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[UPDATED] After C.N Blue’s manager? Now SHINee’s?

On the 14th, it was reported that C.N Blue‘s manager had been showing violence towards the fan when the fan tugged on the sweater of member in C.N Blue. However, it looks like SHINee might be facing the same manager problems.

Within days of the C.N Blue’s manager violence incident, the same issue hit the internet once again, however this time with SHINee’s manager. In the video clip released, it was the manager of the idol group SHINee, slapping the back head of a young female fan. Along with that video clip, the netizens are roaring across various websites at this action.

The girl who had been hit in during the incident replied, “I posted on the fan homepage that I was hit by the manager, but the management (SM Entertainment) dismissed it as a rumor and deleted my post.” So along with the post from the girl who was hit during that incident, the netizens angers are growing. The netizens responded to the video by saying “Managers must really hit a lot of times”, “In the back TaeMin is so surprised, and from what they wearing, it must be from their ‘Juliette’ days”. Some even questioned members of SHINee by stating, “I don’t understand SHINee members for just passing by when a fan is being hit.”


SM Entertainment announced their official apology about the manager incident.

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  1. […] close to the band, and shortly thereafter a manager with SHINee (another SM Entertainment boy band) did the same. (Go to the links to see still photos and videos of these punks caught in the act.) Leave a […]

  2. Hey, this issue has been quite a long time ago, and yes it’s bloody wrong for the manager to hit her, like what you guys said he could have took SHINee and ran (LOL AT BIGBANG) and you guys been saying the fan could have done something wrong etcetc. Well from some comments on YouTube, he/she said the fan was trying to FORCE kisses on jjong. This could all be a lie of course. But why was jjong rubbing his lips so much? He could be disgusted and who would like getting kissed unwillingly? Or maybe it’s just his habit.

    About their reactions, they might be told to ignore the fans because it might cause things to happen(whatever shit things). If not why let her touch them? You guys said she was just standing there, but you didn’t know what happen before and after the incident. I was a bit upset about jjong though, and Onew didn’t see wad happen till after the first hit. Key was like glaring(?) and Taemin and Minho were like ” Oh my god. Did I see wad just happen?”

    SME could have just gotten bodyguards and protect they boys privacy and help them avoid things like this (unless the bodyguards starts hitting lol.)

  3. and to be honest, onew only saw the part when he shoved her at the end so he more than likely didn’t see the ‘slap’

  4. Taemin, Minho and Key seemed concerned but Onew and Jong didn’t.
    Don’t blame them for not reacting, if their manager can hit a girl that way imagine what a guy that tall and aggressive would do to them, it worries me but the fans (and I’m not dissing them) do get right up to them when they are trying to move.
    At the end of the day, she shouldn’t have been that close when they weren’t at a fan meet and the manager should have handled in a MUCH better way but that’s not what happened so it can’t be changed.

  5. SHINee can’t do anything about it. If they were to defend the fan, they’d only get yelled at cause SM doesn’t know how to respect their artists.

    And if you think they didn’t care, watch the gif, and watch Taemin and Minho the whole time. Taemin actually moves, and his facial expression isn’t a blank one, it’s actually somewhat hurt looking.

  6. Shinee most likely couldn’t do anything about it. They could have gotten in trouble for standing up to one of their elders like that, especially with him being their manager. Just because they couldn’t do something about it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about their fans. It was simply out of their control.

  7. there is no proof to say the one side is right and another side is bad…but still,i think the manager was so rude…

  8. How could the manager do that to a girl. Is he really a guy? He such totally a jerk –” I can see Taemin surprised at that, but how about the other members?

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  10. Omg, let the feminicist bs go. Seriously, if women want to be treated like equals then get ready to be treated like equals. A man would have gotten punched in the face and ‘she’ got smacked upside the head. Fan accounts state that this girl was PHYSICALLY HARASSING one of the members (or two I can’t remember) so then does that mean that her actions are okay? This 5 second video is crap as it doesn’t show anything but that one specific moment. If people are calling SHINee a bunch of jerks for not standing up to their manager then guess what that means that DBSK, CN BLUE, and every other boy band fall into that category too. Don’t like it, then don’t listen to their music. If it’s true that she was really being a trouble maker then I would have smacked her too if she didn’t listen to my warnings before.

  11. he slapped her and look where his hand goes next! gasp. i was hoping shinee had a reaction that was more like taemin.

  12. If you looked at the girl’s hand after she was hit at the head, you can see she was trying to grab hold of onew’s hand. Still, it must have been painful for her D:

    This is NOT HEAVEN.
    Everybody make mistakes..just like me and everyone of you.
    Why don’t you take that fact!!!
    What matters now is how you handle that mistake and improve yourself as a human being.

  14. Dont they do background checks on these managers in Korea, they should start …

    all of em are so violent and at times use too much force when it isnt even needed …

  15. SHINee saw exactly what happened and didn’t do anything ugh what type of idols are they. How dare the manger put his hands on her I don’t care if she was bothering SHINee.. all I can really base is from the gif. Now if SHINee and the manger have proof of what else went on as a fan we need to know. I only saw a reaction from Taemin and Minho nobody else dude wtf is wrong with them! The manger needs to be fired SM do the right choice this time.

