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Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun go on a date to Insadong!

New make-believe couple on MBC We Got Married Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun were spotted in Insadong on 23rd February for their date.

And with the couple showing up at Insadong, the streets were packed with curious onlookers.

For shippers of the couple, more photos under the cut!

These are for their recent date the amusement park

31 Responses

  1. Yeh i know…first i saw this program, i shouted ‘ Oh my god! Yong Hwa oppa…you are married’ but…its funny to watch the whole show…n im really frustrated because of the delay … >”< awwww

  2. Ohmgosh I love Sweet Potato couple!! At first I didn’t really think it would be good, but now I’m OBSESSED. Man, this couple is adorable together. Seohyun’s denseness and innocence plus Yonghwa’s manliness yet adorableness is AMAZING. 😀

  3. I always giggle everytime I see and remember them. Yong (^^) looks like he really likes Hyun (that’s how they call each other). As for Hyun, I can’t say yet if the feeling is mutual. I hope it is…. Sweet Potato couple, LOVE YOU.

  4. ahhhh theyre so cute…i love yonghwa hes got good sense of humour and handsome too..and magnae has never been more adorable

  5. awww..our maknae…im still not used to it since we all know that seohyun is NOT interested in guys…but now…she’s with a guy..huhu…guess..there’s no more Mr. Sweet Potato…haha…
    hope YongHwa would never hurt seohyun’s heart or else he will be dead.. =P

  6. gorgeous couple!

  7. they’re like treating this show like mnet scandal lol. always go out want, never stay at home, spend quality time together. hahah

  8. Ahhh…my heart is breaking while seeing those photos…seohyun…wae? btw. i’m happy coz seohyun will now realize and experience of what is love…not fully…but still…it might change her

  9. OOOoooooHHHZZZZZ I tHInk THeY aRE bEAutiFUL coUPle
    i LIKe u tHE rulE OF your ShinWoo
    BESt cOUplE
    FighT FIght
    Aza aZA Aza fiGHt HOho

  10. oh dear! they are really good together 🙂

  11. Can’t wait! They seriously look good together.

    ^SeoHwa sounds better!

  12. Oww… I can’t wait to watch their eps~
    btw, Which sounds better? SeoHwa or YongHyun ? :p

    • I that about that too >.<
      But Seo-Hwa is a female's name and Yong-Hyun is a male's… it's kinda hard to put their names together because their names don't sound like a nickname… just a name of a person @___@

      Maybe they'll get a nick name in the show :O

  13. its kind of funny how she’s all like “oh i’m not interested in guys” and then BAM! yonghwa comes along and all of a sudden she IS interested.. weird

    • The Power of Love~~~~~ ❤

      heheh, jk.

      Btw, are they "married people" or "dating"?

      • well they’re a married couple since the show is we got married LOL

      • Yeah… but I’m just saying, from the feel of everything, they don’t feel like a married couple, but just a regular couple dating XD
        I can’t wait for the episode to air to see how they will act like a married couple at home ^^;;

        (^no, do not think the wrong idea)

    • LOL, Hyo-yeon — her roommate — said Seo-hyun has been starting to do things she hasn’t done before, i.e. texting a lot and reading books on love (the books were a gift, but still…it’s funny).

      • haha..hyoyeon’s really funny..she always talks about members when something weird is happening…hahaha..really love her… ❤

  14. ive always thought seohyun is one of the more prettier girls in snsd. she’s quite tall too. 🙂

  15. Aww, they look cute to together.

  16. SEOHWA jjang!!!

  17. maknae looks so pure and pretty…
    yonghwa is soo lucky to have her as a wife…

  18. Love this couple so much. Fighting!

  19. OMG they are adorable together
    YongHwa and SeoHyun = <333

  20. awie , cant wait to watch the show

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