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GDragon’s limited edition LV sneakers from a fan garners attention

A present given to GDragon by a fan has attracted many netizens’ attention lately.

Currently the photos of a pair of Louis Vuitton limited edition sneakers given by a fan to GDragon to congratulate him on his successful solo debut are circulating rapidly online and attracting many netizens’ attention.

The photos were originally posted up on GDragon’s fan site GDRH and was recently posted up on various online discussion sites. According to the fans, this pair of sneakers is not available at the regular stores and is only available at specific stores selling the LV shoes.

In addition, the shoes are only available to VIP customers at the specific stores. Hence many are surprised at the unique gift that GDragon has received from his fans.

Netizens said, “It is hard to be a fan without capabilities”, “This is a good present, which suits GDragon’s fashion sense” etc.

S: TVDaily

70 Responses

  1. wow i want to be famous too, to have fans, and the same sneakers haha
    amazing, VIPs are really rich!

  2. What I don’t under stand is that he already has this pair already.

    He was wearing them all last summer.

  3. wow… i wonder if that fan used her/his own money … from his/her savings.

  4. wow! a fan gave him an LV??
    that fan is super rich!

  5. WTH!!!

  6. those are the kanye west limited edition LV’s. love the pink on it.deff suits him

  7. whoever gave the gift probably wants to get humped by GD too.


  8. LOL. like one of my friends said. this is old news and if any old news should be brought up it should be the news about the INTERNATIONAL fans from YGBB.net who bought BIG BANG stars around the BIG dipper! ^^

  9. LOL now VIPz its time you guys spend ur money on TOP! LOL he likes toys! u guys should buy him some hahaha ^___^
    im a proud VIP!
    (not officially..who paid for their membership whatsoever)
    but damnn i would rather spend that on myself! or a ticket to go to korea instead 😛

    • JVIPs bought a Valentine Be@rbrick for Top
      they gave it at the ELT tour
      It cost more than $400USD

  10. man.. I would’ve just sold it… lol but knowing GD he kept it. He wore it on 2ne1tv in the recording studio.. or was it GDtv lol i forgot…

  11. i would love to give GD something really nice and which will suit him too. but i dun have the ability to do so haha. shall just support him and buy all the albums. you go VIPs!!

  12. Yeah, GD&H. Wow Netizens are major slow, this is atleast 5 months old.

  13. it’s not GDRH, it’s GD&H

  14. WOW..nice fans ^^

  15. wow… really expensive sneakers…

  16. WOW!!!

  17. hahaha… hi got 2 pairs of the same shoes now…


  18. Dope. GD must be so happy.

  19. gawd it pays to be GD!! I want one too but would probably have to wait for a decade more!!!! But this is quite old news right.. i’ve seen him wearing it for ygtv.. and teddy wants one too right!!

  20. i love those shoes.. VIPs sure are rich…

  21. i would love to get my hands on those shoes..but i’m not as rich as these ppl T___T i can only wish and maybe steal them off GDragon if i ever see him wearing them (in my dreams since i doubt i’d ever even see him in real life)~

  22. fanservice in honor and all but that fan could have as well donated the money to charity in his name. seriously, if I were GD that would make me more happy.

    • which insane person would not be happy to have received such an awesome gift!! this must be one insane fan-loving!!

    • Yeah do that with your own money. How would you know this fan hasn’t or has already donated to charity. BB has run donations drive before, even YG has a charity sector BB regularly promotes. The merchandise we as fan buy contribute to charity, as a portion if the money earned are given to charity by YG.

      • I’ll just assume you as a new fan,I won’t call you anti/haters,his fans did a donation to a charity under his name on his birthday last year,you can find the article at allkpop,and it’s not wrong to give someone an expensive present if you can afford it.

    • it’s their own money anyway, so it’s up to them how they want to spend it. aside from donating on GD’s birthday to charity, I believe during his solo concert (?), they also donated money to the WITH campaign. I remember seeing GD’s pic holding their donations. so yeah, they already did their part for charity so i guess, it’s not so bad if they want to shower GD with expensive presents. VIPs indeed!

  23. Those trainers are BEAUTIFUL!

    So damn jealous!

  24. that shoe is mad expensive , GD<3

  25. they are not the same shoes!
    in august it was a mocassin style shoes
    and now the gift is a sneakers shoes.

