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Jo PD criticises, “Why are the idols clinging on to the nose-buried money”

Jo PD criticizes the idol groups of the Kpop circle.

Jo PD recently commented, “The industry itself has shrunk so much and there is so little left for everyone, now even the young ones are all hanging on to the nose-buried money. The mass public has lost their interests for music made for the masses, now they have become pro consumers who just want instant entertainment.”

He continued, “Amidst the number of years for idols to become formalised, the musicians are the ones who got pushed back. For me as well, whenever I release a new album I tell myself ‘this is the last’. But because there is new music that I want to try, I have come thus far. And I’m certainly not the only one thinking like that.”

Meanwhile, Jo PD is currently working on the song ‘ROK’ together with singer In Sooni. ‘ROK’ is a mega song with big-name composers and producers like ShinMin, AssBrass roped in, and is many months in the making.

S: SaeGye

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  1. sad but true…but then…i love all my kpop idols :p

  2. I don’t think Jo PD is bashing idols, he’s just disapointed that other type of artists and groups aren’t able to get the same attention and opportunities as the idol groups. I think he’s right.

    The biggest problem with korean music industry is because there is no balance. Korean media only promotes and gives attention to idol groups. How can real groups and artists promote their music and promote themselves if they don’t get the opportunity to do so.
    Just look at Japanese music scene, they have lots of idols too, but real artists and groups of all types of music style also have the chance to shine. Japanese music scene is very balanced. It would be nice if Korean music scene was the same.

    I also wished big korean entertainment companies cared about song quality as much as they care for their idol group’s looks and concepts. It’s possible to songs that have quality and that are catchy at the same time.
    Take for example JYP, he created songs that were catchy and had good musical quality at the same time: songs like g.o.d’s ‘Lie’ and Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ were popular and catchy but at the same time it was also well-recieved by music critics (who normally dislike idol groups) that said these songs were some of the best korean pop songs ever made.

  3. his words can srsly be interpreted into a million different scenarios. i personally, somewhat agree with him. to a certain extent. i think he’s right by saying music has deteriorated. and that’s where my agreeing with him stops. lol.

    to me, i think, it’s not the actual quality of music that’s downfalling, i think the fact that good music is being overproduced and where ppl suddenly stops trying to find NEW music to make is what’s contributing to it.

    using BB as an example (not cuz i’m biased. heh.) back when GD did lies with the house/dance/electronica genre suddenly everyone went digital/dance with their music. BB did auto-tune then others followed suit. SNSD did “gee, gee, gee” and it was an explosion. then everyone started repeating syllables, with the oh, oh and eh, eh. 2PM with again again again, SUJU with sorry, sorry, sorry and MBLAQ with o yeah, yeah, yeah. even epik high with their wannabe, wannabe. i’m not sure abt WG’s nobody, nobody, but it’s listed in there with the others.

    this is a case of ONE person being creative enough to discover good music and other ppl going, “oh look! that’s creative, quality music AND the audience likes it. lets follow them, tweak it and make tons of money off it.” at least this is how i see it. it’s not the fault of the idols, it’s just how the money game is played.

    the solution is simple enough. these idols are already capturing the hearts of many. they have the power to influence what the audience are listening to. just look at epik high. they’ve perfected the craft. others should follow suit. get their attention and say, “this is what you should be listening to.” the company and the ppl making music for these idols should be the ones responsible to influence this flow in the music industry. get the audiences attention with the mainstream candy and then start cranking in the serious creative music. simple.

    it’s only a matter of whether you want to do it, or not. if they’re afraid of losing fans, well, fans come and go. one goes and ten others will come by. if the music is good ppl will notice. just balance it out. good music and money candy. among some others, epik high, dbsk been able to do it. and so has BB.

    well, what this man is saying, is happening all over the world not only korea. and it should change before all we get to hear are different versions of ‘Gee’ for the rest of our lives. Gee is good, but there are other new creative music to be discovered.

    • Gee is catchy but i never thought Gee is good. Of course, it is also just my opinion…

      • well, to be on the safe side, i say Gee was good by most basic standards. of course there are better songs out there than Gee. but saying something that might create a fight would cause ppl to overlook the real point of my argument and kill me before they understood what i was really trying to say. you know how sensitive sones can be.

    • I think it’s more “thanks” to JYP that there are this kind of repetitive sentences => Tell Me , no ? XD

      • ah, yes. that would be true since tell me was released before gee. haha. sorry. dunno much abt WG.

