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TaecYeon, “JinYoungie hyung would talk about the same thing for 2 hours”

2PM Ok TaecYeon and Lee JunHo reveals the real Park Jin Young.

They were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 16th February when TaecYeon wrote ‘Terrifying Ringtone’ as his subject for discussion, and reveals that when Park Jin Young calls on the phone the members will get very nervous.

He said, “He will talk about the same thing, and will skillfully change (to talk to another person). He will talk about that same thing for 2 hours.”

TaecYeon added, “We had our first performance and I thought we did well so we changed out and was thinking of going exercising. But JinYoung hyung called and said ‘The rap part, the pronunciation was messed up’. He told to get ChanSung to the phone and ChanSung has to repeat his rap portion for an hour on the phone in the dressing room.”

JunHo added, “The more terrifying thing is working at the recording room. Because my throat was not feeling so good, I would get out of tune. But he did not get angry with WonderGirls YeEun even if she goes out of tune.”

S: MaxMovie

36 Responses

  1. @ jo

    Yes Sunmi especially wanted to become world singers! If you google Wishing On A Star MV in the beginning Sunmi even says she wishes to be World Singers, and JYP answered, “It will be hard, and you will struggle.” Then Sunmi said back, “I really wanna give it a go.”

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  3. no wonder the wonder girls’ vocals are off when performing on stage

    • They don’t have their vocals off when performing on stage? I think all artists have their bad days when their vocals aren’t strong. But Wonder Girls are also one of the best girl groups who have such powerful and strong vocals in octave ranges.. Their pretty amazing..

      • I agree! if their vocals were always off when performing on stage they wouldn’t be one of the best girl group in korea!!!!!

  4. hahaha so jyp still does that XD i remember on sang sang plus jyp did that to GOD too having the phone passed to each member and critisizing their performance.

  5. well chansung can’t RAP or SING so it shouldnt be surprising JYP asked him to do his lines for an hour.

    Heck, Chansung’s rap in Heartbeat was so bad and out of tune that JYP decided to just say they did it on purpose cause it was “unique.”

  6. The harder, the better. This is the reason why 2PM can stand on top now.

  7. haha. i remember when wondergirls would talk about how jyp was a little bit easier on them 😀

  8. i’m glad for the strict training, it’s what makes his trainees so humble in spite of their fame.

  9. haha junho ❤

  10. Agreed.. People think JYP is an ass because he is harsh with his artists. It’s because he is only trying to make them better. I really respect him for teaching his artists what is wrong and right and improving their abilities. He also tests them to see how much they want to become a singer, and how much passion they will give in it. Of course he will praise his artists, but he knows there is always room for improvement. He only does it for their own good and to make them the best. He raises them well.

    • THIS!!

      i respect JYP too because he let his talents have the freedom that they want, not like the other companies..JYP is first for me, then YG and cube? and last is SM. 😛

  11. the most harsh he treat his artist is Rain.
    JYP afraid Rain will become arrogant after all of his success.
    look how down-to-earth Rain even no one in kpop can’t achieve accomplishment like him

  12. the reason why JYP was so harsh to some of his artists during trainee days is because at first some of them are talentness so for them to improve and be a better singer, rapper etc i guess this is the only way to do it.

  13. I love how in the cartoon, Chansung has a six-pack..hahaha!!

  14. This reminds me of that show Taec was on with Jay, Khun and with 3 GOD’s memebers. Kim Taewoo revealed that JYP did that to them too after an award show.

  15. i love 2pm but i never like jyp i dont like sm too i think yg family has better behaviour with their artists

  16. XD Lol at Chansung having to repeat his rap portion for over one hour.. Poor him.
    Junho’s jealous of Ye Eun…

  17. Because obviously JYP is WG biased. Which would explain why he wants to take them EVERYWHERE.

    I swear he needs to start managing other things better other than the Wonder Girl’s world domination.

    • cos WG make JYP’s dream come true

      • I don’t think so? Wonder Girls from the start of their debut wanted to be world singers. And JYP asked the Wonder Girls if they want to go overseas and they all agreed because it was there own dream.

        And maybe JYP is not as harsh to the Wonder Girls than 2PM because their girls. And he cares for them because they are in JYP company… And Wonder Girls are having difficulties in the states rather than 2PM in their home country Korea..

      • ALL of WG wanted to go overseas? Sharing a common dream? Heh…yeah..SUNMI totally agreed.

    • totally agree with you

    • Mayb it’s because WG are Women.

    • well think about it.
      maybe to not all, but it is in generally known that dads probably look after daughters more?
      like a girl would have an earlier curfew than a guy because she’s a girl.
      basically look at it that way and you’ll understand.

  18. LOL!! Chansung repeat his part of rap on the phone
    for one hour .. xD
    Junho jealous of YeEun LOL!!
    Love WG+2PM ❤

  19. hehehe

    oh poor chansung

    but now they are the beast becuse of jyp

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