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T-ara up #1 on realtime chart with ‘Crazy Because Of You’, will it do better than ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’?

T-ara’s new song ‘Crazy Because Of You’ has risen up to the #1 spot on Monkey3 realtime chart, joining the big match of the girlgroups.

According to the music specialty site Monkey3 realtime chart on 23rd February at 2pm, T-ara ‘Crazy Because Of You’ has surpassed So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1 and KARA to be at the #1 spot.

T-ara is back with a new transformation, showcasing a new sexy image of them different from their usual cute image, garnering much anticipation and interests for their comeback.

With the comeback of T-ara into Kpop circle, the situation on music charts get a new change of scene. Before that, it has been the domination by So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1 and KARA.

The leader of the music entreprise department in Monkey3 Lee JungKyu said, “We see that T-ara will be receiving hot popularity after the great amount of popularity they received previously with the song ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. We expect a big showdown of the girlgroups in the Kpop circle amongst So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA and T-ara.


37 Responses

  1. Where be my fellow T-Ara fans. :[

    This post has more bashers than praisers. I find that pathetic. Is that really all you guys can do, seriously?

    • You know it really doesn’t matter what everyone else complains about because the fact is.. within the past 6 months, T-ara has won numerous awards, had a hit album w/ amazing songs, and most importantly they have shown tremendous growth as Artists.
      This is why I respect T-ara, because they can sing & they can pull off any concept or genre of music.
      Since their debut in august 09, T-ara has evolved so much compared to some artists who have been around for 2or3 years.

  2. Why not to stop this silly wars between
    girl groups?! .. and who’s the best .. =_=
    i love them all and love their music ..
    even SNSD Oh! track that you hated
    we addicted to it now ..
    i realized somthing when you hate a
    new song it’ll be no.1 in charts next day .. =_=

  3. oh well articles like this come out every 5 mins. i like t-ara but this song dun really deserve to beat the other girl groups’ songs coz its by far the least catchy for me.

  4. i hate u hypocrites.
    when ur favorite artists get #1 on realtime ur all like yes they are the best, of course congratulations on the accomplishment. . but when someone u dont like comes on, you downgrade the success. thats total bullsh*t and you guys know it.

    • what idiot celebrates a #1 on a real-time chart? even if my artists were to achieve that, i wouldn’t be all celebrating. it’s the frkn norm nowadays.

      • I have to agree with sososorri lots of idiots do that. But more on the fact that it is even MORE downplayed when it’s not their own artists….

    • ur comment is so true everyone is like who cares b/c t-ara is the one that is topping the chart but if it was someone else it would have been a different case also its reminded me when t-ara used to win awards with Bo PeeP Bo everyone was saying that they are winning because there is no competition yes core released t-ara album in a time all the bigs stars were not promoting which was a smart move b/c t-ara is still a rookie but I don’t think they would have won 5 awards and people bought their album just b/c kara ,snsd and 2ne1 were not promoting but b/c they liked their album and I have good feeling that this song will be a bigger hit than Bo PeeP Bo

    • yup. hypocrites infestation.

      there are so many similar incidents. i will use one example (excuse me for using this artist). 2ne1. ring a bell? yes yes yes.
      another incident, would be when artists win “when theres no competition”. really? let me tell you, the competition isnt between the other artists. its between the fans. anyways, when 2ne1 wins, no one says anything. when t-ara wins, everyone blurts out “no competition!” aka, “there just lucky”.

      think before you guys speak. that is why many artists are crying behind the camera. their stories are untold, whereas some exposed them to the public and only then you realized how fked how you have been.

      • Aren’t you the same? As far as this thing goes, you’re no different. Oh please lay down that you’re just trying to be objective card. Funny, you conveniently gave 2ne1 as an example again when SNSD is the same for the most part, no? More than anything, isn’t snsd winning and actually taking the mutizens now? OH! but yes, it’s 2ne1 again! Bingo!

        Think before you type. I don’t know if you have 2ne1 fetish, but you always, always always try to throw wtf comments again while hiding it with your holier than thou or should I say “objective” opinions.