      • True true. Most companies want to produce girl groups due to the success of WG which proved that girlgroups had a place in music which caused all these generic songs to be produced… its kinda sad

      • Yeah! Wonder Girls are the ones that started the trend of repetitive senteces, catchy beats and chorus and easy-to-follow dances. After WG’s sucess many groups started to follow the trend started by them. Even SM ent copied the concept created by JYPE. SNSD’s ‘Gee’ for example is a recycled version of Wonder Girl’s ‘Tell Me’.

        As for eletronic… I think Big Bang helped to make the trend of having electro music on idol group’s songs.

      • Actually, I’ve never liked Tell me seriously. It was just refreshing and funny but right now I can’t bear to hear any repetitive songs anymore !!!
        Hope JYP has prepared some songs which are not like this for the new WG album… because even if I still support them I don’t think I want to hear such a stuff from them anymore. What I find the more surprising is that nobody try to copy DBSK, well yes they have an aura and a popularity which can’t be obtained that easily but they have a mature image.
        Ah, and I want to add that BB also set the trend of having-a-“charismatic”-gangster-rapper-with-“amazing”-fingers-moves, I’m not making fun of BB but that’s the result of TOP’s rap in Lies…

      • When JYP release something for their artists and groups he always try something fresh and unique. All Wonder Girls’ songs post-‘Tell Me’ even though have the same formula (catchy chorus and easy to follow dance), they all have a a uniqueness about them that makes each song stand out on their own. So i’m looking foward to what JYP has prepared for them.

        (Ah! You should check the preview of WG’s new song of their english album. It’s a really nice ballad composed by Dave Stewart. JYP will let WG release other style of songs for their new album)

        JYP has proven to the world that he isn’t very good in handling his artists (look how he handled Jaebeom and Sunmi’s case), but one thing people can’t deny is that JYP is really an amazing producer. JYP created amazing hit songs for several artists and groups and he started several trends in kpop with his artists and groups that has been copied by many other ent companies.

        Yeah Big Bang started the trend of charismatic skilled rapper with deep voice. Among the idol groups, Big Bang is one of the fews that have real rappers with skills (TOP used to be underground rapper and participated of rap battles).

  4. The imbalance in the industry irks me and i dun really fancy kpop as much as before. It is totally unfair that talented non idol singers are now finding it hard to succeed in the industry. It saddened me because these may be the same set of singers who developed the kpop music industry to what it is today.

    And what message is it sending to the younger generation of singer wannabe? That being an idol is the only route to fame so they signed long contracts with entertainment company and after a few yrs realise they are slave to the contracts. Its a vicious cycle.

  5. <33 Jo PD XD

  6. yeah there needs to be a balance i thnk thats what lacking. we should also be able to have artist seel as much as idols. i think thats what his saying.

  7. this is basically the law of supply and demand. the consumers want to be entertained, the entertainment companies supply this want. simple as that… it’s the consumers who drive the market, and sadly, more often than not, these consumers would veer towards idols. it’s just like soompi’s tagline: kpop for the masses.

    • Yes, today new songs are produced based on the demands in the market but when it has too much of the same thing, people would get tired of it and start asking for new things.

  8. You go girl tell it like it is. He is obviously directing this at SM they are the heart of this! Especially SNSD blahhh~~

  9. Actually, his words are very true. K-pop is overly filled with idols. Yes, many are talented. But the point is, K-industry won’t survive if only idols are the ones controlling mainstream music. K-pop may be entertaining, but if you compare it to the rest of the industries in the world, it’s such a disaster that it would go at the bottom of the list. You may get entertainment, but it’s like a sinking ship.

    Korean’s rise in insanely fast internet led to piracy, and it’s sole focus on idol marketing led to an inbalance in the industry.

    Korea was once VERY successful. Full of variety, where ballad and rock singers were equally popular. And even though they were not pop singers or whatever, they still managed to sell XXX,XXX thousands of cds.

    One thing that irks me is that people believe K-pop only consists of Idols and that real musicians are very little. They are pretty much everywhere, yet it’s a bit irritating how most K-blogs only post news on idols. In fact, if a real famous musician appeared, people who don’t know them consider than “rookies” or some newb singers. WTH!?