  16. Annyeong,

    Shinee manager have to be educated on how to treat human beings…not as some items or what..Seriously the manager must be treated the same way or worst as he treated the said fan..by hitting his head and this time..to make sure he understands that fans are also human beings who just want to see their idols..Shinee I luv you all but please look for another decent manager…this one have to be ‘OUT’..Hwaiting…

  17. the amount of apologist on this article bothers me. “shinee couldn’t do anything” how about show human emotions . jonghyun cry likes a mother fucking baby when he gets a trophy from inkigayo yet he doesn’t even bat an eyelash when a fan who probably supports them more than anyone on this blog does get hurt by his manager.

    ” you don’t know what the fan did” um are we looking at the same little girl . she couldn’t have done much . even if she was a threat which i doubt the manager could have restrain her in a non violent way or he could have not touched her and just protected shinee,

    ” they probably didn’t see or was afraid” lies, lies they all saw it was too close for them not to i know im not the only person with peripheral vison. also no doubt they could be afraid but seriously i wasn’t asking for them to jump on the manager but damn it was like they were like ok on to the next one,

    also i hope this manager lose his job . i mean seriously these entertainment company need to hire bodyguards not manager who go apeshit on 12 year old girls

  18. they aren’t sorry.. look at them.. they just kept on walking they didn’t even look up. Only sweet litle Taemin and Minho looked concerned.

  19. the shinee boys saw wat jus happened! they didnt even react to it!

  20. why would that stupid girl walk with them like that??!!! when someone is really tired and he/she had worked so hard then why would you go and bother them? that fangirl should’ve known better

  21. I think what would be appropriate is for the manager to “create a wall between the fan and Shinee” meaning for him to place himself in the middle of Shinee and that fangirl.

  22. appology is not enough if it was me i would SUE the guy for sure

  23. These two incidents can serve as examples to the rest of the managers out there… Don’t hit girls! >_<


  25. What if some day we get close to them than we get hit by the HEAD ?
    What would u think?

  26. i thought about this and i cant help but to put down all i feel about this incident. i agree, like most of us here, that the manager was the most at fault. no matter how persistent the fangirl was, was it correct to just hit a person like that? throwing away the sexist issue, i believe there are only two scenarios that a person should get hit. one, if you have done something so wrong and your PARENTS hit you, or two, you cause grevious hurt to another person. let us analyse this situation again. was the manager of SHINee a parent of the girl? no. did the fangirl cause grevious harm to SHINee? again, no.

    is it that difficult to stand in between them and stop any harrassing that way? is impatience with the girl not listening to the manager (as said by the fanaccs) a good enough reason to whack the girl, and push her like it didnt matter? if the managers cannot handle these situations well, should we entrust our idols in their care?

    and according to the fanacc, it was said that the manager raised his voice before “accidentally” hitting the girl. based on this info alone, there are already a couple of loopholes. did the gif look as if it was accidental? i guess most of us already know the answer. and the second loophole comes. if the manager DID raise his voice, shouldnt it attract jonghyun’s attention? if it were YOU, if you were walking w your head down (and rubbing your lips for that matter) and someone behind just blows up and shout, wouldnt you at least look up? the only situation when you dont is when you simply dont care. yeah, they’re tired, they’re jetlagged, they probably have every reason to not notice. but is it really alright when you probably know what just happened and you simply ignore it? sure, we all dont know what happened after this part of the fancam, but we should all take this w a pinch of salt. i know the people defending SHINee are saying how most of us shouldnt even put a speck of blame on them. but well very often people forget this – for most of the time, are the fans protecting their idols or are the idols protecting the fans? food for thought. put aside your fandom for a couple of minutes people. and think about whether this is morally acceptable. regardless of if its SHINee or whoever.

    im just shellshocked nobody stood up for the poor girl, but sure, the girl is at blame too, if she was being obstructive. no fan should ever bug their idols like crazy, but getting hit in the head as a reminder sure isnt very nice. i just hope that the girl is alright and wasnt injured badly. my main point here is that all the parties involved in this incident hold some bit of fault. &if they really care and have some amount of love for their fans, they dont really have to interfere, but yes, gioia, they should at least show some concern. in addition to that, the manager should just be fired and sent on the road. on a person-to-person level, nobody should ever deserve that kinda treatment.


  28. OHMELORD !

  29. ouch!!do the bastard manager really need to do that?
    if SME is really concern about their artists they should hire bodyguards to protect their artists not by hitting a fan to protect their artists..SME is earning alot of money because of those fans and the manager didn’t think twice to hit the girl?!..bad bad bad bad..quite dissapointed that most of the shinee members didn’t show any care of THEIR FAN!

    artists always say things like they love and care for their fans..well show it guys..
    shinee don’t need to interfere with what was happening..but at least show some CARE!

  30. People should STOP speculating over something they don’t know anything about.
    We only see about 5 SECONDS of what happened.
    Come on … you can’t say she didn’t do anything before if you were not ther …

    I think it’s better to let this pass since they already apologized .

  31. u know what we saw shinee here in the phil and they were snob as hell.. they didn’t care about their fans/..

