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WonderGirls for comeback in Korea in April

WonderGirls who have been away from the Kpop scene for some time to promote in the States will be back on the Korean performing stage this year.

Coming April, WonderGirls will be releasing their first full-length album in the States, and will be doing a ‘Korea-America-Asian’ promotions for it.

A representative revealed on the 19th, “Currently the girls are working on the new album, and it will include their hit songs like ‘Nobody’ as well as 4~5 new song. In addition, the girls will be recording a Korean version to the title song for fans in Korea.”

And about whether the girls will be promoting the Korean version of the title song, the rep said, “Korea is included in part of the promotions for their new album. And we are seeing that they will be promoting in Korea for a longer time than in other countries for the song.”

Currently the WonderGirls are promoting their hit song ‘Nobody’ in the States, as well as in China.

Meanwhile, member SunMi will be leaving the team and heading back to Korea to prepare for her college life in March, while JYP trainee HyeRim will be joining as new member.


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  1. WG!!! i’m waiting for u all

  2. awww y did sunmi hav 2 leave da group….:((
    i wish she should come bck soon!!!!
    btw i luv sunye!!!!! go team sunye!!! woooooh!!! :))
    i hope sunye is da leader!!! if she is i would be happy!!!
    im always cheering for wonder girls 🙂

    • selsel123:
      What do you mean by you hope SunYe is the leader???

      As far as I know SunYe IS the leader. Min SunYe IS ALREADY the leader, and she always has been the leader…
      SHE IS LEADER MIN!!!!!
      (and she is such a great, great leader *_* by the way, SunYe FIGHTING!)

      Anyway, I’m looking forward for WG return!
      Although we will have to wait one more month =(… they will not return in April, but in May…

      I would like so so so much a *KARA*-WonderGirls colaboration!!! WonderKARA!
      And a WonderGirls – 4Minute colaboration would be very interesting too!

  3. omy theyre coming back…ive missed them

  4. WonderGirls comeback!!!!!

    It’s a very good news!!!!! Finally! Please comeback soon!!!!!!

    New song and new video??? *_* I hope so.

    But I don’t understand about SunMi =( 😦
    Is she leaving the group, like in definitive way, or like in a “hiatus” way or something??? =(
    And a new member? Mmm I don’t know…

    Wish they didn’t apart… add new members perhaps… but still the main 5… =( =( 😦

    But of course, however, I wish them good luck and success!!!

    Wonder Girls FIGHTING!!!! *_______*

    WonderGirls, *KARA*, Rainbow, After School, HAM, JQT, 4Minute fighting!!!!!!!!

    (sorry for my bad english, is not my language)

  5. I’m excited! Weeeeh! Wonder Girls Jjang! ❤

  6. im not excited anymore….they are not the same old WG….

  7. Oh, so that means they’re not gonna release a Portuguese version of Nobody?!


    If I hear them singing that song once again, I swear I’m gonna call whoever’s in charge of the Guinness Records.

  8. wow, these news on WG lately have me thinkin abt a few things and i realized this news has got to be the best news for me this month. why? i’m not even that much of a fan of them. well, i’ll tell you why and i’d like to share my feelings abt WG for those who don’t mind reading a little rant.

    it’s positive tho. don’t worry. i’m no basher.

    y’know i’ve never been into WG. i knew they were/are huge in korea and i do notice them and acknowledge them. but somehow, i never took interest, despite the fact that they had wonderbang and i liked that a lot. (and we all know what a freak i am when it comes to my boys.) but they never stuck. not even ‘tell me’ did the trick.

    i know their songs, i memorize the lines, lyrics and even some dance moves. i especially adored ‘irony’ cuz it was cute and endearing in a weirdly haunting way (thanks to kangin singing it on his radio show), but somehow i still didn’t connect with them. i didn’t take any interest in them, not cuz i wasn’t interested but well… it’s complicated, this thing i have with WG. lol.

    first of all, i started off not liking them at all. like, AT ALL. haha^^ don’t ask. it was pretty stupid of me. but anyways, then i found out abt 2AM and their song ‘this song’ that had sunye at the end, and that did it for me. somehow seeing this unnie hugging her friend and cheering him on. aigoo~ it was amazing to see such genuine love for a friend. it was heart-warming.

    but then, JUST as i was working myself up to know more abt them, JUST THEN, *bam* they get shipped out to the US and that kinda dampered my finally, FINALLY, budding interest. sad. then i forgot abt them, yet again.

