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Nich Khun, “Even as a guy, I’m envious of JaeBum”

‘Perfect guy’ Nich Khun was asked the question if there is someone he is envious of. And his answer is ‘Yes’.

Nich Khun held a fanmeet cum party ‘Fun fun party’ on 14th February in Thailand Phuket Radisson Plaza Hotel. He was asked if there is anyone he is envious and he answered member JaeBum.

The reasons Nich Khun gave are even as a guy, he felt that JaeBum’s body, rap and dance capabilities are impressive. With that, his comments on JaeBum who left the group last September after his MySpace controversies, “Cool hyung. I miss him.”

Meanwhile, Nich Khun was joined by his handsome father and brother Nich Chan during the event.


6 Responses

  1. omg, i saw the fancam for this. i sorta teared up at the moment too bc of the way khun said it!

    also i want to just say, khun hasnt been really on the spot light lately, after jay left i feel like hes really hurt.

    now that hes in thailand, he feels like he can say what he really wants without hiding it and took the opportunity to say that he misses jay. look at his face in the video, and the crowds reaction. it was very unexpected. LOVE YOU KHUN


  2. I always think everyone is jealous of one another, but they still love each other. Nichchan is handsome, but i prefer Khunnie-baby.

  3. LOL “joined by his handsome father and brother”! Wow are they handsome like him?? O_O :p

  4. Nich is jealous of Jae and Jae is jealous of Nich. Adorable brothers. I miss this. All the adorable and awesome moments when they were 7 TT.TT I’ll never lose hope.

  5. Wow quite open on talking about jae. Skill wise, Jaebum was quite the triple threat in 2pm.

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