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KBS Music Bank 19.02.2010 – So Nyeo Shi Dae’s #1 on KChart with ‘Oh!’ for the 3rd week!

Nation’s girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae gets their 3rd #1 on Music Bank K Chart with the song ‘Oh!’ on 19th February!

They previously won #1 on the chart with the song on 5th and 12th February. They have also won Mutizen song award for the 2nd week through with the song.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts on the show!

Special Stage

  • All Stars with ‘You Raise Me Up’

Today’s Music Bank

  • SNSD with ‘Oh’
  • TRAX ft. SNSD’s SeoHyun with ‘Let You Go’
  • 2AM with ‘Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die’
  • Untouchable w. Secret’s Song JiEun with ‘Living in the Heart’
  • HyunA ft. BEAST’s JoonHyung with ‘Change’
  • Gavy NJ ft. U-Kiss DongHo with ‘Sunflower’
  • CNBlue with ‘Loner’
  • Kim SaeHyun with ‘The Guy’
  • Dia with ‘Another Boy’
  • Na YoonKwon with ‘Idiot’
  • Maeng YonnA with ‘고양이 마호’
  • DJ Zo with ‘If Not’
  • Lydia with ‘Woman’s Proposal’
  • Jo HyeRyun with ‘Won’t Be Long’
  • ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’
  • Kim JongGook with ‘It’s This Person’
  • U-Kiss with ‘Round and Round’
  • Park HyunBin with ‘It’s Hot’
  • Ahn JinKyung with ‘Bad Person’
  • Min KyungHoon with ‘It’s Love Because it Hurts’
  • Wooju with ‘How’
  • Lim ChangJung with ‘Forgotten Parting’


12 Responses

  1. CN BLUE is GREAT!!


    watch this:

    Dongho’s so cute when he raps 🙂

  3. Because 4Minute went Thailand and Phillipines past 2 weeks,so she didnt perfomed at MB, and she will go to Hongkong tomorrow, i dont think she will perform today
    But great, she comeback and bring hot stage as usual
    A big star in future with professional style 🙂 hope she will not too tired and bring a great performance at hongkong soon ^^

  4. woww yonghwa and gavy are really outstanding. i like their vocal

  5. loll CN BLUE yonghwa’s voice at you raise me up is daebakk ^^
    somehow in his last line when he said “more” , it reminded me of westlife badly

  6. sorry to say this .. but music bank
    today kinda boring =_=
    i’m so excited for tomorrow ..^^

  7. OMG can’t believe i never pay any attention to gavy nj O_O
    they’re GOOD …
    and i love cnblue and all, but i wish the other members have more camera time AND JYH could stop staring at the camera !!! it’s kinda… creepy >,<

  8. i luv u raised me up
    I didn’t know yonghwa’s voice is that good…still husky
    hee-young (gavy nj) is the one who caught my attention…
    taeyeon improves on her english….
    also…chukhahae soshi

  9. i like song you raise me up for haitii~~~

    aaaaa snsd win again~~ chukhae

  10. Congrats SNSD <333!!

  11. Seohyun be careful….
    her squeek is very cute, though

  12. lol! seohyun stumble at her solo..pity her
    woah!!i never knew that yonghwa vocal is so amazing!!

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