    Ask any professional in the industry, and they’d ALL agree. Even MV directors are tired of making mvs for idols because they can’t have the freedom to be original, because they have to focus on making idols look good. There’s also composers and writers that don’t bother making quality songs because only what will be a “hit” is the primary focus.

    Not saying idols are bad, but there’s a balance that is missing in this industry. The lack of freedom for all artists to be successful, and the freedom to experiment being original,.

    • As a side comment… I can’t believe someone said K-pop doesn’t have much real musicians O_________O *faints*


      MC Sniper
      Kim Bum Soo
      Kwon In Ha
      Lee SoRa
      Shin Jung Hyun
      Shin Hae Chul
      Carnival (Actually, the song Goose’s Dream was made by Carnival, not Insooni)
      Park Mi Kyung
      Yoon Do Hyun
      Cho Yong Pil

      I can keep going on and on, and these people aren’t even “unpopular underground singers”. They’re all famous and sold xxx,xxx amount of cds in the past (before K-pop took a 180 degree…..)

      Actually a lot of them are still active today, but since attention is focused on idols….
      I think that’s what Jo PD is kinda referring to….

    • Wow ! You know well the korean industry XD… But… isn’t it the same for the movies ? You know there are moguls such as SM, JYP and YG but isn’t it the same with movies (CJ…)? I believe Korea had to build once more its cultural patrimony after the Japanese invasion and there were no viable models for music nor movie industry.
      Can I add Clazziquai, Winterplay, Loveholic, The Melody, Lucid Fall which I adore ? XD Lol I just like reading your posts they are very interesting =p…
      ps: are you french ?

      • Actually the movie industry is quite strong. Some of Korea’s directors are widely famous in the movie industry globally, while some films are said to be able to compete with films of other industries. CJ Entertainment mainly distributes and produces the films. It sort of works differently than entertainment agencies.

        It’s sort of complicated, but it’s almost like the K-pop and K-movie industry are like two different worlds. They work differently and they have different measures of success.

        Oh, and yes, Lucid Fall is love~


        No, I’m not French ^^;;
        Why did you guess so…?

      • Well… Biscuit is french isn’t it ? XD (well I’m french) but your english is quite good … Canadian ? XD
        Oh ok, now that I think about it, Park Chan Wook came several times at Cannes. Just saw JSA and Shiri recently and they are damn good movies.

      • Nevermind, Biscuit isn’t only a French word XD…

      • ^^;;

        Well, my grandmother on my dad’s side is French-Norwegian… my mom is Korean.

        I guess there’s a little French?

      • Humming Urban Stereo!!!

  10. And this is the same guy who has do a song about Tiger Wood’ scandal…Music isn’t about if it’s commercial or no or if the song is inspired by indian music and with some underground vibe…Music is about feeling . I prefer to enjoy a ”poor” music who is ”instant” entertainement than listening to a boring but well composed song. Feeling > quality. When Music will be about quality and complexity etc ,then , Music will disappear…

    • Why do people has this mind set? Art = boring? People make them boring.

      A good song doesn’t mean it has too be boring and too complicated.

      It should make you feel every emotions.

      Songs that remind you of memories and experiences in life. They make you think.

      They are almost extinct nowadays.

      Just like Mother by Brave Brother. It’s a cool song but since they are not idols, people won’t bat their eyes at them. Sad.. very sad…

      • You have said exactly the same thing as me XD In fact ,I just said that quality shoul not be more important that the feeling ! An artist who is original , I like Jaurim,Shiina Ringo,Chara and co .So I don’t have any problem with that .But ,Artists who make songs because they want to be original ,is for me almost a blaspheme…Hope you will understand what i try to say ^^ But It’s sad that you can’t find a new song is like that today…(personnally I find a bunch of songs like that,but they are more often from a indie band than from an idol band)

      • πŸ˜€ Yeah…

        For me.. Art and emotion should be together because it would make a song more beautiful.

  11. LOL at JO-whoooo??PD??he’s a PD??hahaha

    what a weak strategy he got here to promote himself..very cheap one,should i say???
    commenting on idols like that, with high hopes that people will react like: who’s this guy & let’s check out his songs….blablabla….
    to JO-PD or whatever…seriously,it’s 2010!! this kind of self-promotion,uh-well…PATHETIC!!!!
    [i hate his statement,cause it’ll lead to fan war between YG fans & SM fans[as usual]]

    • He doesn’t need self-promotion. He’s already famous enough.

