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FT Island MinHwan does ‘Rainism’ during FT Island concert

Known as the Rain lookalike, FT Island youngest member MinHwan recently was seen doing some ‘Rainism’ moves during FT Island’s ‘Men’s Stories’ concert in Busan in late January.

The little one is sure grown up now. Also, go under the cut for the fancams including member JongHoon performing to ‘Livin La Vida Loca’ at the concert.

Thanks to Joan for the headsup.

26 Responses

  1. i think this boy is really cute ^^

  2. the first and second fancam are awesome!! i didn’t know that minhwan is also a rain-look alike, besides 2pm’s junho! šŸ™‚ he’s hot in there. XD

    i love the way he danced!! šŸ™‚ he’s actually pretty good. šŸ™‚

  3. LOL
    ultimate ėŠė¼ in that picture

  4. FTI = Fake Talent Idiots

  5. Cool minhwan! ! ! ^_^ . . .

  6. Cool minhwan! ! ! ^_^

  7. Wowie that’s impressive :O
    he did well =) yay Minhwan.

    for a sec I thought he looked like Jinwoon with that haircut…

  8. damn, thats a sexy-az picture of minhwan

  9. I will always find Minhwan cute in whatever he does no matter how fast he seems to be maturing.
    Jonghoon was.. LOL

  10. Do they even play their instruments live?

  11. wow! im surprised! the last time i saw them dance was this:

    such a big improvement!

  12. kyaaa minhwan!!!

  13. omigosh! Minhwan is so grown up now! hee looks real good. just saw him for a first time dance like that. awesome :O

  14. Minhwan is grown up now. T.T After watching this, I can’t think of him as little Minhwan.

  15. he really looks like Bi rain :O!!!
    freakin’ sexy Minhwan *——-*

  16. am just a newbee Primadonna and I was able to watch the fancam last week! hihii… after Bi Rain, Only SS501 Leader, Kim Hyun Joong can really do the dance!
    But after watching Minhwan… hihihih… i never thought that this dance can go wholesome and almost so cute…. may be because he’s little?
    Min-min is not really into dancing since FT Island is a band and not a sing-and-dance group. Also, he’s FT Island drummer boy… ^^ but he was able to do this w flying colors!

  17. Damn Minhwan, you need to calm it down, you’re only like 17!

  18. yes!! i’m 1st…
    n i’m right this time!!! hehehehe…
    minhwan look like real man…
    cool… even a bit numb…
    i think so..hahahaha..
    thanks 4 sharing.. ; )

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