAE YOU’RE SCARY!? Whenever I pick up a hamburger you look and me and keep saying I’m going DIE EARLY if I eat it! LET’S SEE HOW LONG YOU LIVE!”

    You guys should seriously watch some of the variety shows they’re on. It’s hilarious.

    Seohyun, and Hyoyeon needs some more solo activities too.

    • haha ❀
      yonghwa will prob give sweet potatoes to her instead of flowers and other gifts xD

    • wow, the “even if you’re the magnae your scary” part sounded like something you would say to kyuhyun if you’re one of his suju hyungs…..X D….

      But anyways, as much as I’d support seokyu, I still like seohyun and I’m ok with the whole yongseo pairing…

  19. hahaha i’m kinda curious as to how seobaby will be in the show so i’m waiting for it.. Kyuhun or Yoona is probably cying in the washroom because of this news..
    seobaby prolly already packed up all her seroro items and a bag of sweet potatos so when she gets annoyed at the guy she’ll lock herself in her room and have a keroro marathon while eating sweet potatoes..

  20. Why can’t they get Jessica or Tiffany or any other snsd member? I’m sorry but Seohyun always look awkward on the camera. Specially when she play the sexy or mature part. SM always puts her sexy dancing with members and she always looking awkward. I also object to this marriage.

    • it’s just that it is already time for her to be in the limelight.

      i think the other members (except for Hyoyeon) had too much popularity already.

  21. well I’m willing to give them a shot, maybe it might work out and maybe not.

    At worst it could be akward and boring and viewers will let the PDs know and they will get less air time like the other couple. I remember Taeyon WGM eps, the poor guy wasnt maried to tae he was married to SNSD, I hope the same thing doesnt happen to this guy.

    Then again I rather see Yuri on WGM πŸ™‚

  22. Seohyun is always so quiet~ I want to see her more on variety shows~~~

    But not sure whether I’m a fan of her pairing with CNBlue… + so many negative news about them recently…

    Anyway, hope the guy can do a good job and brings out the cuteness of Seohyun!

  23. i’m looking forward to this coupling..i don’t give a crap about the netizens rofl…they’re both oddballs when they’re with the members so it’ll be interesting to see how they interact act like..haha

  24. i do agree that seohyun is kinda young to be on there…she dun really like guys does she? poor yonghwa lol

  25. for the first time i’m with the netizens ,,

  26. It’s not fair to judge. Yonghwa is actually very noisy and loud with his members. He’s just quiet with ppl he doesn’t kno. And I’m sure seohyun has an interest in boys. It’s just her image not to have an interest. But they shouldn’t judge until they watched a couple of episodes. I’ll be watching to see how this goes.

  27. i’m object to this fake marriage… i think they don’t have chemistry…

  28. the netizens are crazy seriously… first of all, it’s a fake marriage! and second who are they to tell them what they should do!!

  29. if you guys remember Joon said that Yonghwa is wilder than Mir. So you can’t expect him to be quiet. XP

    Well I don’t like the fact that Yonghwa joins WGM. I thought he said that he will focus on music. I don’t want CNBlue turns into idol band. And also, the other members need exposure too. CNBlue is not Yonghwa and the boys… or Yonghwa and the band. It’s sad that CNBlue’s popularity depends just on the leader.

  30. sorry…i support this couple..seohwa aja2 fighting!!!















  32. they seem like the people who are too concerned about their image and how to act in front of cameras. i always thought seohyun was pretty and talented, but on variety shows, she never seemed to belong. so hopefully this changes all that, but i doubt it.

    honestly though, this might be snsd’s and sme’s mission to get seohyun’s awareness about guys up as they are worried about her not being interested at all, which could very much be the premise of the show: arranged marriage where the girl is immune to the guy’s charms.

  33. I know this is random, but I would totally love seohyun-jinwoon pairing! ;p if it’s with kyuhyun (no offense, I’m not an anti, I’m a super junior fan!) it’ll be too quiet since they’re both shy.. Well we’ll just see if this pairing works after the episodes air πŸ™‚

  34. I think Yonghwa will be TOO careful with her to be “convincing” and Seohyun I don’t know she may be too quiet. Yonghwa seems quiet too but I think he should be a nice gentlemen guy for her. It’ll be interesting to see, I don’t know why people are kicking a fuss over this. It’s image..and do you think Seohyun is really that innocent as what others may think?? I don’t think so..maybe she’s too young but some girls prolly already got married at her age..lol.