      He’s a senior in the entertainment, and from the view point of a person who was a part of the industry when it was successful, the industry in K-ent today is actually a disaster.

      What he’s stating is not self-promos, but stating an issue that really needs to be fixed is K-ent was to move forward and compete against other industries.

      • Hahahaha famous enough? Right. He’s been in the industry long, doesn’t mean he’s successful, just means that he just won’t stop making horrible music. He’s a senior because he’s old.


  12. Korea has actual musicians? Since when?

  13. what he’s saying is so true…but after following his career for the past 5-7 years…he is one of those so-called true artists who use the media to gain more fame. whenever he releases a song….he uses the media by saying something extremely bold or maybe even too opinionated to gain fame…even if it means stepping on ppl who are trying to break from the mainstream. his songs are mediocre…

  14. I think that Big bang, 2ne1, snsd , dbsk , suju are all the same it’s Marketing we are talking about each agency have different approach. Sm only has money in mind and everybody knows that but when people tell that 2ne1 and big bang (even if iam a fan of them) are original and don’t do self promotion they should take some course of marketing YG sure know what he do “What is rare is expensive” by not showing 2ne1 and big bang a lot they gather attention whenever they show up.

    The only one artist that i know and don’t play a strategy is Epik High all their song are popular but not because they dance, They wear some extravagant clothes but because they do MUSIC.

    • Epik High’s not an idol though. The guy’s talking about idol and so are we. Tho yes.. Epik High’s songs are really awesome. Their lyrics esp.

    • Epik high promote themselves by appearing on game shows and such. people know Tablo’s foolishness before they know that he’s a rapper. That’s their strategy, don’t deny. Everyone has a strategy or else they won’t make it, for example Jo PD. I still wish he would just shut the hell up in his song featuring May Doni. He sucked so bad.

      • Err… no…

        They get popular then they go into variety shows.

        And yes.. they are not idols.

        I think they start underground before going mainstream.

        An yes… they have plenty of good songs… πŸ˜€

        And yes… we can’t say Big Bang is original even if I love them but you can’t deny that they did give us a different taste in this industry. πŸ˜€

    • It’s not because you have marketing strategies that you are not considered as an artists… Because if you mean that, it’s like saying that every popular singers are not artists? Of course they need promotion and yes YG is also playing the game because he can allow himself to do so and overuse hype. I sometimes find his strategy ambiguous with 2NE1 but you can’t deny that it’s more innovative (and less repetitive) than doing 3 perf each week and exhausting the group.As for me, I don’t want to say that BB is original, they were introduced as an idol group but they don’t keep creating a new concept at every album and they don’t try to obviously make hitsongs with repetitive sentences, DBSK is also an exception for me but whatever it’s my opinion. Even Epik High use marketing but less agressive… You can also name other artits such as Fluxus or Pastel artists…

  15. I read something similar like this too from a journalist point of view regarding the decline of Korean music market due to the rapid changes of music format from cassette to digital format that lead to piracy and the downfall of album/single sales and the rising competition between artist managements to produce idols to bring the money in.

    though this music market decline is also applied to any other Asia countries, but the concept of producing idols are commonly reffered to only 2 Asia countries.

    the game is still the same but with different set of rules. the one that adapt the changes will survive, the one that refuse will set foot underground. music is a piece of art and a commodity at the same time. whoever decided to take part in this game will need to realise that even music must find its way if it want to exist.

    • Got to agree with you. πŸ™‚

      But I think only in Korea, idols reign supreme.

      You could see that the top 10 in every chart won by idols.

  16. his comment about kpop these days is so true!
    its like quantity > quality…

    kpop has been my guilty pleasure for how many years now and i’ve observed drastic changes in kpop music..honestly speaking, some of them are totally crap..even my favorite group idols have trashy music in their albums which i dislike..

    most of the underrated artists in kpop have real good music yet they receive less attention from the public..its sad but true…another thing is, its hard for you to debut and be popular if you are not from the big 3 entertainment company or any other known companies…it sucks right?

    im glad we still have EPIK HIGH who produces real good music in the mainstream and make kpop industry proud!

    i totally agreed @ 121’s comment…

  17. it’s kinda true though , idols nowdays r becoming so bland when tons of them come out after one another n produce those same kind of music where u get hooked at 1st but it became annoying later

  18. Well.. that is how money works. In the end, they’re still bringing entertainment to us and they’re earning the money. Tho it’s true.. i don’t think there are much true idols who are really into music these days. Sure, they’re perfect; they can dance, sing, yadayada. But seems a little too manufactured. And also, they aren’t exactly INTO music, oh dang you get what i mean? Like they’re singers but they don’t have a meaning in their songs. But yes.. that’s idols. Okay, i’m not sure if you’ll understand what i’m saying.