    but alas, it wasn’t long after that they did their video livechat thing for the fans while they were in the US and they tugged me in for good. also, there was that twitter incident with yenny unnie and a hater. ah~ finally something hooked. it was awe-inspiring. reading of how yenny unnie handled the situation and how mature she was.

    and the rest is history. lol. suffice to say, yenny unnie and sunye unnie has since become my faves in the group. i adore them to the max. they’re real role models girls can look up to. they have some real qualities to respect for and admire and we don’t see that a lot these days.

    and that’s my story. haha^^ i still can’t be considered a wonderful tho. i know nothing aside from their names and their discography and a few awards they won. but they forever have my respect and i’ll definitely keep my eye on them from now on. and that’s why this news abt them returning to korea is the BEST news for me cuz finally i have something from them i can look forward to. i can start the process anew and be amazed all over again.

    i do wish whatever’s best for them and hope they will continue to become more successful in the future.

    • well i seriously hope one day you’ll join us as a Wonderful 🙂

    • WTH? who gonna read that?? get a life…

      • ROFL. YOU get a life.

        “i’d like to share my feelings abt WG for those who DON’T mind reading a little RANT.”

        this line was in the first paragraph. it’s the 3rd sentence. i warned you it was gonna be a rant. if you don’t wanna read it, then don’t. lmfao. what an idiot.

        FYI, this is pretty short compared to my other rants.
        like i care what you ask me to do. PFFT!

  9. wahh finally new songs.

  10. I honestly doubt they’ll stay and promote in Korean that long. Just the tone of the article says it all. It isn’t a Korean album and they’re just going to make a Korean version out of the title song. JYP’s target is still America and with Lim, he’s gonna be all over China in a matter of time.

    WG will probably been back and promote for 1 month tops.

  11. YAY! i can’t wait!
    i was reading the comments and im glad there are still people anticipating the wonder girls comeback! 😀
    I really cannot wait since the girls have improved vocally especially sohee, and i can’t wait for her to blow everyone out of the water.
    I’ve been so waiting to say this…
    Step aside rookies, korea’s little sisters will show you how to do it

  12. wonder girls fighting!!!!!! fighting! come backkkk

  13. i have this theory. let me know if it sounds logical.

    i think that sunmi’s decision wasnt just her own. i think her parents disapproved of the status and direction sunmi was heading with the wonder girls. sunmi herself loved it. i mean seriously, why would she choose to leave the group on her own will when she knows their american album is about to drop? that said, because SHE IS A MINOR, her parents must’ve signed sunmi’s contract on her behalf. her parents probably felt overseas promotions would most definitely hinder her studies (since parents obviously prefer education). and since her parents arent really “in the know” they didnt know when the overseas promotions will end, america and china. america seemed fine, then the whole idea of china came up. too long and too tedious. they probably decided that it would be too tough for sunmi to handle since it will be her first year and all and so they decided against continuing the promotions.
    sunmi, for the love of her family, took the blame entirely and left her parents out of it so that they wouldnt suffer any blame.

    all this is… a guess (:

    despite everything, im going to miss her. ill wait for her return. when she does, wonder girls will continue on with 6 members to establish themselves as one of the top girl groups in the latter half of the decade and beginning of the new. i hope people will remember wg lke they do finkl and ses

  14. can you guys not read? they are doing an AMERICAN, KOREAN, ASIAN tour. so its not like their leaving america for that long.

  15. I thought they were goin to china??

    And I was hoping they were serious with the U.S. debut cuz I thought it’d be cool if people in my country knew one of my favorite kpop groups. but now they’re leaving (and sunmi leaving period besides). Im disappointed they wont get famous here now 😦 so far to me, RAIN gotten the furthest but in an acting career.

  16. thinking about it they have been promoting Nobody for almost 2 years(?)

  17. it will be a lot of artist coming back on april
    2PM, Rain, Outsider, maybe Son Dambi and 2ne1 coming back to can’t wait for April to come.

  18. i would like to add. these korean companies wonder why they fail so badly in america. it is because of things like this. not taking it seriously enough. promoting in other countries when they should focus on one at a time.

    oh well the wondergirls will be packing their bags for korea when they fail in america. due to the fact jyp not taking it seriously enough.