  32. I don’t care what this girl did but u never treat someone in that way especially a women/ girl seriously I’m feeling so sick right now especially with some members reaction didn’t really show that they care or even shocked I mean is it really okay in Korean culture for women to be treated in that way in their culture

  33. they ALL saw it.
    Jonghyun: looked like he didnt care, or he didnt want to be associated with it.
    Onew: correct me if im wrong, but was that a bit of grin on him?
    Key: he saw it, but he seemed to be distracted with something else
    Taemin: absolute horrorshock (pardon the grammatical error) on his face
    Minho: he was too far from the girl to completely see what was happening, but from what he saw, he was still shocked.
    We all know they shouldve done something, but there mustve been something stopping them from doing so. I’m pretty sure SHINee isnt THAT mean.

    • onew didnt have a grim on his face (im not protecting him) i feel as angry as you do i dont think they could do anything in this sich
      they maight b also scared of the fans
      but still though JH really really annoyed me with his uncaring face

  34. assault! sue him! NOW! SUE him!!!

    shit. wtf….what is the problem him. Or any manager or any men or any human.

    Is hitting on the head a normal culture?


  35. I think taemin and minho wanted to do something about it.
    and i think Jonghyun tried to pretend nothing had happened.

  36. whats up with all the managers nowadays?:S shinee didnt know what to do.. ❤

  37. Jonghyun looks really oblivious in that gif. He doesn’t know its occurring? Or he doesn’t care? I do not know.

    But I can certainly see Taemin and Minho with a shocked expression on their face as they peer over the other members.

  38. i think it pretty much has to do with the korean culture, to me it seems like they’re pretty rough people and hitting one’s head is prolly like tapping one’s shoulder lightly to them. but for us outsiders, it’s real bad. so they just issue an apology and life just goes on without them giving a real shit to the incident.

  39. unbelievable! whatever the reason behind was, that guy doesn’t have a right to hit the girl like that. And jonghyun’s reaction was definitely disappointing esp the girl was hit just right in front of him… but he didn’t react at all. not a single reaction from his face.. Taemin and Minho was at the back but they got this worried and shocked look on their faces. This is unbelievable!

  40. my comment about the whole issue:

    OHMYGODsun!!!! whenever i look the gif pic its like, the manager is hitting me also. it gives me goosebumps. really, that WHACK in the head is hard!!!

    why do some managers just keep their patience for the fans. hell, it’s showbiz, and patience is really a virtue! the fans, the stalkers, it’s a part of their job..

    going back to the topic, i know SME is that strict about their artist or whatever, but if i were SHINee, i should’ve done something about it. wow, really, THEY MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    and for all the fans, well including me [i think…], if someone [maybe, managers or bidyguards] did something, just like that, let’s take a whack of ’em too. well kidding aside, let’s just do something about it!!

    i hope that this kind of incident must not happen again. it’s really really saddening.

  41. Gosh! It looked really bad. So what if she is stalking and touching the boys? He could have broken her neck when he shoved her head so hard from behind! And pushing her out of the way like she means nothing, thats rude and abusive.

  42. i dont give a crap if the fan did something wrong.
    its the point that A MAN SLAPS A GIRL IN THE HEAD to the point that the Taemin,Minho & Key were like “WOAH!”. is what bothers me. how can u hit a woman like tht? i get that he’s trying to protect the Shinee members but shit! NO MAN SHOULD HIT A WOMAN (Period)

  43. SHINee couldn’t do much back there you know. If they did, they would have ended up argueing with their manager. Which would be worse. This just might have ended up in court.

  44. This is one time though that I’m sorta happy that there are netizens jumping on an incident.

    Even if it’s a misunderstanding, there’s gotta be a smarter way to get kpop stars through crowds – even if it means hiring bodyguards.

  45. I think that there are some cultural differences going on here. I’m not trying to justify this instance at all, but it does matter to ask what’s the prevalent attitudes about physical violence in Korea vs. where you are from.

    If you never see teachers hitting students for disciplinary issues at school, you’ll be ready to sue and scream at the first, crazy teacher that acts like it’s ok to hit students. But if teachers are hitting students everyday over discipline, you react to it differently and think “Oh, maybe that student did something really bad.” Even if the student didn’t do something bad, you have a moment of hesitation to question something that culturally someone acts like they have the right to do and no-one questioned/challenged before.

    Also, I honestly think that maybe it’s harder to bring a legal suit over in Korea than in America. America has a culture of plaintiff’s lawyers with contingent fees and litigation being part of popular culture – maybe in Korea, it would be embarrassing for one small fan to sue your favorite pop band’s company.

    • I understand your points but just because it’s a culturally accepted norm to do something so clearly morally wrong as hitting women and young children at school doesn’t make it okay. Culture and norms are made by people and can be changed by people.

  46. unacceptable behaviour!!!

  47. is that onew in the middle? is this recent!? they all look so different

  48. its clear in the gif that Jonghyun wasnt even looking, and taemin/minho looked shocked
    im not sure about the rest but the gif doesnt even show the whole situations and i read somewhere the chick was pestering shineee but still he shouldnt be slapping the poor girl,
    violence of this kind is not uncommon in korea like when someone is in someone’s way, so its not surprising this manner is in those who are hired but seriously thats so wrong they should get fired

  49. shinee can’t do much. if they give attention to one fan it probably wont do good. all fans will want attention and just get themselves hurt in front of shinee and assume that they will get it.

    on the other hand, fuck that manager.


    ok, i’m done letting it out. tekeke.