    Maybe that’s why i like Big Bang alot. I respect their work. They are prolly one of the rare idols who are INTO music, who sing and perform cos that’s their life and they can’t live without it not because for fame, money or anything.

    • mickey and junsu of dbsk, yeeun of wg
      also produced a few songs in their album

    • I think most idols have a passion to become a singer and have love for music. Would anyone in their right mind put up with years of training and hard work if that wasn’t really what they wanted in the first place. It would be easy to give up but most didn’t

      • i think there are two types of music lovers.

        one who loves to listen to music and sing it but can’t really make their own beautiful songs to sing. and the other loves creating music and playing with rythms but they don’t necessarily posses the magnificent voice to sing their own songs.

        case in point, BB and dbsk. they represent opposite sides of music involvement.

        BB boys are those idols who are more INTO the production and creating the song. while dbsk sunbaes posses the magical VOCAL abilities to speak through melody and harmony. while i know that dbsk have written their own songs, their main abilities are more towards singing and that’s where their true talent lies. as for GD or TOP and the rest of BB, they might not be able to sing like JJ or Junsu or Changmin, but they sure can make some really creative music and lyrics that move the heart just as much as Junsu’s voice can move other’s hearts with his singing.

        maybe it’s because they’re rappers by nature, so their first instinct is to write and make music rather than singing it like tablo and epik high are. they’re able to make many types of music. slow songs, pop songs, rock, electro, dance even trot. dunno if dbsk have wrote songs other than ballads but as vocalists, i believe it’s easier for them to write ballad because that’s their nature.

        either way, all idols have passion for music. they just have different types of musical interests. well….. of course there are those who are blessed with abilities for both, but then they’re not the ones complaining here, are they?

  19. at the end of the day, people would still listen to idols.. i know i would ^_^

  20. Srsly, some people here are twisiting what this guy said to cover up their elitism one way or another.

    If you want “quality” music — they’re available, go listen to them. Don’t go whining at kpop blogsites dedicated mostly to mainstream kpop, because that’s useless. You can always listen and enjoy to this guy and to other “untapped” musicians without spiting the idol world. If your with this guy’s stand — then hell try your best to support him and the other undiscovered artists. Sure, I know some people are just hoping that these artists would get recognition too, but to deem the idols as the less worthy is just wrong — mind you, it’s no joke to actually please the publicmuch less get their attention. That’s what I’m getting with some of the posts — “Oh, he’s right. Idols produce shitty music, idols are manufactured”. Come on. Idols are more popular, I’d give Jo PD that — and even though it might seem unfair because their music is “shitty” to some of you, they still live hard, if not harder lives than this guy. And I thought entertainment companies get most of the money? Aren’t some of you crying at SM with how unfair they are supposedly treating their artists?

    I’m not hating on Jo PD because I do understand the plight. It’s just sickening to read some of the posts here. Jumping from one bandwagon to another.

    • you took the words right out of my mouth. Especially how people are complaining on kbites which is dedicated to mainstream kpop music (hence idols)

  21. isnt it because of idols that korean ent got famous?!!!
    n face it…even the government use idols to promote SEOUL!!!!

    • Even if you say it’s because of idols that korean ent. got famous… they are still selling alot less then they did when Jo PD was super popular. Back then, it wasn’t uncommon for really popular singers to break 200k. Now only a few singers break even 100k. (Albums sold)

    • Actually, that’s where you are wrong. VERY wrong. Korean entertainment is getting famous due to modernism/technology/and not merely because of idols today.

      True, idols did spread K-pop love. Yet it’s completely false to assume that it’s because of idols that make the Hallyu wave.

      Technically, it started with early 2000 dramas. Since idols have more popularity today, obviously foreigners don’t know much about other musicians when only idols are heavily promoted in Korea.

      Because of this, it’s obvious the government will use idols that are more popular mainstream today to promote Korea.