    • I don’t think they failed. Being a part of the Billboard charts is huge accomplishment. so I guess they can’t be “packing their bags for korea when theyf ail in America” when they already made huge achievements. and truthfully it’s only wonder girls who’s promoting in other areas as well as america. BoA solely focused on America as well as Se7en.

    • they didnt fail in america.

      making names for yourselves is a big deal, whether or not your “name” is big or not.

    • what part of when they fail dont you understand? like i said they will fail because they will sell alittle amount of albums in america. therefore the album will flop. therefore flopping equals failure. thanks have a nice day 😀

  19. welcome back wg fighting

  20. i sure hope they got a extra ten songs on that album. in america 6 songs is not a real album.

  21. AHHHHHHH !! WONDER GIRLS COMEBACKKKK. freaking excittedd 😀
    This is crazy. Truthfully I’ve been so “blehh” with the girl groups. I loved wondergirls’ stage presence and charisma. Can’t wait for them to perform again. Hopefully they’ll do a Golden Disk Award performances like last year ? (Wonder girl’s golden disk award performance last year was boombbb). And thennnn…. throw in a couple extra Wonderbang performances? hehehe. I hope that Korean Wonderfuls will come back to Wondergirls and support them. Hopefully Wondergirls will be able to do well, even with the new member and heavy competition 😉
    Wondergirls HWAITING ~~

  22. omo! can’t wait for it! 2NE1 will be dropping their album too and same as WG and these are my fave 2 girlgroups! idc who’s better or who’s not, these both groups are awesome and i will support them.

  23. I guess WG will top all the girl groups again. ^^;

  24. Can’t wait!. =))

  25. Don’t they get a chance to rest?

  26. welcome wg back 😀

  27. Woooooow *3*
    Can’t wait <33333333
    Hwaiting WG, HyeRim, and Mimi ;____;

  28. thank you for sharing important WG news…. april will sure get a little crazy for the girls.. :S

  29. So.So.SOOO happy!

    K-pop just gets exciting when WG are around XD
    Also, props for them to come when big acts are making their comebacks. Also JYP family unite! Bi is coming too~ ^o^

    It’s also the same time Hyori is coming back and a few others.

    People may think WG’s popularity went down, but currently they are Korea’s pride right now. With their success in America, they WILL have one of THE highest anticipated comebacks of the years. April, come soon~

  30. Really won’t they be tired I’m not a fan but I don’t want these girls passing out.

  31. April is the scary month. Fierce competition among many big names.

    • JYP must love competition, because in 09, he put them rivals against Rain and TVXQ :/

      It’s risky, but if WG come out successful and on top, it will prove that WG’s impact in the industry as a top group if they compete against bigger rivals.

      If they go against newbies, it won’t prove anything as they are already an established group.

      Pretty much, their current status relies heavily on how successful they will be in their promotions in April. If they fail, it will be seen as WG’s end as a top group who lost a lot of popularity :/
      People will also doubt their decisions on leaving Korea, etc. So JYP made a smart move to debut them when the competition is high.

      • I don’t think companies watch competition that much lol.

        They just comeback when they’re ready, end of the story. If the song is good, they’ll be successful, if it’s not, even if there’s no competition, they will fail.

      • Actually, competition does have a large play. More for rookies, as during a period when top stars make their comeback, lower rookies aren’t invited as much on shows.

        Most singers make more money out of cf deals and getting most popularity. Even tiny awards on music shows become a big deal if a top group can’t even snag one @___@

        When there’s competition, the business keeps rolling~

        In this case, the competition has more significance to WG as if they can prove that amidst other top stars that can overshadow them, it shows their status in the industry.

      • This is not totally true because a song can be a hit without winning awards or being 1st. Competition doesn’t matter. And Korean people are aware of that.

        For example, it’s what happened for BEG’s ‘Abracadabra’. You might think they were overshadowed by 2NE1 or even SNSD this summer but in fact, they weren’t at all. The song was not 1st for long and they didn’t grab awards but it was still the 3rd biggest hit of the year. The song was totally everyone, just like ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Genie’. Many people don’t realize it here but in Korea, people regard them as a top group now.

        Even if there’s a lot of competition, many songs and many artists can be successful at the same time. Being the first is a misleading factor. BEG had never had so many show appareances and CF contracts before, their popularity exploded, but at the same time 2NE1 and SNSD’s too. The three groups shined a lot, there was no loser in the competition.

