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‘Heard ‘Em All’ featuring 4Minute and BEAST’s JunHyung released

‘Heard ‘Em All’ by Amerie featuring 4Minute and BEAST’s JunHyung was released online on the 18th. This song shows off a strong style hiphop beat with the colors from the different voices. This song will be carried on Amerie’s new album ‘In Love&War’ coming out on the 24th.

What do you guys think? More information under the cut

Amerie recently became famous in Korea because her mother was Korean winning her a lot attraction from the public. She placed number one on the hiphop and R&B Billboard charts in 2002, been nominated for the Grammys, and is currently busy working as an actress, singer-songwriter, and producer. She also won popularity in Korea by showing off her name in Korean in her ‘Why R U’ music video.

During March, she will come to visit Korea and to promote her new album.

14 Responses

  1. damn! this is dope! the beat is sick! me like it! sooo fly and this music is my style! nice!

  2. I love it. Especially the 4minute part (well i could only recognise hyuna lol). Anyways, Hyunahs rapping was pretty sick. Great song. So un K-pop ish (well obviously..)

  3. IMHO. i hate it. this is the type of song which you’d prefer to listen once in awhile or if it is playing on ur itunes, within 10 to 30 seconds, you would just press the next button cos there isn’t anything holding me back, its so monotonous and annoying.

  4. lol. anything with amerie, 4minute and junhyung in it gets love from me. haha!<3

    i totally love american koreans. i mean, kinora lee simmons is fabulous and so are the other asian americans. love them and whatever they do!! woot!

  5. I hope that’s not the official album cover

  6. it’s getting scary with the “woaaah” Lol, bleh I dont really like it. Truthfully, i dont think ill like anything with 4Minute in them. But Beast is awesome :DDDD as always! and I cant believe this track was released before…..they just remixed it.

  7. hate me for this but in my opinion this song was wack!!

    • hmm…well i think it sounds “nice” but I just dont really get excited off this song. nothing special but cool remix.

  8. Good:) , ,i like 4Minute en their song. .!!! I hope this song will be succes ! Hwaitingg!!

  9. wow its good, addicting song 🙂

  10. Somehow I pressed something, and the page changed so my comment I was typing disappeared… so if you see double comments appearing, I apologize.

    But 4Minute is singing in Korean~! I thought they were going to sing in English, but when I listened to it, I thought it was just really bad Engrish with a STRONG Korean accent XD But it’s in Korean 😀

    Actually, this song is addicting IMO -_-
    Now THIS is what is a way to bring Korean music to the states. Still singing in Korean, but also with English.

  11. lol, I was about to say..they fucking stole Amerie’s song.. until I read the article. PHEW!

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