      And like Haneul said, back in the days, singers were breaking 100,000 like it was nothing. Some people even got 500,000 and up…

  22. he is right !
    i mean i love some of the idol groups but not all of them…there is no balance in the industry…the thing is that a lot of idols are talented in their own way.
    but then they have to fit into an image like everybody else..

    • exactly this is what I dislike about kpop there is no balance at all between idols and musican and I feel like if u are not a idol ur chances of making it big in the industry is very low plus I noticed that the older u get harder for u to make it big in kpop or u end up losing ut populartiy b/c are old

    • exactly this is what I dislike about kpop there is no balance at all between idols and musican and I feel like if u are not a idol ur chances of making it big in the industry is very low plus I noticed that the older u get harder for u to make it big in kpop or u end up losing ut populartiy b/c u are old

  23. I agree with all these comments! This happens everywhere and not just in music. Look at pop in America..and I have never been able to understand how teenage girls can sing along to rap songs putting women down, but they do. It’s the way things work.

    And if your love is the money..you’ll adapt. If your love is the music, you will keep producing what you always do (intrinsic rewards). If it’s both, then you’ll adapt and produce quality songs on your CDs also.

  24. I would like to sit here and defend the idol groups that i follow, for example BB and 2ne1 but honestly, the dude’s got a point.

    GD in a way, addresses the same issue. He said that he would like to move forward with music in the next BB album. His solo album, i must say, would be more fitting for the underground kpop realm sans heartbreaker. For people like GD, they’re talent has been suffocated by the demands of kpop. Kpop idols are looks/personality>music. Why else would they rely on variety shows to promote their albums. Taeyang too, does not adhere fully to the kpop criteria. Okay, i sound like a mindless fan… i don’t mean to defend bb, but i think they’re closest to being an “artist” amidst the current groups.

    Besides, what the hell would you expect? Idols are money-makers. They promote/sing/dance/act/entertain to earn money for their agencies. It’s a fact–the world revolves around money. Case in point: CF songs — meaningless songs that idols put out to earn money. Therefore, Jo PD has a point and i respect him for being so straight forward with it.

    By the way, those who are defending their idols (not trying to be rude but those who are saying that shinee, super junior etc etc) are artists… you should check out some of the underground and underrated artists and then state something like that.

    A point that he makes which i also share, is that the consumers have become inclined towards instant entertainment. He isn’t only criticising a particular group, or groups in general, he’s criticising the entire system that is the kpop world. The music they feed us is the way it is because we demand it. For me, i think it’s okay to listen to pointless, beat-dependent tracks sometimes.

    • Holy! i did not realised how much i had typed! D:

    • Totally agree with you… I don’t know if I am bias but I feel the same about Big bang but it needs a real definition of what is an artist because Korea has… its own standards. As for me, SM idols are accomplished idols (=perfect performers) and not artists (=don’t relate to the songs, etc). I know, DBSK has written some songs but I don’t see a real search of creativity. And I may sound rude but the new idol groups of 2009 are just bleh they are not as accomplished as SM idols (vocals and dancing less talented).
      It seems that YG is trying to make a difference in its promotion (2NE1) but nobody can tell. I may sound completely bias but YG seems to try to make something out of his idols, they may succeed in pursuing a career in music on their own whereas the others, most probably will have a career in movies, dramas…
      The guy knows what he is talking about and even though it’s really flagrant in Korea, it’s the same everywhere… I like listening to Kpop even if it is artistically poor in musical terms… it’s like that…

    • Well, im not too sure GD’s album would fit the underground music realm…some songs maybe but it’s definitely leaning towards mainstream, which it is.
      Jo PD isnt that great to me but atleast he’s stating a fact that has been ignored too long. Im not defending BB or 2ne1 but as an example they rarely go on variety shows, and if they do it’s a high profile show [Strong Heart, Family, Dambi[a good cause]. I like that fact that they aren’t taking over every aspect of the industry except for music and a few CFs. I despise it when i see idol overflow on practically every variety show that exist because not only do I get tired of seeing them so much but it also takes spots away from other musicians who need to self promote in this idol dominated industry. Even though we see BB and 2ne1 practically everywhere its because of others mentioning them, not self promo.

  25. WOW. I thought there is no KOREAN that would stand up or even bother. I thought PEOPLE LIKE HIM doesn’t exist in korea. Thank god, there is someone like him to think like this. I want solo singers and REAL music too. But its a pity because pretty faces wins over REAL music.