        If WG comes back with a great song, even if they don’t get 1st, they will prove that they still have a lot of power. Being on top doesn’t always mean being popular. It’s hard to be both, but many groups are on top only because they have a lot of fans.

      • I meant “The song was totally EVERYWHERE” not everyone *

      • souly just to correct u BEG won 4 awards with Abracadabra 2 from sbs inkigayo and 2 from mnet and I think they would have won more awards if GD did not release his album

      • Yeah, only 2 awards from SBS and 2 awards from MNet which is not a lot considering that it was one of the biggest hit of last year. Plus awards from MNet doesn’t have a lot of value to be honest…

      • u said “Yeah, only 2 awards from SBS and 2 awards from MNet which is not a lot considering that it was one of the biggest hit of last year” u must not forget BEG are not a idol group and they also come from a small agency which means the album sales can be low plus winning 4 awards at a time many popular starts were also promoting their music like SNSD, 2NE1, 4minute , kara , GD , baek ji young, t-ara, jewelry etc i think its a big accomplishment b/c BEG is not a idol group plus they are not from a big agency beside snsd also won 4 awards with tell me ur wish and as far as I remember tell me ur wish considered to be one of the biggest hits of 2009
        “Plus awards from MNet doesn’t have a lot of value to be honest” well I dont know about that but Im sure many might disagree with u in that

      • @souly, actually, competition is everything.

        everyone can debate whether or not BEG was a hit or not, but without any awards, nothing can be justified. see, without awards, a quantified support, everything is opinionated and it would be chaos. you know? people need stats and numbers to solidify their argument for hit or miss. a good song is determined by the ears of the listener. every song is good to some people. but we award people based on votes, a majority rule which then can lead to awards. those awards, how many of them, their rank on charts, are all legitimate ways of justifying the success of someone. yeah, numbers are not everything (ex: 2ne1’s latest song. theyre up high in charts but i personally dont dig it). but numbers/stats are a way to fairly judge something like success.

        so “This is not totally true because a song can be a hit without winning awards or being 1st. Competition doesn’t matter.” that isnt entirely true, sorry to say. it can be hit, but a hit through your eyes. being first, and how many times you are first, quantifies the success for people to easily understand

      • im done (: i do not want to plague a gorgeous wonder girls post with ongoing debates about this and that.

        we do not get many wonder girls news as it is. i wish things were kept glowing and happy. i just want them to rest up, perform, and do what they love. preferably in a group of 5 or 6. i dont mind haelim; if wonder girls accept her, i will too.

        <3my girlsss

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  33. YEAH!!!! Been waiting for this good news for a long time!
    WG fighting!

  34. Yeah! Wonder Girls, 2PM, and Rain in April How exciting!

  35. i’m sick of nobody… glad that they’ll come back to korea… finally… it’s been so long… hope they’ll spend more time in korea…

  36. not a big fan of wondergirls, but i like their songs and hope to see a 2pmwondergirl collaboration xP

  37. i’m not a wonderful either. but i really like WG. i seriously hope they focus in Korea instead of the us or wherever. jyp bring them back!

  38. I’m so happy..Cant wait for their comeback..

  39. yes yes yes Im so happy lol all the girls group that will promote in April must feel really scared b/c wonder girls are back baby

  40. sooo like,

    hope the marketing crew and loyal fanbase hypes their return like no other. they deserve the absolute best and should get the best.

    hmm, hoping for some snsd-wg interaction and wonderbang. sry 2ne1, but being in the same company doesnt mean you prevail over all. no disrespect of course – its just wonderbang is like the “it” collaboration.

    cant wait for their comeback! i hope coolsmurf blogs about their return (just saying) too. goodluck to wg and their promotions and of course, their health

    • lol, i don’t even understand why you have to include and say sorry to 2ne1 when obviously YG himself does not find BB-2ne1 collab worth doing, no matter how some fans would beg. I don’t know if you follow YG closely but being more aware of YG fam, he wanted the girl group to stand alone solidly first. Their collaborations so far with BB are like…minimal compared to the awesomeness of wonder bang — a hot collab i’m a big fan of as well.

      Anyhoo, I can’t wait for WG comeback, too! 😀 I missed them doing promotions in Korea. I hope they won’t get tired, though. BTW, will they promote with Hae Lim in Korea? I’m kind of anxious about it, but I wish them the best.

      • Bigbang – 2ne1 Lollipop.

