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Kim HeeChul is good at dressing up as a girl

Super Junior Kim HeeChul has always been famous in the Kpop circle for his appealing feminine features and for his cross-dressing.

And recently, he has been up with a new hobby to dress up, which is to dress up as female idols like So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and TaeYeon.

His latest work will have to be f(x) Sulli. He did the cross-dressing during Super Junior’s Taiwan concert lately.

Go under the cut for more photos!

And here’s a selca taken with Sulli posted up about a week back!

25 Responses

  1. 2010 is sulli’s year

  2. no an
    chulie crazyed
    i hate you
    boy no want ?
    he want :girl

  3. hahhaaha omg i love you heechul.

  4. he’s just looks as girly as sulli..

  5. They both are pretty.

  6. i personally prefer his heesica, but heechul is the king (queen) when it comes to crossdressing. sulli is the cutest thing ever.

  7. Heechul just amazes me *_*
    He’s an unique individual………….

  8. EunHyuk collects cars and Heechul dresses up as SME girls. lol xD

  9. Sulli is really cute ^^

    as much as i like him, i hope that Heechul will never go back to orange long hair =/ looked too much like a girl.

  10. wow Sulli is sooo beautiful.
    I dont have words for heechul (ewww)

  11. crossplay! that guy likes to dress like a girl.

  12. Okay…. Scary… He really looks like a girl…

  13. What’s funny and cute??
    Its scarryyy people!!
    His gender bender always freaks me out.

    • He’s only doing this for fun. Not like he walks the streets pretending to be a girl. lol

  14. he’s weird to me..

  15. lol i think heechul is now into Sulli…So SulHee now??
    What about HeeSica?? lol
    I won’t worry coz HeeSica will remain. XD

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..love him !!! cant wait for ss2 concert in KL toooooooooooooooooooooooo

  17. Heenim<3333

  18. oppa, saranghae! HeeSica, Heetaengoo or HeeSulli are all cute.

    But Kim Heechul is the prettiest!

  19. heenim is pretty.. no doubt about that.. haha

    counting days for SSII in KL.. *excited*

  20. wahahaha . hilarious

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