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KangTa first ever fan meeting after military discharge!

Remember the previous news about KangTa will do Asia Fan Meeting Tour after military discharge?

Well, he finally throwed the event yesterday February 20 7:00 pm at Korea Arts Center.

KangTa greets around 600 fans and sings his singles such as : Happy Happy and Propose. KangTa also sings hits from George Michael’s Kissing A Fool and Brian McKnight’s One Last Cry.

In the Fanmeeting, KangTa also received a congratulatory message from same company junior like TVXQ Yunho and ChangMin, Super Junior, SNSD, Trax and also f(X).

In addition, KangTa will greet his Japanese fans on March 19,2010. He is also scheduled to release a single album in the 1st half of 2010 and planned to hold a concert within this year.

More photos from the event under the cut!

12 Responses

  1. wah i missed him 🙂

  2. Lol it would be so SM dominate if suju, snsd, shinee, fx and him did a comeback at the same time.
    Ops Snsd is already on the comeback.

  3. gesshhhh didn’t he just get discharged?! SM couldn’t give him some R&R time?!

  4. Small note about grammar: you might want to change “he throwed” to “he threw.” 🙂

    He looks good! It’s cool that he’s back and hanging with his fans.

  5. i’m so glad he is back ❤

  6. man he is still soo HOT!!!

  7. *drools* Oh Kangta, you were so fine back with H.O.T and you still are!<333333

    I love his voice too, when he's making a comeback soon, I'll be anticipating!!!

  8. he’s probably one of those with 13 year contracts…maybe the 3 DBSK members don’t want this…you’re just out from the military and you’re working again…maybe he doesn’t want a wife LOL!

    • seriously give the poor guy a break he just got back from the army then BAM get back to work!

  9. He is so hot.

  10. he looks like FTTS Hwanhee on the 2nd pic

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