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SM Entertainment, “We would like to apologise regarding manager’s violence towards fan”

With the blown up case of group SHINee’s manager seen hitting the head of a fan, SM Entertainment releases an official apology. The video capturing that moment was uploaded on various portal sites recently and many netizens are angry over the the incident.

SM Entertainment revealed through a phone interview on 17th February, “The video was taken last August when SHINee was in the process of moving between their schedules. We would like to express our deepest apology to fans who have met with similar nasty situations.”

The SM rep also added, “We will make sure that such will not happen again, and that all managers and staff of our company will do their best. Again we would like to apologise for this.”

The video was revealed on various portal sites on 17th February.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “Even though the fans who came up close are a problem, the managers’ attitude are also a problem”, “I am shocked that they did such a thing to a young fan” etc.



57 Responses

  1. i think the apology is very basic, i would probably want to receive a better statement from them even if we know it’s bs, such as : look that girl charged in from no where, we warned her numerous times but she just won’t listen and we had to resort to violence and we warned her before hand..sorry

    I suppose they think that the less you say, the better it is. In a way that is true, we REALLY don’t know what happened so I hate it when people go oh SHINEE doesn’t care cause they didn’t look up, oh come on and grow up the clip was only 17 seconds and slowed down. I agree that the manager should not use violence on the girl, but I really don’t think he has to resign or anything to that extent. People need to understand that you can’t judge anyone base on a short clip like that. Managers really should keep their cool, but at the same time they are human too. If someone kept bothering a friend of mine and owuldn’t stop until I shove him/her, should I resign my post as a friend?

  2. That’s not enough on apologized. The company should retreat the manager as well. What a bad. Poor fans.

  3. […] This link shows the official apology from SM entertainment […]

  4. Annyeong,

    So sad…right… I agree …the manager must have eaten something bad / worse / brain damage that made him behave like a maniac…Pity for the said fan..’Girl don’t feel bad we are with you’ Shame on you manager….grrrrrrrrrrr ..grrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Gee…why can’t SM hire bodyguards instead? If they get a huge,tall,fat muscle bodyguards, they don’t have to worry about fans trying to get closer…I don’t think they even would dare to think about it…

  6. The reason why the managers are so protective of their idols is because they don’t want another case of an idol almost getting killed by an anti-fan. I doubt a lot of people here have been following k-pop for a while but Yunho of DBSG was poisoned by an anti-fan (if you did not know). After that incident, every entertainment company is trying to keep their artists as safe as possible. It sounds rude and violent but it is to keep obsessive fangirls away. Korea has a lot of obsessive fangirls that would break into their apartment and grab their stuff, stalk them everywhere… it’s no wonder their managers need to do that.
    and… I agree angsana.. so true.

  7. “The video was taken last August when SHINee was in the process of moving between their schedules.”
    ONE YEAR AGO ! AND NOW THEY APOLOGISE ! Ohmelord ! AND They dissmissed it as a rumour but NOW THEY APOLOGISE ?
    “We would like to express our deepest apology to fans who have met with similar nasty situations.”

    • yu

    • Of course this has happened before, maybe every time a fan got a little too close or was being really annoying. You can’t blame them for dismissing it as a rumor, cuz some people say and do things for attention, and how can they give apology to the girl when they may not even know her name. They just know her as the fan girl who was hit.

  8. oh..god…manager choi jin..the one whom i liked after seeing him around shinee…actually did this ??!!!

  9. Wow, they don’t even have a valid excuse, it’s just “Oh no sorry, the manager was being an a-hole. The end”

  10. i laughed.

  11. I don’t see why people are pushing the blame towards SHINee as well when it was the manager who carried out the act.

    • I dont think anyone is blaming shinne but i think most of us if its not all are shocked and disappointed with some of the members reaction like Onew, Jonghyun and Key they didn’t look like they were shocked or even concern especially Jonghyun he didn’t seem like he even care or give a **** but both of taemin and minho seemed shocked with their stupid manager reaction and concern to what happened to the girl

  12. the manager effed up.

    bad day? bad week? w.e the case, he messed up. time to move on (:

  13. seriously.. does all managers have pms or smth? It’s like as if they have a problem & then they vent their angers on fangirls. Its not fairrrrrr ok. Does apologizing change the way that girl think of SHINee now? The manager brings down SHINee’s good reputation as a popular singer. So this issnt fair for SHINee as well.