      • i think they should promote haelim in korea. i know fans would be bitter at first but look at yoobin. plus, it’d crush haelim and her family and friends to find out if one day she gets booted from the group upon promoting in their home country. that’d be so messed up. “oh, we only needed you for china promotions, but now since sunmi is back, bye bye” lol, that would sound horrendous

  41. But, isn’t that a little too much though? WG are exhausted as it is, and not a cross promotions between THREE effin countries?!! :O

    But Good Luck anyway.

  42. I am really excited. And I’m not even a Korean Wonderful, or a Wonderful at all, at that.

    No offense, but aside from 2NE1 & probably After School, idol girl groups these days are lackluster. Wonder Girls always bring excitement and enthusiasm to their performances, they’re always so entertaining to watch 🙂 So yes, it’s good news for the dying KPop scene.

    • Nah, that’s your own taste. To me, SNSD performances are the best ! But from what I remember, WG was pretty good, especially during Nobody (but pleaase no more Nobody rofl). Well only if you put aside Sohee’s aweful vocals lol.

      • SNSD may be crazy popular, but they just lack the charisma and all. I love performances which give fresh surprises and draw people in, and from what I’ve seen, SNSD do things over and over and over again. Their remixes aren’t exciting, so yeah. Not hating, but you can see the vast difference in stage creativity when you compare SNSD to the likes of WG and 2NE1, and musically-wise too (their song arrangements for their special stages are greatttt!). And they have individuality, each member is different. But, my opinion. 🙂

        Ps. SNSD’s vocals aren’t great either 😉

      • Haha I get your point, it’s okay ! 🙂 For me, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ really showed a charismatic image of SNSD. I think it was their best concept so far when it comes to music. SooYoung, YuRi, HyoYeon… All these members were able to show their own personnality in this song.

        About remixes and stage creativity, I don’t know, I don’t really think it’s that important because it doesn’t show which one is better. Remixes are never promoted and it’s really minor. It mostly depends on whether you like remixes or not. SM rarely does remixes and they’re not very good at it to be honest… lol. I guess it’s hard for non-fans to see the individuality of each members, since they are nine, but I can tell that SNSD wouldn’t be the same without one member because each one brings something different from another. It’s easier for WG and 2NE1 to show their individuality because they don’t have a lot of members.

        And SNSD have better vocals than WG for sure. Even Yoona, who’s pretty weak at singing, is waaay better than Sohee lol… But I guess WG improved a lot (and YeEun and SunYe are pretty good in fact), and I don’t really know what the new member can do or if she can sing. We’ll have to wait and see !

      • II like both of the groups but I so disagree with u to me both of the groups are vocally very weak and at the same level each of snsd and WG have only 3 members that can sing in WG u have Sunye Yeeun and Sunmi and snsd u have Taeyeon Jessica and Tiffany but the other 6 are just …u know can’t sing and yeah u must not forget that snsd has extra 4 members comparing to WG who only have 5 members beside Hyoyeon and Sooyoung are as vocally weak and awful as Sohee please just go and watch oh! Live performances and hear their vocals lol anyone who read ur comment will think that SNSD as at the same level as seeya or daivichi when it comes to vocals when they are not
        Ps sorry to some SNSD fans if I sounded rude but I Souly just needed a reality check

      • Saying that only 3 of SNSD can sing proves that you are ignorant and don’t know anything about SNSD. Seo Hyun, Tae Yeon, Sunny, Jessica, Tiffany and even Yuri are great singers. The others are weaker but they can sing handle their part unlike Sohee and they sing WAY better. At least they don’t make my ears bleed.

      • Interesting…. conversation. I don’t really know how whether SNSD can sing or not fits into this subject… but with WG….

        1 is a rapper. So if you include the rest of the 4 members, Sunye and Ye Eun have powerful voices. Sunmi CAN sing, she’s more husky. Sohee…. c’mon people. Saying “Sohee can’t sing”.. it’s getting old now.

        Sohee can sing, but WG’s current songs don’t fit her voice. She sings better when her parts don’t require her to sing high pitched. Also, she’s gotten better since the American tour….

        It’s kind of irritating that people over-exaggerate Sohee’s singing skills as being worse than it is. Maybe 2 years ago I could have agreed. But TWO YEARS have passed people! Her singing has gotten better by far. She’s not THAT bad.