        *and oh, btw. yes I know there are hypocrites. but i’m aware that these hypocrites consists of blackjacks, sones, hottests, VIPS…in short — it is exists in every fandom. I hope you guys are damn getting it.

  5. This isn’t even a big deal. What new song by an idol group can’t get number 1 on a real-time chart? This isn’t even a big accomplishment at all.

  6. It won’t last.

  7. no different from 2ne1-try to copy me
    auto-tune overload,I can stand a little auto-tune here and there
    but this is just like 2ne1 song,sigh

    • yeah rite..2ne1’s song is a cf song but tara’s song is a comeback song and they r will be promote it every week~

      • Agreed–this is supposedly one of those “quality title tracks” for albums….while 2ne1 just had a CF song.

  8. lol~ their song is not worth it.. really… way AUTOTUNE much…

    and way BRITNEY MUCH…

    it sounds so similar to f u seek amy and Womanizer!!

    i wouldn’t be surprised if someone will make plagiarism claims on this one

  9. Tell me when they rank in Melon cause that’s the only chart that’s worth looking at.

    This song sounds so much like Britney’s song and it’s freaking stupid. So bland!

  10. i hope they (kara and t-ara) can beat snsd and 2ne1 in terms of digital sales

    • wow. that’s just…

      • what’s so surprising?
        i root for the underdogs
        hope Kara can make it on top this time with lupin,and T-ara can gain even more popularity
        nothing against 2ne1 and snsd though

    • i only care if they beat SNSD instead. That song is bloody hell shit man.

      • LOL T-ara >>>>> 2ne1
        t-ara girls are hella talented AND beautiful ;]

      • ^Oh here we go again. Sigh. I wish people would stop playing that “They’re ugly card”. It’s getting old and annoying. But of course, no one would get at mad at you, you’re no Blackjack. People can say shitty things and no one would care unless you proclaim yourself a 2ne1 fan, dear lord.

      • agree with @123grr. 2NE1 are beautiful. if everyone went by your standards of beautiful then the whole world should go plastic just to look as pretty as these girls do. not saying t-ara did plastic, but not everyone’s born as pretty as they are. so if your standards of beauty is the only standard there is, then the only way to be pretty is by cutting up your face.

        and again, everyone else gets away with dissing 2NE1 but when 2NE1 fans says something, “shut up you cocky ass biatch.” even when the things we fans say can be true. oh please. it’s getting old.

      • actually,that 2ne1 song just released not too long ago is not that good either,that song is pretty average if you ask me

      • @sis..i’m with u….^^

      • @ wonder4minute; yeah, maybe because that was for a CF and not a FULL COMEBACK ALBUM SONG like the case with Kara, T-ara, and SNSD?

        2ne1 is really pretty–in fact, I think CL is the prettiest, as much as your standards of beauty are “no double eyelids? she’s the ugliest in the world”
        p.s 2ne1 has so much more talent than T-ara, and especially 10x more charisma. Have you ever heard Boram? She doesn’t have confidence in any of her performances. Singing ability isn’t all that great if you can’t execute a charismatic performance with it. And Qri really has no stage presence, as pretty as her face is.

    • Rofl, that will take a miracle. Both 2ne1 and SNSD dominate sales.

  11. congrats and im 100% sure that this song will be a hit

  12. Dang, their new song sounds way too similar to Britney Spear’s “if u seek amy”. As much as i like T-ara, the similarity is too much..

    • i thought i was the only one that thought that!
      It’s not THAT similar, but a few parts are.

      But it’s not like they plagarized or they copied. It’s not too much, so we can’t say any of that (thank god. i love t-ara so much!)

  13. doesn’t this normally happens when an idol group releases a new song….

    • haha really…everytime a new song is released, it’s number one on the charts.

    • Yeah!!! that is soooo true… It’s obvious if an idol released new songs it went up on the first day because fans are curious but it will slowly decrease.. this news now becoming a common news :s

  14. woot

    congrats !!
    remember, stay humble, girls !

  15. lol wow, some competition for the sunbaes? (SNSD and Kara)

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