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SBS Inkigayo 21.02.2010 – SNSD wins Mutizen award for the 2nd week!

Today on SBS Inkigayo, So Nyeo Shi Dae won their 2nd Mutizen award on the show for the 2nd consecutive week with ‘Oh!’. Congratulations!

Meanwhile, other highlights of the show includes performances by 2AM, UKiss, CN Blue, TRAX, Untouchable, Kim Jong Kook etc.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

Take 7

  • SNSD with ‘Oh’  – I like their costumes like that (:
  • 2AM with ‘Won’t Let You Go Even If I Die’
  • Gavy NJ ft. U-Kiss DongHo with ‘Sunflower’
  • C.N Blue with ‘Loner’
  • U-Kiss with ‘Round and Round’
  • Min Kyung Hoon with ‘Love Because it Hurts’
  • Kim Jong Gook with ‘It’s This Person’

Hot Music

  • SNSD with ‘Show Show Show’
  • TRAX ft. SNSD SeoHyun with ‘Let You Go’
  • ZE:A with ‘Mazeltov’
  • Untouchable ft. Secret Song Ji Eun with ‘Living in the Heart’
  • Lim Chang Jung with ‘Forgetful Parting’
  • Park Hyun Bin with ‘It’s Hot’

Fresh Music

  • Ahn Jin Kyung ft. MBLAQ Mir with ‘Bad Person’
  • Jo Hye Ryun with ‘Won’t Be Long’

Power Rookie

  • Shaun L feat. Gary Gold Smith’s Gold with ‘Let’s Talk’


  • MC cut
  • Interview
  • KARA’s comeback next week!!

22 Responses

  1. I’m a supporter of SNSD and all but I really think 2AM’s performance was beautiful and well-executed ^^ Somehow I believe SNSD wins not because of their songs or talent..but because of the fans and bias.

  2. i love snsd.. but 2AM killed that performance! i got goosebumps 🙂 i hope they win again.. it’s so hard to win against snsd though

  3. I love Kim Jong Kook’s smile. He looks so sweet when he smiles *u*
    And the dance is pretty interesting. The dancers are all bouncing during the chorus haha

  4. I have my hope high for KARA since I love their Lupin. So, please bring a good dance steps to compliment their song. 🙂


    I like Trax’s song too. It kept playing in my head. 😀

  5. I like snsd and all, I really do!! But, it’s no suprise when they win each week, it kinda seems like they expect it T.T and I reaaaally think Ukiss deserves a chance D: sighh

  6. *yawn* not much to see these few weeks

  7. snsd i just not getting into me
    i thought it is just another typical asian group like morning miuseme
    i cant tell the difference though
    as a man i see more talent than looks
    they are talented but just didnt really not into my taste

  8. Woot! Congrats to my soshi girls<33333
    Oh and Kim Jong Kook<333

  9. Hmm.. why didn’t they put Nicole’s last name in the teaser..? o.o

  10. INKI GAYO! waah, i just noticed how the cameraman love TIFFANY so much at their performance at OH, and Taeyon unnie must rest, her voice sounded weak. omo! love all the perf this day.! at SHOW3 cool!

  11. imo, i think im getting fed up with SNSD winning…they like, bagged the number 1s everyweek. i want someone new to win.. i want 2AM to win again, or Gavy NJ.

    Gavy NJ’s perf is always great!
    and for 2AM’s perf, jinwoon’s emotions are wow…he’s really emotional today.

    well, congrats to SNSD again. 😀

  12. Show show show dance would be more fun & interesting if they use the magic cane as well to fit with the outfits like one of Boa English song (Eat you up??? )

    • if they have a cane, it would be more obvious that SM is trying to mock KARA’s comeback concept. LOL watch KARA’s comeback teaser video and you’ll get what I mean…and yeah KARA comes back next week.

  13. Congratulation SoShi!!!! Oh is one of my favorities song…

  14. Congrats SNSD. love their performances.

  15. i didn’t even watch anything
    and i love the girls to death but..

    WTF are they wearing!?

  16. Congrats SoShi! <3333

  17. Ok NOW i know whose in that KARA teaser. ahhh…i anticipate Lupin very much.
    Nice that SNSD ddid Show Show Show..i LOVE that electronic part that opens the song

  18. SNSD looks like a pole dancer in ‘Show show show’.

  19. Chukkae onnie!!

  20. Whoa, this was fast 😀 ty x 10

    • taecyeon and jo kwon were so cute! LOL

      i watched family outing season 2 and it was hilarious. DUDE JO KWON IS DAEBAK! He’s the total mascot. 😀

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