  51. I think one of the boys in CN blue did show some concern/smiled apologetically at the fan who got hit, IDK if I heard correctly, I might be wrong. Please enlighten me on this one.

    Anyhoo, I’m a bit bothered at how Shinee acted. OK, I know it’s not like they can do anything about it, I just felt sorry for the fan. Not only was she hit, she was HUMILIATED in front of her idols.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I guess this is normal in Korea, but I’m just bothered with how their managers act like that — like it’s so normal that the idols themselves cannot do anything about it or something. Like they have to forcefully ignore what was happening. I don’t hate them idols, but it’s just sad.

    • shinee showed concern. minho in the back? thats just an assumption though.

      honestly, im not too bothered by shinees reaction. how many times have we seen some incident in our lifetime that we quickly acted as we didnt notice to avoid further trouble? if no one notices or makes a deal out of it, then is it even a problem we should concern ourselves with?

      the manager clearly acted like a complete douche and should be penalized. as for shinee, spectating isnt a crime. they saw it, so did others behind the camera or caught the action. they didnt do anything.

      its korea though, its a place where many fans can literally get up close and personal with stars. so yeah, i guess this sort of behavior is fairly normal? im not sure if normal is the word, maybe common instead. the whole manager shoving the fan thing. as for the clients, stars not being able to do anything, its everywhere. hollywood is a great example.

      • I know, I saw how Taemin and Minho tried to look at the spectacle happening in front. I was just saying that it’s sad that these artists had to see things like that but have completely no control over, thus there are times when they just seem to ignore it. I’m not hating on them Shinee or for any idol who could’ve been on their place for that matter.

        I perfectly understand and know that there are times when you just have to keep mum to avoid further problems, particularly if it’s causing a scene in public. I understand that Shinee or any of these idols can’t do much. I was just trying to be honest with my personal take on the issue. You know things like, you do understand the circumstance, but still you feel sad about it somehow? That’s what I’m saying. I’m not even wishing for Shinee to react by reprimanding the man because obviously it wouldn’t be a big help. It’s just me having this sad/disappointing feeling over the matter.

      • understandable. im disappointed as well.

        allgood though, at least the manager didnt punch someone ><

  52. damn,, that was a hard hit,, its not appropriate,, and its a girl,, what kind of manager he is,, i felt bad for SHINee and that fan girl,, SHINee got involved even though its their manager’s (not Lee Soo Man) fault

  53. I feel sorry for that girl..that must hurt alot..

  54. i saw a reaction on Taemin though

  55. All I could say is that damn manager should feel thankful for being in Korea. If he were here in Canada, he and the company would be sued to death !

    And I never ever want to go and see my idols if the only thing I can get is being hit right in the head, lolz .

  56. i know that the artistes themselves are scared of their manager,but sometimes,yeah just sometimes you know, you wish they would show you some kind of reaction that they are feeling sorry you got hit..like what minho and taemin did..atleast they were surprised the girl get hit..

  57. That’s what happens when the manager looks out after a bunch of wussies.

    Total douches for not reacting, AT ALL!

  58. It woulda been tragically funny if that was the same girl who got hit by CN Blue’s manager LOL

  59. dang! that must’ve hurt… a lot!
    we don’t know what took place before the manager hit the fan. we can only speculate. unless those who saw this incident would shed us some light.
    like, these managers wouldn’t be paid without the money these artist get from their fans.
    really sad for Shinee and CN Blue right now

    it’d be a brilliant idea if SM just hire bodyguards to protect their artist

  60. Yeah everybody is saying it’s not like Shinee can do anything about the girl getting it & yall are right… but that’s the saddest part, isn’t it? on a road to fame, they hand over their morals & shit… they choose to go on acting like something this disgusting doesn’t even disturb them. smh.

    • Agree.

      They seemed perfectly okay with the facts that their fan was being hit. It’s ironic since fans are the ones that make them famous and support them all the way. In the end, the boys just chose to ignore some poor fans to keep their career.


      • what makes you think they seem perfectly fine?

        shinee could’ve done something, yes. anyone could’ve, right? any other fans could’ve stepped up. any of the members or other people present could’ve stepped up. but it would’ve caused an even bigger scene.

        get my point? people want to keep this to the minimal but with netizens blowing everything up, it has become a troublesome outcome that many would’ve wanted to prevent. shinee could’ve stepped up and stopped, but it seemed as if everything happened too quick. im not sticking up for sm and shinee by any means or giving them excuses, im just simply stating why would they boys ignore the fans? wtf.

        everyone wants to keep it professional, shinee is no different. their manager is at fault for acting out of line, how did this become shinees fault and detriment?


    • totally agree with yah!!

    • lol. this is off topic but what does ‘smh’ stand for, exactly? keep thinking abt it and i’m stumped. lol. anyone know?

  61. they should’ve hire bodyguard if they are so concern about the artists then.. not slapping and hitting around the fans..

    I mean, you couldn’t help it. It’s just a risk for being famous, people will chase and try to get close to you…

    Without fans, all those artist will absolutely be/ means NOTHING,..
    they should remember that well before doing any violence acts.. (I guess..)


  62. they should’ve hire bodyguard if they are so concern about the artists then.. not slapping and hitting around the fans..