    And fanguys need to get a grip, it’s not like they own this girl. Haha..they won’t even freaking stand a chance, those ppl.

  35. I don’t disagree them, it’s just I feel Seohyun is way too young to be in a ‘fake marriage’ show. She’s just–what–19? ‘fake dating’ like Mnet Scandal might be still acceptable, but marriage?

    Sometimes I just don’t understand the public who ‘force’ adult celebs to act ‘aegyo’ and now ask a 19 years old teenager to do a fake marriage show *shrugs*

    • mnet scandal is far more scandalous..have you seen ft island jonghun episode?oh god, too much skinship at one time though i like the couple..
      wgm is like really tame and nothing major skinship ever happen..

  36. suprised to know that seohyun will be on wgm.. the least expected snsd member to be on variety show…

    will watch wgm bcoz of yonghwa… πŸ˜€

  37. lol….i think i will likes this couple….netizens just overreacted…they always do…lalala~

  38. i like yonghwa and it’s not that i dont like seohyun, but i’m not ready for the spotlight to be taken away from jo kwon-gain couple

    • true that!!! adam couple ftw!!!! πŸ™‚

      although the yonghwa-seohyun couple seems awkward, let’s just see how it turns out.. this is kinda interesting.


  39. they would make such a good-looking couple..
    yonghwa look like a guy that can look after and protect seohyun well..
    just watch the pilot episode first before complaining..
    it’s not like they are really married and will do anything indecent on the show..
    i think netizen are more afraid that something else would blossom from their fake marriage..maybe real romance and skinship?
    they are not young anymore and it’s a good thing that they can learn about relationship..
    20 and 22 years old is not too young..lots of people even get married for real at this age..

    • LOL..this look like my comment regarding this issue on allkpop..i’m having a deja vu..^^
      i’m not mad you’re copying my comment btw..

  40. if they dont like it dont watch it
    i really hope they wont cancel their part just cause of netizens
    like, at least watch the first episode and see how things go
    i think the couple will be awkwardly cute
    i really cant wait for their cut

  41. Yong Hwa TT….andwae!
    I dont care when many female idols attracted to him in most variety shows he in
    but why he joins WGM???
    totally breaks my heart TT


    ok..it’s time for me to let him go :p

  42. i’m against dis but watever deyr already der so jst support them!and also if dey put new couple dey shld at least extend WGM!i don’t want my babies to show less airtime!i’m sorry but idk dat guy i love seohyun!she’s adorable but i’m pretty sure deyr gonna be like soo awkward cuz of maknae’s point of view about men kekekeke….well i dnt really care jst want to see gakwon!

  43. she’s way too young. but hey. i’m a watch it anyways.

  44. lol snsd members wont last long. taeyeon did a bad job the other time already.

  45. i think it’s rather lame for them to ruin the the idols image? its their own ppl afterall. @@” just wait until u see how they are on the screen? then u voice out what u wanna say? its too impulsive for them to do this too early as the idols might have started with very good mood & feelings. then after tt they see how the netizens react to the hard work they paid off, isn’t it sad for them? ~.~

  46. ‘hurt her image’?
    they make snsd seem like angels.. i mean yeah she’s young, but get over it, she will grow up.
    and seriously, this whole issue abt cnblue, its not the artistes’ fault at all!

  47. I actually think this couple will be boring? Idk…SeoHyun just looks plain to me. But I hope YongHwa can make her open up herself to him! I’m sure he will πŸ˜‰

  48. ey, kinda weird if they complaint about this young about-to-be couple. Korean release quite a bunch of drama about young marriage, I mean like teenagers getting married so on so forth. ok, maybe because the artists playing the roles are not that young.

    anyway, WGM is just a make belief show, maybe that can be a good remedy to cure SeoHyun obsession over sweet potatoes kekekeke and the other 8 members wouldn’t be too worried if she would ever like a guy.

    somehow this is gonna be interesting.

  49. It’s just a show. Gosh netizens are plain stupid. They should give them a try. Of course they’ll be awkward at first. But that’s all the fun, right ? πŸ™‚ I can’t wait.