  14. do you really know the reality of entertainment business?? this kind of thing happens everyday. just try to have a look at a stalker blog, you’ll understand.

    some hardcore fans will try to get closer to their idols, as close as they can, at whatever cost. there’s a good reason why artist even hire bodyguards but of course you can’t expect their managers and bodyguards to act considerate or nice all the time.

    some can handle in a good way, some can be horrible. I once saw a terrifying incident of fans trying to get closer to an artist and his bodyguards had to use ‘force’ to brought him to safe. force not of hitting but some kind of kung force. some fans badly injured due to they fallen on top of each other and they demand for compensation but an evidence showing that they were the one at fault for ignoring the call to stand back and breaking the barrier. so basically they can’t complain. the artist was hella mad at his bodyguards but can’t really blaming them due to the situation.

    this kind of thing not only happen in Korea. there’s a good reason why BARRIERS are provided. guh, even I dislike how people keep pushing up front causing fans at the rear to collapse.

    fandom can be destructive too if you’re addicted to it.

    anyway, just looking at a short clip and voicing out your anger without knowing full well of the incident is not fair. everything has a price to pay. young or not, hard hit or not, male or female, we gotta know our boundaries.

  15. This is so totally not SHINee’s fault. & what right does SHINee’s manager to hit their fans? & now they apologize after how long. What kind of a offence is this? & SM Entertainment has to apologize on SHINee’s manager’s behalf? Actually, maybe not that surprising…

  16. […] posted here: SM Entertainment, “We would like to apologise regarding manager's … No Comments by admin on February 16, 2010 filed in General tagged angry-, blown, head, […]

  17. It really scares me that the fans they seem to be hitting are the ones that are just standing around or just happen to walk infront of the idols I was so shocked to see how those fans were hit these managers are acting like brutal club bouncers or wrestlers ……..I’m slightly distubed, you couldn’t get away with that in the US cause we’d be ready to sue……those fans should def. Do that o_O

  18. Hey did you guys saw that (source : #629 IN AKP article about the incident)

    BTW DON’T BASH ME! lol
    I just wanted to share it with you!

    “’This happened in 2009, August 8th. It was a saturday in which Shinee was flying over to Jeju island for an event. When they arrived at the airport, there were countless numbers of privacy fans (Koreans call them “privacy fans” because they stalk them everywhere, even to their house), so the expressions on the Shinee members’ faces were dark and tired from the beginning. they had their heads down and was going up an escalator when a fan approached Shinee and started to touch/slap any members she could touch. This angered and annoyed the Shinee members more, and at this point the manager only repeatedly said “move” and tried to keep walking. But the fan didn’t listen to him and kept grabbing on the members, and at this point the manager slightly pushed her away, but she still did not move away. The fed up manager finally exploded and yelled “didn’t i tell you to move?” and swung his hand, which unfortunately hit the fan girl straight in the head. This completely caught Taemin offguard and I was even able to hear Minho’s gasp.
    -This is from Shinee’s Korean fan cafe, and a fan who was at the airport where all these happened wrote this on the site. I translated it and didn’t know where to post it so I just posted it on here.””

    credits to shelllldawg

    • thanks for the info and translation

    • I smell bullshit (protective fans trying to coverup for their idols). If the girl was so close to the boys to touch and do whatever to them, WHY DIDN’T THE MANAGER INTERVENE. We’ve seen how crazy K-managers are that fans stay away from idols, yet if this story is true, it appears the manager did nothing to protect shinee and allowed this fan to abuse the guys.

      Also if the girl who got hit was such a bad fan, why would she try and post what happened to her on SM’s official website. Surly she wouldn’t wanna expose herself to Sm and to K netizens (but posting her story on the net).

      “and swung his hand, which unfortunately hit the fan girl straight in the head” lol, yeah like he didn’t expect to hit her…

    • From the gif, it didnt look like he hit her accidentally. If he din expect his hand to hit her on the head, he was properly aiming at some other part of her body. If not why would he swung at her with so much force that she lost her balance. I dunno if she is a privacy fan but i sure know he hit her hard. He should be punished…

  19. why can’t they hire better security? or like hire really big guys like in some countries so fans could be controlled.

  20. All I could say is that damn manager should feel thankful for being in Korea. If he were here in Canada, he and the company would be sued to death !