    I mean, you couldn’t help it. It’s just a risk for being famous, people will chase and try to get close to you…

    Without fans, all those artist will absolutely be/ means NOTHING,..
    they should remember that well before doing any violence acts.. (I guess..)



    BOYCOTT SHINEE AND SM!!!! (I support the boys but it’s the only way we can show SM how rude their actions are)

  64. DANG. That looked like it hurted badly ><

    Why didn't he just step between her and SHINee? Instead of hitting her?

  65. I seriously think Idols and Managers alike need some eye opener. If not for the support and money of the fans, they won’t be popular. Those shits need some real spanking.

    He didn’t even think that it was a woman he was hitting. Women shouldn’t get hit in public (and in private.lol). If I was there, I would’ve shouted “BOYCOTT SHINEE!”. That’d really embarrass them.

  66. omg thats WRONG

    I have seen C.N.Blue, DBSK manager act like that

    2PM too? links?

    • @o.o: when 2pm (indeed 6members) was in CHina some months ago, their manager shouted at the fan~ not hitting or st like this

      Srsly, even u say that They cant do anything abt it, at least they should hv showed some kind of expression but look! other than Taemin showed his surprise and went up a bit to see, the others, esp Jong Hyun……nothing =.=”

      • yeah JongHyun didnt even lookup which really surpised me!

        its really disappointing to see Shinee not reacting to it, even if ur “forced” to ignore.its like nature when u see soemthing liek that u go O.O or like ?!?! LOLOL but but i guess Shinee are still young hahaha

  67. Ugh that’s just very terrible.
    1. for the girl being hit in the back of the head, pretty hard, (she looked like she got whip lash eek!).

    2. for her posting it & the manager saying “it’s a rumor” then deleting the post? Dang.

    3. @ the last comment in the article the netizen, to be honest it’s not like Shinee can do anything about it. Of course they feel very bad & shocked for the fan that’s being hit but what can they do? Go against the manager and say “hey that’s wrong!”? In a perfect world, sure. However in reality that is not the case. If they were to do that then it’s like “bravo!” in front of the fans for defending her but also bad for going against your manager. Logically speaking if any one of them were to do that I’m sure later on in the car or somewhere one of them will have been yelled at. Just imagine it b/c it’s a long scenario to type out. Just think logically. I can’t condone with the manager’s actions at all but I can understand where Shinee is coming from by just staring, shocked look, & passing by. They were put in a difficult position.

    I know you must think “oh you are a shinee fan so that’s why you are defending them.” Absolutely not. I’m not a shinee fan, nor am I fond of their music but it’s just reasoning I can come up with if I were in their shoes. At least now SM has come out with a public statement but what’s done is done, can’t do anything about it since almost everyone has seen that gif/video. It’s unfortunate that these things happen (managers hitting fans) & get caught on camera no less.

  68. wow…wtf?! What kind of guy does that to a girl? Shiet… I would’ve hit that manager.

  69. Omg… I really didn’t expected shinee’s manager to do tt to fans. Was he the manager who came to Singapore a few wks ago? He gave the fragile girl 2 hits!! 1 on the head and 1 on her back. ~.~

  70. OMG that was crazy. He hit her so freaking hard. I thought her head was gonna fall off. Seems like korea’s managers are pretty rough. Kinda scary.

    I thought 2pm’s manager was crazy but with these clips, he was actually pretty nice. All he did was do a random loud yell, not hit anyone yet. HAHA but my favorite manager is still 2PM’s Minjae hyung. He is so freaking nice and funny esp on Wild Bunny.

    • Oh and if that manager had done that to me, I would probably turn around and punch him in the face. lol. Even if he is 10x bigger and stronger than me.

  71. YES THEY SAW IT! now U can’t say the boys didn’t know because they definitely did! they just DON”T CARE ! Listen I love Shinee but…now I feel like they’re just cool on TV! Ok I don’t expect them to stop the Manager or what but at least show some manner! YOU ARE MEN Shinee !!!! Eps Jong Hyun, oh please stop caring about your lips! A girl was being hit right next to you !!!

  72. Um, I honestly don’t understand how SHINee could just stand there like nothing happened? It wasn’t a tap on the shoulder– the manager shoved the girl pretty forcefully. =__________=

    And for SME to try to cover it up by saying it’s just a rumor — well, that’s just their style.

  73. they didn’t show the earlier part. maybe the girl accidentally injured the member holding his lips and was guilty so she’s just standing there staring at him. and the manager came in and smack her in the heat of the moment.

    • are you saying it’s okay for a grown man to hit a female like that because she “accidentally injured the member”??! So everytime a young girl “accidentally” does something means she should get physically abused by a male??

    • You are assuming too much. I just saw the man hit the girl (period). A man who hit a woman is a jerk and worse when he let the woman think she deserves it. So dun try to help him find excuses. And he din even apologise. Plain rude.

    • a man who’s hitting a girl is a bastard ..!

