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Kim HeeChul on Sunny, “Still far from variety”

Super Junior HeeChul throws a malicious comment on So Nyeo Shi Dae Sunny.

During the recent filming of KBS Invincible Youth, a one-day open house was held and many stars were invited to the ‘idol village’ in KangWonDo, showing the fruits that the G7 members have reaped from their hard work all this while.

Super Junior HeeChul was contacted on the phone during the open house and he commented on Sunny, “Still far from variety” which caused much laughters during the filming.

Meanwhile, the episode featuring the open house will be aired on 19th February.

13 Responses

  1. AHHH! I LOVE THIS PAIRING!!! SunHee<333

  2. LOL Heechul Sunny <333
    This makes me remember about the bday present Heechul gave to her. The unique shoes….lol

  3. what does Still far from variety means? i don’t get it

  4. this is gonna be the best episode ever!

  5. what are they talking about and how is it funny?

  6. Pertamax boz

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