    1140$ for those LV sneakers design by Kanye West…If I were as rich as this fan, for sure I will send such gift^^

    • in august the design was Louis Vuitton x Kanye West – Modèle Mr Hudson and now the design is Louis Vuitton x Kanye West – Modèle The Jasper
      who will send the last modèle (Louis Vuitton x Kanye West – Modèle The Don’s) of this collection???

      those shoes are so awesome!!

      • yep, superawesome

        I saw those pairs on KANYE WEST blog and people been bragging about those insane-pricing pairs over highsnobiety blog

        a killer design that’s so simple and irresistable … man, GD really got a VIP treatment from VIPs

  26. o_0!!!!!!! StupiD 0_o!!!!!!!!!

    G-Dragon already has those Shoes!!!!!!!

    check his Me2day, at August 7th 2009>>http://me2day.net/g-dragon

    Hum >_>

    • It looks different to me. Only the colour is same. The lace and top part is totally different. Not sure 🙂

    • He bought the one that on his me2day before his birthday
      He didn’t know that the fan would give him LV shoes as his birthday present..his birthday is on August 18th
      the fan is not a teenager,so don’t worry,he/she used his own money

  27. They’re nice. TTwTT

    He deserves it~ ❤


  29. First there’s the Seungri rich noonas buying him LV luggage and stuff.

    Then the creative Heart breakers parodying GD’s album covers (prob each fan has 2 copies; one for the damage and one for keep).

    Then now this. Big Bang has some dedicated, rich and creative fans. Yay! Go VIP!

  30. huh i thought this was long time ago, during his bday. but yeah it was so amazing. gotta say, rich fans they areeee

  31. wow! i wonder how they even know his shoe size! HAHAHAH. i remembered he had one on GDTV. sheesssssh fortunate bugger! ❤

  32. I hope that the fan/s didnt use his/her parent’s money to buy the shoes, it’s really expensive, and it’s hard for earning a living right now

  33. Damn..rich VIPs. I so want to give GD a very special present too..

  34. thought he said the sneakers were given by LV ? so it’s a present ?
    sneakers were cute but not worth the cash for me LOL

  35. wohoooo it’s a super beautiful shoes with a super high cost too.. ck,ck,ck lucky GD has a super rich VIP

  36. VIPs are actually very rich, or they spend their money like nothing. That’s a bit too much though. I would love to buy GD stuff, but shoot if I don’t have it then he isn’t gonna get it from me! LOL.

  37. hehe go VIPs 🙂

  38. WOW nice shoes!!!

  39. woot..GD&H!
    GD&H is the best GD’s personal photographer,always takes HQ photos of GD<3333
    this fanclub is really rich I think..really a real VIP..lol

  40. wow thought GD purchase it himself or something
    but its actually from VIP
    and they are truly an original VIP

  41. damn this is cool

  42. i dont know LV sells this kind of shoes. yes must be damn expensive o_O;

  43. man…hope he doesn’t trip…those shoes look like they have no grip on them…

  44. omg…
    that’s really a great gift…
    w0w..the fans must be someone VIP…

  45. Damn. I thought he’s the only person in Korea to be sponsored by LV? And he already have those shoes which Teddy said that GD bought it before him in GDTV? But sheeez, those shoes are dope!

  46. WOW! Even his fans got super expensive taste.

  47. Wow. Daaaaaaaaaaang. GD’s so lucky to have supporters like that *.* (Didn’t he have those shoes already though?)

  48. Hot damn. I remember GD bragged about this shoes to Teddy on 2NE1 TV. LV shoes are hella expansive. No. Any LV things are expensive unless they are the fake ones. GD got some major hardcore rich VIPs. No wonder they are VIPs.

    • these shoes are differen tthan the ones on GDTV
      so he has 2 liimited edition LV shoes now lol that look the same besides lik the top flap

    • lol “no wonder they’re ‘VIPs'” I like that.

    • The shoes on GD!!! TV were the first version of Jaspers (LV with Kanye West)
      These are the 2010 series
      It’s about 1120 dollar
      Not really that expensive if you ask me
      Deff. worth the price

  49. i didn’t know that LV made shoes this must be expensive.

  50. omg o.0
    gd got some super rich fans.. =)

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