  74. […] the blown up case of group SHINee’s manager seen hitting the head of a fan, SM Entertainment releases an official apology. The video capturing that moment was uploaded on […]

  75. Dang! To think i saw him at the airport back when SHINee came to Singapore and i thought he’s one good looking manager. Turns out he’s such a jerk! What’s wrong with just “happened-to” stand/pass by there. near SHINee.
    I’m a fan, but mind ya Mr. Manager.. they are NO Princes. Why don’t you just lay the red carpet around the airport if you think so. Man, this is sickening! But i’m not that surprised, if this is their manager, then you should get the image of who is Lee Soo Man. \ __ /””

  76. Guys, IDOLS/CELEBS can’t really do ANYTHING about it.

    Do you think SM artists has the FREEDOM to do something? Wow, with all the money problems and law suit, you think SM will let their artist do something about this? No.
    Idols have strict rules also.

    And like someone stated above, we don’t know the WHOLE situation.
    Yeah the manager was a bitch and he shouldn’t have done it but why talk about SHINee?

    It’s not like they laughed about it.

    What I’m trying to say is, THEY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Come on, they’re from SM -_-

    • That’s just what I said.
      They can’t do anything about it.
      And IT’S SM Entertainment!!!

    • By do something i think fans think why Shinee didn’t react like any other human would aka Show concern and be shock. To them it seems like this sort of thing is normal. Who knows maybe Shinee get abused by their manager too?

      Stick rules or not, i don’t it much to ask to acknowledge what has happened around you by merely looking up.

  77. if that was me, i’d punch the manager in the face. that’s so messed up. shinee should’ve done something.

    • I don’t think they can do that.
      It’s their manager.. And it actually seem that if they do, their career in korean entertainment industry would just vanished.
      You don’t know how big and scary SM Entertainment is…

      Looking to the Korean culture, I think I can understand why the boys just stand there and can’t do anything.

  78. I’m sure at least one of the boys saw it happen, why didn’t they do anything?

  79. Gosh, whats with managers hitting girls? The girl wasn’t even doing anything either! If i were her, i’d get people to kick him in the balls >:O bitch manger.

  80. i feel bad for that girl.
    that was like a LEGIT smack. :O
    taemin looked so surprised. poor kid.

  81. actually i curious with korean culture. seem like hitting people on the head is usual over there. because when i watched korean drama. teachers, parents, manager and older people like to hit theirs student, kids, employees especially on the head whenever they do something wrong.

    so back to this case, it’s like a common thing in korea

    • Seems like hitting *women* is usual over there. It’s usual everywhere, but worse when a culture doesn’t try to educate their young women and men about what constitutes abuse.

  82. I mean she must’ve said something unnecessary or gotten too close or something. But that hit? Wow. If she had lost her balance, she could’ve fallen and really really hurt herself. That was so unnecessary. Frankly, I’m disgusted…

  83. So rude. Why need to hit her.

  84. gosh if I were that girl.. I’d be traumatized…
    and really??that’s how far a manager would do..???
    and yea I just lost a li’l respect for them too…

    p.s. maybe fans should have bodyguards too, seeing how artists managers act these days…

  85. Omg…The gif really showed how bad it was. D:

    Geez, the fangirl was just standing there.

    And SHINee just awkwardly kept walking. Ughh, I wish they had done something. :\

    • jiyongiee detailed very well what happened according to a witness in the airport.
      I think some hardcore fans are really rude and when something like that happen they try to make themselves look like victim but they created this situation .
      Sometimes I think they deserve things like this.
      well, in this case I think she’s not innocent according to jiyongiee.
      Like most ppl said we can’t see what happened before and after … moreover why ppl are talking about it now since it was months before ?? just because there was an accident with CNblue. They use the occasion to put oil on fire .
      How stupid =__=”

      • How stupid of you to say the girl deserve this treatment! And to say that CNBlu’s manager incident was an accident! Plz educate yourself instead of contributing to the normalization of violence against women!

  86. The girl did nothing wrong O_O

  87. wooow!
    it scared me! o.0
    maybe it is all of the managers….but why?
    she didn’t look like she was doing anything wrong?

  88. it seems like the clip does not show the whole incident. things we don’t know here are:

    -why did the manager hit the fan? (we’re not even sure if she did or did not do anything. at the start of the clip she seems to be talking to Jonghyun? Why is Jonghyun rubbing his lip? just a habit?)
    -how did SHINee react? (it’s just a short clip, and it’s in slo-mo. so, IRL things must have happened so fast. but I kinda think SHINee didn’t even react that much, just Taemin being shocked)
    -what happened to the manager afterwards? (is he the manager of SHINee still? did SME not take responsibility for his rash actions?)

    meh, what I mean is we really can’t tell what happened in the whole incident. I wish the girl’s post weren’t deleted so we’d know the whole story (at least her side of the story)

    I know it’s hard to protect idols and all but they should be responsible enough with the actions they’re taking…

    • I’m not a SHINee fan, but I agree with you.

    • Even if she did anything–even though I LOL at whatever you’re implying the poor girl did to deserve that– it’s wrong for a man to hit a woman like that.

      • I’m kind of actually hoping she didn’t do anything… (and I think it really is Jonghyun’s habit to touch his lips like that, that tease. LOL) then they could sue the damned manager. is that even doable in Korea?

        from how I see it, she’s still a child. I agree that the guy went too far. even if it weren’t a girl he was hitting. even if it were a guy, maybe even a grown-up, in that girl’s place… that was too much.

        wonder if bigbangs chubby manager will be next

    • Well i think we sure shinee’s reaction well in that gif, unless they for some reason took crack that morning and so had slow response therefor ended up reacting way after the girl got hit. Although i do see Taemin and Minho reacting.