  50. not against it,
    i love the maknae cept she doesnt seem that interesting to watch on variety because she’s so composed lol, but who knows we’ll all just hafta wait and see

  51. no matter what the netizens or ppl said. just wait, sit, and watch. u’ll see the result. ;p

  52. well, hwaiting for Yonghwa & Seohyun ! I will watch your WGM ^^ I promise~

  53. NETIZENS ARE PLAIN LAME! its for the sake of entertainment! WHO HATES WATCHING GAIN AND KWON?! its the same with these two, maybe they’ll be more fun than kwon and gain WHO KNOW?! ITS FOR ENTERTAINMENT!

  54. I WANT THEM!

  55. i wanna see her in the show..i wanna see how she will react with his partner knowing that she doesn’t like men..

  56. With all these comments about them as a couple makes me want to watch it.. out of curiousity… What the netizens have said i’m somewhat agree but it makes me want to watch it. I guess that’s the hidden agenda behind all the commotion,no?

    It’s not about you agree or disagree. it’s about to watch or not to watch. This commotion causes awareness and public n media attention which is what the MBC WGM needed.

    I’m sad since both of them are younger than me, n they’re going to get married (not real). I want Seohyun to still be the sweet innocent maknae. oh well… i’m going to watch it anyway since im hooked with Gain n jokwon already πŸ™‚

  57. I think it is a news exagerating … i don’t know but i thought it was funny that it was seohyun but not to the extent.
    and yonghwa is not at fault because of his company deeds… any way they already filmed an episode and i hope it is going to see the light.

  58. I OBJECT!!!

  59. I’ll just let them speak what’s in their mind….
    I don’t care…
    I’m anticipating this couple ^^

  60. hahahaha. netizens.. as always.
    i support Seo baby.
    come on, she need more love experiences for her life, rite?

    actually, i really want her to have a real lover now, even if a bad love experience, it stil will help her singing.

    for me, Seohyun has the most potentiality in the group. She’s beautiful, she can dance well, and her vocal is good. but she lacks emotion while singing love song.

    Love experience is what she need now.

  61. it’ll be interesting to see how seohyun’s gonna cope with “married” life πŸ˜€
    i hope this helps with her interest in men.
    but i’ll love to see this girl eating all her sweet potatoes while yonghwa fight the sweet potato for her attention! πŸ˜€

    i wonder if she really accepted the offer to be on wgm.. hmmm…

  62. I am not that… surprised. It’s Seohyunnnnn =/ She’s the epitome of … innocence. ROFL

    I can imagine all the other 8 SNSD girls with other guys but it’s Seohyunnnnnn. XD

    I’m not totally against this though. I’d be okay if it pushes through. But it just sucks that maknae had no choice in this. (I’m not entirely sure in this part. But I’ve been hearing that they had to resort to this because SNSD still is tied down to their contract with MBC since Taeyeon wasn’t able to fulfill it and their other shows with MBC well… flopped.)

    Seohyun is older than me, but it feels like I’m sending my own kid off for marriage. -laughs-

    Good luck to Yong-hwa. Hahaha

  63. I meant Two! Haha πŸ˜›

  64. Oops I mean with Kyuhyun

  65. I’m just worried about the awkwardness between this too 😦

  66. ah, they just say like that but if it aired, they will watch it, watch it and watch it . . . hahaha~ Well, they are JUNE COUPLE, hehehe~ jjang !!! ^^

  67. Agree. I mean, I agree with you. The fact that this is being exxagerated again really doesn’t bother me much. What, the plagiarizing issue is an issue of a whole and not as inidividuals, so Yonghwa has actually got nothing to do with that. And.. oh well. Seohyun may not like men and prefer sweet potatoes, but opinions and views could change through this show right? Besides.. she has approved! So who are we to judge? πŸ˜€

    I am actually very much looking forward to this couple. Hope they would make it good! XD

  68. ok those comments about yonghwa are too mean. he seems like a nice guy. besides even if seobaby likes sweet potatoes better she agreed to this and i think it would be sweet and maybe help her like guys more. its just an innocent show for entertainment. i for one would like to see it.

  69. I kinda agree with netizen, she is too young for this. This show doesn’t suit her image at all
    And beside I prefer her with Seohyun

  70. seohyun is like boring to watch.

  71. me too… i really don’t care whether netizen says about CN Blue… to be seeing Yonghwa and Seohyun joining WGM family is really good..

  72. thanks for this info dear! kekeke

  73. i think it’d be cute ^^ just enjoy the show netizens!

  74. seriously.. i’m waiting for this couple^^

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