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Brown Eyed Girls without their smokey makeup?

Known to be their signature image, Brown Eyed Girls have been appearing in front of us fans in smokey makeup for their ‘adult-dol’ sexy image.

But how about a Brown Eyed Girls without the thick smokey makeup? Members JeA and Miryo are featured in the March issue of Ceci magazine, doing a photoshoot for Etude House in bright and shiny makeup.

Curious? Go under the cut for the photos.

This is really refreshing for a change.

Here’s also Park ShinHye wearing Etude House 2010 spring makeup series.

28 Responses

  1. they look so weird here

  2. wow miryo looks so pretty!!!

  3. the make up and hair are both awful… so unflattering on all 3 of them.

  4. their first make up looks like the grudge

  5. too much make up for such beautiful face, Park shin hye is very young she doesn’t need all that make up

  6. myro is so pretty

  7. what, no Ga In..? LOL. man we never get to see her without her thick makeup. xP

  8. they looks different oo

  9. Where is GaIn??

  10. the first pic scares me.. narsha head looks twisted. ive seen it before tho but it scares me still.. miryo is soo pretty but the make up doesnt do her justice.. it makes her look paler since she has a fair skin.. i prefer her with black eyeliner and some blusher to make her cheek looks rosier

  11. they dont look so good no offense

    shows what makeup can do

    • actually they look good miryo is in the second picture she is very pretty

      • that’s cuz miryo got tones of nudes and peaches. it suits her hair and her eye color. of course she looked good. but JeA did not look good. the makeup didn’t flatter her features at all and JeA is very pretty.

        the makeup didn’t look good on shinhye either. aigoo~

        all of them are very pretty girls. hm.

  12. They looks older…

  13. Jea looks so different in the 1st pic.. lol..

    beg jjang… wonder when they’ll make comeback.. totally love them..

  14. oh wow they look beautiful! lol where is Narsha and Gain though! I wanna see Gain looking like this. 😀

  15. Etude need to stop vomiting rainbow on people’s faces.

    Or get better make-up artist.

    Most of that make up are not flattering at all.

  16. lol who the hell is number 1.

  17. i like it
    different without the smoky makeup
    but i think BEG will always want that smokyness cos it defines them where b4 abracadabra they were just another girl pop group

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