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Fanmade SHINee members’ family trees revealed!

After the fanmade ‘family tree’ for Big Bang members revealed which garnered much interests and attention previously, group SHINee members get their family tree charts too!

Go under the cut for the translated family trees!

I had so much fun translating the charts. LOL, and my favourite one is MinHo’s.

23 Responses

  1. so q!!!haha…
    love them all~~

  2. hahaha lol
    i loveeee
    their family treeee~~~

    lol at onew’s f.t
    “who cannot open his eyes”
    lolololololol :))
    cuteeeeee ~~~

    i loveee minho:)

  3. I love Onew’s family tree! XD

  4. sorry but after i saw their manager hitting a fangirl shinee seems different

  5. i love minho’s family tree!! XD the “6th younger brother who knows it all” pic is damn EPIC!! πŸ˜›
    and i also love onew’s…”hyung who can’t open his eyes”..LOLed much!! XD

    netizens are really something.. πŸ˜›

  6. is that roaring fire at MinHo’s family tree?? lol

    and Key’s meatball cheek making him a JokWon lookalike.

  7. LOl! All so cute! Practically laughed off the chair. Wonder who had actually made this….hmm~
    All faces are like so capturing of those that are all so super uber funny + cute. ~~

  8. taemin n minho’s family trees crack me up….. two tumbs up for the creator of those family trees…. XD

  9. LOL at onew!!!! who cannot open his eyes! hahaha

    i like the fan who made this is. =))

  10. hyung who cannot open his eyes made me crack up!!

  11. Aigoooo~ how fun! ❀

    Key the hot uncle. ;D

  12. onew’s family tree was hilarious xD

  13. LOL I like them all so funny!!

  14. lol taemin was funny

  15. LOL i loved minho’s the most!

  16. it’s not funny

  17. HAHA i washalf expecting yoogeun to be under minho’s family tree for some reason xD
    anyw this was a good laugh! thanks for translating!

  18. and after all the things that they had been ,this is just not work at all
    anyway, itwas cute


  20. lmao some of these are such terrible and hilarious pictures XD

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