      I also think it’s crazy to imply the fan did something to deserve it, i don’t think she would be harassing the boys in front of a whole crowd of shinee fans!!

      As for what happened to the manager afterwards, nada. He just continues to escort the boys to their van.

  89. so unnecessary.

  90. so violent =/ managers shouldn’t be doing that no matter how much they wanna protect their artists. and the SHINee boys saw what happened, and did they even do or say anything?? pfffttt erghhh

  91. whoa?! that’s mad! this was completely wrong… tsk tsk…

    the FANS are their bread and butter… without THEM, celebrities are nothing! i hope they respect the FANS too…

    that was uncalled for and brutal… i hope the girl didn’t cry after this incident… i feel sad for her… 😦

  92. OMO… What’s this???
    I don’t know what happened back there, but even though hitting is no matter what unacceptable (especially when man hits a woman, or girl), I think something must have happened.

    I mean, why is Jonghyun keeping on looking down terribly?
    And the rest of the members looked so shocked but don’t know what to do..

    I’m curious more on what actually happened for this to happen.
    Though.. I feel really bad (hurt) that thing like this happened again and again. 😦

    • stop blaming the victim.

      • Whose the victim?? Shinee?

        gosh the way you shinee fans are handelling this, fabricating story’s trying to make the fan look bad just to protect your idol is pretty sick. This defensive response is making me see Shinee and their fans in a different light.

      • Oh please ‘goldengaze’ I was talking about the girl…the poster was implying that “something must have happened” for the girl to get smacked…as if the girl had done something to deserve that.

      • Oh please ‘goldengaze’, I was talking about the girl…the poster implied that “something must have happened” for the girl to get smacked like that. As if the girl had done something to deserve that.

      • I wasn’t blaming the girl nor making excuses for anyone.

        What I mean is that we need to know the whole story before we can make opinion..
        Since this clip can’t explain the whole situation, that’s why I said I’m curious on what really had happen back there.

  93. that’s so unnecessary
    he shouldn’t do that,bad bad manager
    he should act like BigBang’s managers
    when the fans run after them,the manager pulls the boys and run away,LOL
    start @1.40s

  94. OH COME ON!

    Now, i wont comment on Shinee, at least Taemin showed some reaction Minho too.

    An Key kinda glared at this manager.

    But, really?! what happened to just telling them to move or give them space, or maybe slightly moving the fan to the side so they can pass.

    But, slapping them upside the head, really?!!

    I wont go on my feminist rant. LOL
    But, come on, damn.

  95. Sheesh, dang!
    Agree w/ the first comment.

  96. let me tell you the truth. SM entertainment rules the Korean media industry. my friend works for a small agency in Korea, but told me that if SM reads/sees/hears anything negative about them, they have the power to take that “evidence” away compared to other entertainment companies. scary

  97. this is ridiculous. i understand feeling the need to “protect” your artists… but damn… all that wasn’t anywhere near necessary for the situation. poor boys too, they look so lost and like they just don’t even know how to respond.


  99. where are the bodyguards?
    I know Big Bang have at least two/three bodyguards+the manager when they go somewhere.
    protect your idols before hitting innocent fans!

  100. OMG!!! he could have just gotten between Shinee and the fan!! Why did he hit so hard? was she really persistent?

    • if you notice, the girl was simply standing there. i think she may have reached out to touch one of them, but that’s normal fan behavior. i’m enraged on behalf of the girl(s) who had to suffer such horrific abuse. I don’t care how famous your artist is, you have no right to lay a finger on anyone. ESPECIALLY the devoted, loving fans. I sincerely hope that manager was let go or at least stuck behind a desk instead of being let back out on the field. seriously, if Big Bang’s managers can protect their artists without abusing the VIPs then why can’t SHINee’s or C.N. Blue’s managers do the same? Violence is really not necessary. If I were the girl’s parents, I would sue the manager for all he’s worth. Nobody smacks me around like that and gets away with it. I would have raised all hell right on the spot.

      At least Key and Taemin showed SOME concern over the girl, unlike their leader and two other bandmates who just acted like nothing happened. I’m disappointed in them for not doing anything and letting this happen, and the management for thinking that they can slap fans around and get away with it. I wouldn’t be surprised if anti-s start surfacing because of this. 😡

  101. WOW at least CN Blue members didnt see what happened but Shinee saw and didnt do anythingD:

  102. LOL, bitch get outta the way!

  103. It’s a little sad how you don’t see Shinee doing anything (although Taemin seemed a bit worried…?)… but I guess this is just a daily thing for manager to do?

  104. Ouch, that looked like that hurt. Seriously, was that necessary to go that far. That could be classified as assault.

  105. korean celebrities managers are fierce..it’s a fact..
    they are overprotective of their artist..
    it’s their job indeed but somehow, to the extent, it’s too much..

  106. Wow, no wonder I don’t see Choi Jin (the manager above) around these days LOL.

    At least it wasn’t like.. SLAP SLAP SLAP.

    But this is messed up.

  107. oh my.. this time, i feel its even worse then with the CN blue manager. that girl was just standing there and did nothing wrong! the guys dont even know how to act :S

  108. Oh my o_o;;

    I think it’s just all the managers ._.
    From 2PM’s manager…CN Blue’s manager… SHINee’s manager..