  26. Here are the two digital singles he released:

    JoPD – Parade

    Cho PD – Sex Sex Sex (Feat. 샛별)

  27. tell it like it is

    i do like some of the idol groups but its sad to see their TALENT go down the drain.

    he’s not just criticizing the idols hes talking about the companies and the industry as a WHOLE.

    Please just don’t read it and say OMG he’s bashing my favorite group. ITS A REALITY CHECK.

  28. Haha true to Jun’s comment about him sounding like he’s some broke musician getting furious and jealous at idols’ success. Trends change Jo-whoever-your-name-is, deal with it. Stop putting down other music genres just because it isn’t yours. Idols have a tough time too you know. And stop the stereotype that idols aren’t talented. They’re talented, MULTItalented. Look at super junior, 2AM, SHInee, etc, most of the members can sing, and even if some of them can’t, they can dance/rap/entertain in one way or the other. Just because they don’t sing your type of music, Jo, doesn’t mean they can’t sing, it doesn’t mean that they’re untalented, it doesn’t mean they’re meaningless products of agencies. Their artists too, just a different kind of art. Isn’t art a way of expressing youself? Well these “meaningless” songs and lyrics are probably the way that THEY (the idols) express themselves. Sorry to say this, but Jo, get a life would you? πŸ™‚

    • i think you’ve misinterpretted his comment, he didn’t say idols are talentless, he did not put them down, i don’t think his comment was even targeting the idols, but the industry as a whole. and what do you mean by ‘ β€œmeaningless” songs and lyrics are probably the way that the idols express themselves’ ? what is there to express if there’s no meaning?

    • honey, you’re a little too sensitive.

    • seriously you should get a life.. he isnt even bad mouthing them .. loser




  30. To me, it sounds like he’s broke and he’s mad that idols are the ones making the dough nowadays. Laugh at you people who saw meaning in his statement, you are just doing what he want, seriously, Jo who?

    • And YOU sound like one of those wanting instant entertainment just like what Jo PD said. Because of people like you, musicians are bringing down the quality of music in K-pop to please you guys before you quickly forget about them because they’ve spent too much time making good music.

      • Me and many others want “instant entertainment” means those companies are doing a good job, they are happy and I’m happy, it’s dumb how this Jo PD guy and you are trying to make this into something that is wrong. And how the hell do you measure “quality” of the music, there is no such thing, It’s about what appeals to the general public, and just like someone said, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” and you are here hating the audience, ridiculous.

        By the way, I just searched this guy up, I heard his rap and I now know why he’s desperate for some dough, he’s weak.

    • What do you mean, “Jo who?”

      If you really knew about K-pop history, he’s extremely famous and one of THE most respected musicians.

  31. i think what the kpop industry needs is balance.

    there’s an overbundunce of idols and meaningless, repetitve pop songs infesting the music scenes right now that there’s hardly any room for other genres of music.

  32. Idols are an industry made for audiences. Manufactured, produced, and everything FOR the audiences. You hear it from the idols themselves: many of them claim they wanted to become an idol/singer because they wanted to be like this other idol (who is now no longer in the public eye). Because they saw it somewhere (probably on TV), they were the audience back then, but now want to be the ones that perform for an audience.

    I get why some musicians must be upset at this, since most of them are in it for their love of music. While many idols also love music, and people in the big companies also used to be in bands, love for music isn’t certainly the biggest factor when *producing* idol music. It’s not always been like that, as idol music hasn’t always existed. It has its good and bad moments, although for a while now it seems that pretty much all of the kpop hits belong in the idol music category. Thankfully (for people who, like me, like variety) idol music isn’t everything out there.

  33. agree.well for me kpop is an entertainment.but i prefer american music for the real music…

  34. sad but true.

  35. Point taken. I do understand some of his points, because sometimes I myself wonder about it.

    But, I feel this is a case of hate the game, not the player. It’s disappointing at times to see musicians like him get overlooked, but sadly that’s how this thing goes. It’s hard to criticize the idols themselves beause they too are trapped in this shit. I mean sure, they sell a lot…but their lives, personal views and creative freedom are often times restricted to a point of insanity. I bet most idols would have wanted to explore and try other things/other music like this man can do, but they couldn’t. At the end of the day all of them are having difficulties, just of different kinds. Just my two cents.

