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JunHo, “I was hurt by mean comments saying that I went under the knife to look like Rain”

2PM JunHo talks about an incident related to mean comments fired at him on KBS ‘Win-Win’ aired on 23rd February.

On the show, MC Kim SeungWoo asked JunHo about any grievances he faced during his trainee days, “For my case, because I came in #1 for ‘SuperStar Survival’, I was under much pressure.”

It was known that JunHo had participated in SBS ‘Superstar Survival’ when he was 17 and won #1 beating the other 6500 competitors, and after which he entered as trainee in JYP Entertainment.

Even amongst the trainees, there were much attention placed on him. JunHo was the subject of jealousy by others, “Everyone would only call me ‘that kid’ and not know my name.”

And there was an incident where there were discussions by netizens on the internet commenting ‘Did he undergo plastic surgery to look at like Rain?’,ย  causing misunderstanding about his resemblance to singer Rain. JunHo revealed, “I had received much hurt even before debut.”

But after debut, JunHo had learnt to just laugh those mean comments against him off, “I’m fine now. It is even fun to read the mean comments.” TaecYeon added, “We will laugh and talk the mean comments off.”

S: TVReport

29 Responses

  1. someone would go under the knife to look like rain?? lol… no offense but rain isnt the best looking

    i think junho is much more cuter than rain… i like him ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Because we have nothing else to do…

    Seriously, if people would actually start using their brain cells, they might figure out that everyone wants to be unique and known. Then why in heaven’s name would a trainee go under the knife to look just like the biggest star of that company. Does that even make sense? Out of the group it seems like Junho is having the hardest time to proof himself to be someone.

    With a little bit more patience I’m sure his “season” will come soon.

  3. […] he burned those words into his memory, made it through the harsh discipline of being under JYP, ยป fought off the cruelty of many everyday rumors, and turned himself into […]

  4. poor junho…
    i love you junbaby

  5. no wonder he doesn’t seems really hype or showing his craziness during the earlier day of debut. i bet he’s afraid with people thought bout him.. don’t worry hwangje -ah.. just know that you still have me >.o

  6. JunHo is natural but junsu is plastic.

  7. he is the 2nd well-rounded 2pm member after JaeBeom

  8. Representing single eyelids, Junho. :3

  9. it’s okay…that was before debut

    junho is junho

    i love u baby…heheh

  10. Oh please. Rain wishes his Penis can as big as Junho’s.
    Junho doesn’t need to look like Rain.

  11. ‘Did he undergo plastic surgery to look at like Rain?’

    I’m sorry, but that’s the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard.

  12. Whoa, harsh. It’s clear that Junho is just naturally handsome! If I recall, Rain had trouble finding a company because of his looks when he was starting out. It’s crazy to think that now people would accuse someone of going through plastic surgery to recreate his look. Don’t get me wrong; both Rain and Junho are frickin’ handsome, but it goes to show how fickle society is about looks. Sheesh.

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