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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Album jacket for T-ara ‘Crazy Because Of You’ revealed!

A new photoset for T-ara’s rapackaged 1st album ‘Braking Heart’ have been revealed! They also recently released the teaser MVs for the title song ‘Crazy Because of You’ off the album.

Go under the cut for the full photoset.

42 Responses

  1. why yellow? o.O

  2. … is it just me … or did anyone else think kill bill? O_O
    hyomin is so hawwwtt<3 lol to the people bagging her about her personality on iy, basically she's my favourite from t-ara BECAUSE of invincible youth. although eunjung and the maknae are cute as well (eunjung is stunning.)

  3. the 2 midgets in the middle makes the whole concept fail

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  5. hyomin is O_O<333

  6. wow…nice Outfits they look like Biker Riders to me..
    MNET really does experiment the girls to what concept thyere going to do, the make up, the uber so many outfits they wore and the hair colored, short, long and hair extentions…so MNET throws a lot of money for T-ARA.

  7. I so wantttt Soyeon’s hair!!!! xD
    and I think Jiyeon fits the “dark” concept pretty well.. there’s something emo-ish about her..=D
    but my fave is still Eunjung..^^

  8. soyeon looks really pretty in these pictures
    im so happy she has long hair again

  9. I liked the girls so much pre-debut.
    The only concept they had was amazing vocals, but now they’re no different than any other girl group.
    Cute/sexy concept.
    Being someone you’re not.

  10. Whoa, those banana-black-striped outfits are really….reminds me of the old Abracadabra days of BEG.

  11. I think they look really cute and their new haircuts are all great.

    My one pet peeve, and it applies to a lot of makeup artists in Korea, is the horrible foundation line. I know Asians love white skin but if you’re going to achieve it from makeup, the makeup artists should make sure it’s 1) within a shade or two of the natural skintone at the neck and 2) is in the same color family/tone as the rest of the body.

  12. Ohh Boram is so cute in her individual pic, why are there no more of her?

    Although I find Hyomin a lil’ too attention grabby, she is really rocking that attitude and look in her first individual shot.

    • I totally agree. im probably the only one who doesnt really like hyomin that much. she looks great in the pictures (and i love her aviators), but her awkward, trying-too-hard personality (esp. in invincible youth) and her nose just annoys the hell outta me.

      I’ve never really known t-ara except for jiyeon, hyomin, and eunjung, but i love soyeon and qri now. soyeon looks the prettiest in her solo picture

  13. reminds me of After School when they debuted

  14. Rofl, I see the stylists covering up Jiyeon’s wonky eyes just like how they cover up CL’s with the bangs now.

  15. LOL Boram is out there to ruin the photos again…seriously such dwarf!

    • Qri and Soyeon aren’t that much taller. Stop hating on Boram. At least she can sing better than Qri.

    • Boram Looks GREAT in this photoshoot!
      She doesn’t look awkward in that picture.
      And she’s cute being short D<

  16. LOVE IT. Their accessories, outfits, poses…sexy and funky!

  17. right, really gorgeous . .
    but fashion-mistake?

    man, they’re really cute . .
    but JiYeon looks kinda emo to me =[]=
    no offense . .

  18. dude, these girls are hotter than kara.. can’t wait for their perf.
    T-ara #1 !!!!!

  19. (4th solo pic) an obvious photoshop in girl’s armpit

  20. can I ask^^
    what the name from girl in picutre 7?^^

  21. SO GORGEOUS!!!

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  23. Finally their stylists care! lol.
    They look really nice. Soyeon is really pretty!

  24. The girls look beautiful, too bad their song sucks major ass.

  25. i hope they make a MV and perform “im really hurt” i really like that song 😀

  26. Woow !!
    They’re all so beautiful !
    Ji Yeon looks so HOT !
    I’m really in love with that girls ❤
    T-ara hwaiting !!

  27. Hyomin look sexy >__< I love da bracelets & necklaces they have ❤

  28. i hate their style and especially the stylist ,, how come she let them ware such things

  29. seriously they need a new stylist they are cute

  30. Hyomin’s clothes are so seductive. Dam, she is the definition of sexy.

    Loving these shots a lot. Took the picture of Soyeon as my phone background.

  31. it looks greattttttttttt.

    gorgeous much?

  32. they all look amazing i cant wait for the mv to come out

  33. HOTT!! GORGEOUSS!! Interesting concept, I wonder what it is lol

    but I CANT WAIT!

  34. This looks is great. Love it!

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