    • you forgot DBSKs manager as well

    • The SHINee boys saw exactly what happened & looked like they didnt even give a shit.

      • The boys can’t do anything about it.

        Did CN Blue members do something?
        Did 2PM members do something about it?
        How about DBSK members?
        No, I don’t think so.

      • well its not their fault the girl got hit and they prolly had to ignore it..

      • other ppl can say “oh they can’t do anything about it anyway” “they was forced to ignore it”
        they didn’t have one freaking expression on their faces, either they didn’t see it or could careless.

        I would raise hell if someone laid their hands on me like that, to freaking slap someone’s head like that, who the hell does he think he is?
        I’m mad for the girl cuz in my opinon, my parents are the ONLY ONE who have the fucking right to do that because they give me my life and they raised me, so it’s only alright when they do it, that man is a fucking asshole, i have to use profanity to describe him cuz he doesn’t deserve otherwise. What he did is just REALLY disrespectful, to the girl AND her parents, they didn’t give birth to their daughter just to have someone slap them around like that.

      • I agree, that surprises me. Taemin seemed worried, and Key kind of had a “??” look on his face but that’s it. If something like that happened in front of me I’d be shocked! It has nothing to do with them “having to ignore it” even if they had to ignore it and not say anything, they still would have had a surprised look on their face I think unless they’re SO used to it, it doesn’t bother them anymore.

      • I agree. I’m very shocked with the way that Jonghyun handled the situation. He literally just did nothing, not an ounce of expression on his face. He didn’t even spare a look at the fan.

      • We don’t know the full story, so you can’t really judge. We don’t know if she was harassing them eariler. I mean Taemin and Minho looked concerned. Jonghyun had his head down and the gif ended before he put his head up. The main point is that we have no idea what was going on. Still, it’s wrong for him to have hit her like that. What are they supposed to do? Go against their manager and cause another big scene? That would have not helped at all. The scene went by so fast we don’t even know what happened after that. it’s all in slow-mo and it’s inaccurate to just blame one person on this.

      • True !
        They could at least say something to the manager, i dunno, they are the STARS.
        It’s the same for CN.BLUE and others, stars don’t give a shit about fans, that’s all.

      • maybe it’s kind of a culture for them…i mean…to slap someone’s head it’s not a big deal for them..but not for the other countries…as you can see in many korean movies or dramas,they slap other’s head when they’re kidding or even angry..but it’s not appropriate for him to hit her on head and it looks like she is a criminal or something like that…

    • why shinee manager do this??

      • you guys obviously dont know the whole story so here.

        This happened in 2009, August 8th. It was a saturday in which Shinee was flying over to Jeju island for an event. When they arrived at the airport, there were countless numbers of privacy fans (Koreans call them “privacy fans” because they stalk them everywhere, even to their house), so the expressions on the Shinee members’ faces were dark and tired from the beginning. they had their heads down and was going up an escalator when a fan approached Shinee and started to touch/slap any members she could touch. This angered and annoyed the Shinee members more, and at this point the manager only repeatedly said “move” and tried to keep walking. But the fan didn’t listen to him and kept grabbing on the members, and at this point the manager slightly pushed her away, but she still did not move away. The fed up manager finally exploded and yelled “didn’t i tell you to move?” and swung his hand, which unfortunately hit the fan girl straight in the head. This completely caught Taemin offguard and I was even able to hear Minho’s gasp.

        -This is from Shinee’s Korean fan cafe, and a fan who was at the airport where all these happened wrote this on the site.

        i agree i feel bad for the girl getting hit.
        but from the way i read it, its her fault.
        if she was a true fan, she should have noticed SHINee’s expressions and gave them the privacy and space that they deserve.
        but no.
        to her, getting close to them was more important to her
        so she chose her own selfishness over her idols’ space.
        if i was any other fan, i would probably do the same and try to get close to them
        but not when they already have the tired and pissed off look on their faces
        please consider their feelings as well, especially since they already looked so tired to begin with.
        although they are idols, they are humans as well!
        SHINee fighting~!

      • it’s so sad that ‘jiyongiee’ who is obviously a girl would write that it’s the girl’s fault she got hit by a grown ass man….plz educate yourself about what physical abuse and violence against women means before doing more harm to females by your thoughtless replies!

      • okurio,

        I agree with both jiyongiee and the girl she quoted if was indeed how it happened. It’s never okay to intentionally hit someone, especially if it’s a guy to a girl, but invasion of privacy and personal space is serious, too. I hardly think either of these girls condone actual intended abuse – it wasn’t fair to accuse her of that.

        With the whole situation in mind, fans can get a little too crazy, and managers and idols are human, too. Even the fan that jiyongiee quoted who was actually there thought this girl was out of line. The manager is CLEARLY going to get a hard time for this, so… what’s done is done. No need to rail on other peoples’ opinions.


      • @jiyongiee = please remember that it is never ok to hit anyone whether the girl was annoying, at fault or pulling on their sweaters, etc. He is a full grown man laying a hand on a girl, who happens to be an avid fan. He will be prosecuted in the US for assault. Please ladies, it’s never ok to get hit by anyone, do remember that. It’s called physical violence and classified as assault.

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