      • first of all this article is not about snsd its about WG so I dont get why u bringing their name here second of all reading ur comment was so funny b/c it showed that ur not only an ignorant fan freak but also its showing that are living in A lalala land please stoping denying that snsd can’t sing Seo Hyun and Yuri and Sunnye can’t really sing their vocals are very limited I doubt that they can even reach a high note beside sunnye vocals sound extremely annoying in oh! even Jessica and tiffany and tayceon vocals are not that good if u compared them to members of groups like seeya diavichi and BEG thirdly u said “The others are weaker but they can sing handle their part unlike Sohee and they sing WAY better” of course snsd will sound better in some performances b/c they are nine girls in one group which means they can cover for each other mistakes and their lines are very short like each member say like one line or two lines like for example in Oh! yoona only have one line which consist of two to three words!! and in star she doesn’t even have a line same thing goes to the other members but in WG each member lines are way longer comparing to snsd b/c they are five members so of course u will notice their mistakes easily and about the ears bleeding please don’t let me start b/c some members in snsd also make my ears bleed
        again to snsd fans I don’t hate snsd and honestly I like their music but I can’t pretend and say that they can sing and that they are better than WG when they are at the same level as the WG

      • All your posts, TL;DR

        Stop talking about SNSD or 2ne1 or w/e and just talk about WG. Who gives a shit if WG can’t sing? Why are you in this thread if you think that way?

      • sorry but i want to say yuri can’t sing :]
        though taeyeon,seohyun,jessica,tiffany and sunny can sing :]

        there is 1 performance i watch on utube and so hee can sing…….
        but very weird i just can’t find the video now.
        not a wonderful but there is 2 members in wg cannot sing and it is not so hee(from the perfomance i watch….)

      • I didn’t bring SNSD to put WG down, stop being oversensitive. =_= the movement ftw was just saying that other girl groups lacked of charisma and I said that I thought SNSD didn’t. I didn’t bring other groups here, ok ? 🙂 And the movement was saying it NICELY.

        And it’s true Sohee can’t sing. ‘It’s getting old’ but it’s still as true as before. And sorry but she is THAT bad.

        You make me sound like I don’t like WG when I do and it’s… kind of irritating. I was just comparing vocals. If you don’t want to admit which one can’t sing, then there’s nothing I can do for you.

      • To be honest non hardcore fans will not truely know if a member can sing well or not. As a WG fan I don’t know about Soshi’s worst singers. Yeah judging from the promotions on Music Bank etc. they may sing bad but that may be because of the song they are singing. Most k-pop song do not show good vocals. People have a misconception that Sohee sounds bad but if you listen to her sing ballads she sounds much better as she doesn’t do the squeaky high pitched voice sound the company makes her do. I’m guessing that is the same with the Soshi members who appear to sound bad too. You can’t honestly say someone sounds bad if you don’t follow their music. You have to listen to their best performances and bad performances first before you honestly can judge if they sound bad or not. ANyways stop arguing and keep supporting your artists without offending one another okay?

      • WGFAN first, snsd fan second, HERE (:

        first, i agree with biscuit. i always do actually. but im not showing favoritism.

        second, i do not, cannot, possibly understand WHY people are debating about who sings better. im sorry, but is there any justifiable way to prove that? who are we to judge who sings like an angel and who flat out sucks? im sure we all have opinions about who sings good, but to bluntly state that (insert name here) cannot sing, shows extreme ignorance on your part. youre limited to title songs when listening to music programs. so we cannot judge. every group has their “niche”. have you heard wonder girls sing “this time” or “friend” or something? gorgeous. have you heard snsd sing “dear mom”, “baby baby” (one of my favs)? gorgeous.

        honestly, if we’re debating about who can sing better, then why not bring up idk… leona lewis, elton john, rod stewart, or star into the debate? oh, why not V.O.S? there are many, mannyyy artists. its impossible for you to judge so bluntly.

        snsd and wg are different, yet one of the same. whatever fits your taste and to your liking, you’re going to vouche for them, obviously.

        i agree with Mmmm. sohee cant sing? its so old. give credit where credit is due and shes been working and improving. you gotta change your standards for people. if you set one bar for every group to touch, for example: michael jackson. using mj as the bar or standard as a performer. no one, and i mean no one, will come close. does that mean they suck as a performer? no, of course not.

