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Cheon Sang Ji Hee Dana updates through minihompy, fans ask “When is your comeback?”

‘Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace’ member Dana reveals her recent status through her minihompy updates.

Dana posted photos and short posts on her recent trip to JeJu Island for vacation on her minihompy. And fans who visit her minihompy left message like “Why are you all not on any promotional activities lately? When will you have your comeback? I miss you”, “It seem you become prettier during this break. Miss you”, “I live in Jeju Island …ㅠㅠ”, “Even the photos you took are like photoshoots” etc.

Meanwhile, Cheon Sang Ji Hee Lina is known to have started an online shopping mall last November and Stephanie has also graduated from Korea Arts School.


I’m so missing some of this:

13 Responses

  1. The Grace please come back!!
    we need you. i miss you guys! 😀

  2. SM better put CSJH for a good comeback.
    It’s easier for girl groups to be accepted now.
    CSJH will definitely rock!

  3. this year, SM plan for some old artist’s come back.

    we have The Trax, Black Beat, and BoA will released Korean version of “identity”. SM said before that “CSJH will return in 2010”.

    Just wait for them.

  4. If they ever comeback, their songs better not have a lot of auto-tune D:< I'll be mad if that happens

  5. omfg i miss them so mch that it hurts. even trax already made a comeback. they’re probably the only one left.

  6. I miss them. I’m an SNSD’s fan, but I love the Grace more. I wish for them to have a comeback.

  7. They should comeback. SNSD is not always promoted, there are times they are on a break, so I think SM should make CSJH comeback in Korea… But they have a lot of groups now with SHINee and f(x)… It’s hard to find a period when nobody promotes.

  8. I miss CSJH. SM should not forget them.
    yes, SM may busy with SNSD currently.
    But CSJH & SNSD are both the best. Comeback soon!

  9. mmm sm has snsd now, why would they need csjh?

    this is not a hate msg towards csjh but think about how successful snsd is right now!

    doubt csjh will come back soon, if ever. sm isnt going to spend money on them

    • thats a silly argument.. if they dont need another girlgroup why they made debut F(x) last year? and Boa will return this year too, dont be selfish you must know that these girls are the most talent in the kpop industry its a shame that they arent promoting like others.. CSJH comeback!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is what a girl group is supposed to be. Well rounded in all areas.

    Although I do miss them loads, sometimes I think maybe its better if they don’t make a comeback because they will definitely be made to conform to the style and standards of today. They might get changed for the worse, and their talent will be underplayed in favor of style and aegyo or whatever.

    • I disagree with u I think they should make a comeback because a group like them should not be left behind in the dark just b/c the style and the stander of these days music in kpop is different than before that doesn’t mean they must not make a comeback beside CSJH is one of the few female Idol groups that not only have a strong stage present, and members that considered to be a powerful dancers but most importantly all the members can sing and are vocally strong they are like what every idol female group must be so it’s sad that a group like them is not active and left behind I don’t get why SM is not promoting them these girls are amazing and must make a comeback very soon

  11. the good old days..

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