  36. This happens everywhere, not just Korea.

  37. Well…it’s not really the idols fault cause they’re given the songs to sing. I mean, they’re not songs that make you feel the deep emotions and they don’t need the best voices to sing them, but they are hits. And we can’t really leave out the fact that there are idols out there who have amazing voices. DBSK, 2AM, some members from SNSD and SHINee, all have spectacular voices that can sing wonderful ballads. In terms of lyricism, most idol songs aren’t the greatest, but you can’t deny that they are enjoyable to listen to and can be catchy as hell…

  38. well sounds more like hes criticizing the public. so kpop is shrinking… musicians are the ones left in the dust… so what? if the public has changed then the industry should adapt. it has. as gross, tacky, and unfair as it might have turned theres still a lot of money to be made and the ones that conform to the times will get the bulk of it. its a business, not an art.

    • Music (or at least the kind of music he’s talking about) is an art.
      It’s something that people pour their hearts and souls into to convey their thoughts and feeling. Most real musicians don’t do it for the money, but they do need at least some money to survive…

  39. The problem i that only idols can make money because of illegal doenloading.

    Thr onLy source of money is from cf’s and advertismrnts. What is tje point of releasing great music if its going to sell so little?

    • Well, who want to buy an album that has only one good song? I don’t.

      Since the birth of Youtube, customer could listen to every track in album and decide whether they should buy the album or not.

  40. agreed but you can’t stop fan girls & fan boys to stop liking their idols! their really protective! you got to give what the people want.

    • customer is always right

      • He isn’t making the fans change their minds. i think he is just saying what he thinks about idols.

    • Who says being an idol can’t have good music?

      If the idol start singing musically good song, so will the fan.

      In the world where fandom rule and the idols is the leader, it could happen.

  41. I believe there are korean lyric writters who are good. Loveholic, cherry filter are the two I’d listen to but they probably arent as exposed as the rest. I dont know but I feel music and songs should be real, not mass made.. why plug music into your ears that dont really make an sense..just senseless noise. it’s time for someone in korea to promote real musicians and real music

    • Yeah.. I do believe they are underrated

      It’s sad though because they have good music.

      They should have stay in Japan Market. 😦

  42. thanks to the idols,
    it’s make kpop or hallyu wave known worldwide

  43. what he said is definitely true. I love idol groups, but I also adore real musicians in kpop. They don’t get as much recognition when idol groups started popping out. Kpop is known for its idol groups, now and I don’t think any artist can change it unless they do something extravagant cuz no matter what even if they have the best voice or are purely really talented, idol groups will still outshine them.

    Anyways, who is this guy? Never heard of him but goodluck.

  44. most definitely true!

    preached it like it is. the dark hole of the industry and that we know its going downhill but still stop it from moving that direction.

    i believe what he says is true. will this article generate flame? yeah, lol. but lets not bash one mans opinion, an educated opinion from someone whos more in the “know” than we consumers who are ironically contributing to this downfall

  45. this is quite true.
    and i am expecting many complaints in agreement of this issue. but what does he want that can actually happen? honestly we can say all we want. but in the end this is where the world is made of, instant gratification. people want hitmakers after hitmakers and idols provide that. musicians just dont have what it takes to keep up anymore. if their lucky they might pump out another hit or 2 before they too must retire.

  46. hmm I sort of agree. I only look for korean entertainment but in terms of music I dont borther wasting my money to buy commercialized music whose lyrics actually dont make any sense.

    • I think that is true… sometimes those hitmaker songs don’t actually have good lyrics to it, but its the person or people and the music that makes people go crazy for… not the lyrics, just to say. No offense, but about 2PM’s latest album release, I thought it wasn’t that good at all… especally the “heartbeat” song… I thought it was quite plain.

      • I totally agree. “Heartbeat” and “Bo Peep” winning awards left and right were a perfect example of entertainment-first before musicianship.

        But then again, it is “K-Pop” and right now this is what the popular culture craves for and it’ll be around until the masses change their mind and decide that they want to hear something else.

    • If you a SNSD fan, will you buy their album? I don’t know if you a fan but if you a fan of them, would you buy their album?
      If you a fan of any group and their songs sux, you won’t buy their album even if you are their biggest fan?

      Then i applaud you. I won’t buy too if any of their songs are horrible. If only 1 or 2 songs are horrible, i won’t mind.

      • Why is every person that criticizes a group that’s not SNSD assumed as a Sβ™₯Ne? =_=
        Leave the girls and their fans alone.

  47. Tell it like it is!!!

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