      • People who say Seohyun, Yuri, and Sunny can’t sing only listen and watch the performances of the title songs SNSD promotes. Watch and listen to their live radio covers and other performances of their non-promoted songs and you’ll see that they do have vocal ability. Seohyun is a great harmonizer for the group and sounds wonderful when she sings in English because for some odd reason her voice is a lot deeper and more powerful in English songs. Sunny’s voice is one you need to get used to and her problem is that for performances she doesn’t choose to sing in her natural regular singing voice, but rather uses her aegyo voice to go along with the cute concept for their songs like Gee and Oh. Like Seohyun though she is another member that contributes a lot to the harmonizer. Just because her voice is high doesn’t mean she can’t sing. Take Lena Park for example. Anyways SNSD’s new album really showcases Sunny’s vocals especially in Star, Star, Star and Martian Virus. She has some trills in her voice that the other members can’t do as well. Another favorite Sunny vocal moment of mine is her line in “HaHaHa”. She sang it so well that even Taeyeon who sang the same line in the later part of the song couldn’t even top Sunny’s rendition for me. Now for Yuri, her problem is lack of control. She actually has a nice tone to her voice and can even do vibrato, but the lack of control and technique really brings her down. There’s also the fact that they like to give her lines that don’t cater to her vocal range. She sounds really nice in a low range because it fits her deeper vocal, but in Oh it just goes wrong because she tries to sing so high.

        Sooyoung and Hyoyeon also can sing to a certain extent. They don’t have a wide range and a lot of control, but if they’re given lines that fit their vocals they can do really well. Sooyoung’s voice can be very clear if she sings properly. She did great with her line in Merry-Go-Round at SNSD’s first concert. Hyoyeon has a deep voice that goes very well with rnb type songs that sadly SNSD don’t do. She doesn’t have a super powerful voice or much control, but if she sings in her range she’s not terrible. Take her As Time Goes By cover for example and her lines in Martian Virus. I think everyone who hears Hyoyeon’s lines in Martian Virus have to do a double ear check because girl really hits it home.

        Yoona, I say still can’t sing and it doesn’t seem like she really tries either. I see improvement from other non-vocal line members, but never her. The best I ever heard her sound was her line in Forever off their new album. What’s been saving Yoona is the fact that SM loves her and always gives her lines that she can pull off (poor Hyoyeon and Sooyoung don’t get this treatment). This is what’s different between Yoona and Sohee. Yoona gets lines that she can decently pull off live whereas Sohee gets lines that are out of her range so she has trouble pulling it off. Sohee wouldn’t sound half as bad as she does if JYP gave her the same treatment Yoona gets.

    I hope they’re performing in music show^^
    CAN’T WAIT!!!WG JJang!!

  44. I’M SO HAPPY. Although i’m a bit concerned about the multiple promotions, it will definitely make the girls really tired, but man, i just want new material!


  45. Wahh SERIOUSLY?!
    This is the BEST news of WG i’ve heard so far!!! XDDD
    I can’t wait! The girls are finally having a comeback after more than a year leaving Korea.
    too bad Sunmi’s not going to be with them. But at least they get to spend some time with her in Korea

    WG fighting!!!! <333333333333333

  46. OMONA.. cant wait april.
    rain & wG COMEBACK

  47. oh my god…what an awesome suprise…im nervous and excited at the same time…wonder girls!!!!!! 🙂 >3

  48. If they are mostly doing their promotions in Korea, does that mean performing in music shows? Hope so.
    WonderBang! Oh, how I wish there will be someday, again!

  49. Nobody RIP please. Give us another song.

  50. wah i’m kind of disappointed that sunmi leaves and they decide to release an album in korea 😦 but nonetheless i am excited for this album 😀

  51. will they perform on music bank, music core and inkigayo?
    I read somewhere 2pm also released new album in april

  52. LOL wg must owned 2ne1.

    • i dont care to 2ne1

    • lol. talk about hating on a group when their name is not even nowhere near mentioned in the article. fans like you are pathetic. or are you even one? tsk.

    • notice the persons name.

      the person isnt a regular here on kbites. a regular as in a person with a consistent name that comments. its a person that changes names from time to time and trolls through comment sections.

      just trolling, leave them alone please. plus, that person makes wg fans look horrible. dont even consider then a fan actually

    • you’re a stupid dipshit

      and i’m not even a big fan of wg
      i know who they are, their songs, dances
      but i prefer others.

      youre one fucking stupid troller.
      byebye loser.


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