    And I never ever want to go and see my idols if the only thing I can get is being hit right in the head, lolz .

  21. boycott shinee yourself idiot ^

  22. Seriously fire that damn manager! How could they just hit those freaking girls as if they are just dolls you could just toss around like what the fck? This people should be thankful, really. Yes, idols work their asses off, but who the hell buys their albums, vote and support them nonstop? There are really overly crazy obessessive fangirls, but damn don’t get too harsh and slap them like that just cause they want to get near their idols. It’s not like they have knives or they are going to kidnap them. Even if they get injured or trip or get a freaking scratch, it’s not like it will cause them to end their freaking life or die from it. Poor girl, seriously. What the heck did she even do that made that freaking piece of crap manager smack her in the back that almost caused her to fall flat?

    Dude if it was me, I’ll call the police or sue them. That’s like a public assault right there. I don’t care how much I love this idols or whoever it is, but I can’t let anyone smack me like that. Even my parents or friends or family never hit me that hard. I will never let anyone do that to me and if that ever happen, all hell break loooooooose! Well it didn’t happen to me, but still!

  23. I seriously think Idols and Managers alike need some eye opener. If not for the support and money of the fans, they won’t be popular. Those shits need some real spanking.

    He didn’t even think that it was a woman he was hitting. Women shouldn’t get hit in public (and in private.lol). If I was there, I would’ve shouted “BOYCOTT SHINEE!”. That’d really embarrass them.


    BOYCOTT SHINEE AND SM!!!! (I support the boys but it’s the only way we can show SM how rude their actions are).The act of one reflects the whole company. that’s standard business protocol.

    • You’re so funny.
      YOU would have shouted “BOYCOTT SHINEE!”

      You think someone like YOU can embarrass them?
      You think ONE fan like YOU will seriously kill them? -_-
      They’re not that stupid.

      Stop being so immature.

      Someone’s a hater.

    • boycott ALLEN! LOL

    • what is with everyone and obsessions with boycotts. god they don’t solve everything.
      and by the way, neither women NOR men should be hit anytime. we’re supposed to be equal.

    • i don’t think shinee members had anything to do with it.just the manager…and so cool off,pls.don’t be angry okay… 🙂
      it’s done now… 🙂


  25. They should have fired him

  26. the manager who hit the girl must be fired or at least demoted by sm, coz sm a strict company. when kangin case appeared… he already hiatus for more than 5 month.

    and for this.. he is just a manager that could be replaced by any one

  27. They DIDNT EVEN FIRE THE GUY??????????????????????

  28. what I’m hoping for is that the manager pays for his actions. he hit a kid, he should face the consequences. it’s not the first time this has happened.

    fans are always being blamed for being wild and everything, but managers like this should also be sanctioned for being… overreacting.

  29. Sorry they got caught.

  30. Again people, don’t blame this on SHINee. They couldn’t do anything about it.

    Do you guys see SM artists having freedom to do what they want?

    It’s not like other idols did something when THEIR manager did something -_-

    • hmmm Micky Yoochun “assaulted” a fan back then, right? and he’s an SM artist…

      but you’re right, SHINee really can’t do anything about it. they’re slaves, we should know that well enough.

      • Not a fan of DBSK, but I saw that so-called “assault” and I probably would’ve done it myself. The fangirl literally held up an airplane boarding just to take a picture of Micky and, I believe, 2 other members of DBSK. There’s a time to take pictures of celebrities. Holding up a line of people to board an airplane is not one of those times.

      • he didn’t assault her rly, he just took her camera away.
        but ya she shoved her camera in his face, so he got angry. you know, DBSK are freaking hard workers. they must be so tired, and not want to deal with stuff like that.
        i’m a DBSK fan though, just saying now XD

    • Hun it’s not the time to protect your idols. The one in wrong is obviously the manager, the shouldve wouldve couldve on shinee is debatable but the boys didn’t see it coming, that’s sure.

    • but still,it’s too obvious that they did not even gave a damn towards what’s happening!esp:the manager had hit their fans that willing to sacrificed a lot of things for them!
      kinda weird…LOL

  31. […] SM Entertainment, “We would like to apologise regarding manager’s violence towards fan&#…, on February 17th, 2010 at 12:16 pm Said: […]

  32. that was fast lol

    “We would like to express our deepest apology to fans who have met with similar nasty situations.”
    so I guess this happens often? @_@

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