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SNSD TaeYeon, “In terms of looks f(x) has the qualities like SNSD, and they are affectionate”

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon shows her affection for juniors f(x).

TaeYeon attended the 22nd Korea PD DaeSang Awards ceremony as the MCs with broadcaster Son BeomSoo on 23rd February in Seoul Universal Centre.

She talked about f(x) who were also present to do congratulatory performance, “They are one of the girlgroups whom I like the most. Like So Nyeo Shi Dae, they are affectionate. And in terms of looks, f(x) is outstanding, similar to So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

During the show, TaeYeon went on the stage with members HyoYeon and Sunny to give out awwards to indie band Jang GiHa and the Faces.

The award ceremony will be aired on 27th February at 3.30pm on EBS TV.


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  1. Haha Taeyeon has a very strong voice, but her singing is quite unstable sometimes. :/ Another celebrity said before that she has the right voice but the wrong techniques.

    f(x) are all good-looking, have you seen them without makeup? They’re also pretty talented overall, for an idol girl group, and have the hype (amber, krystal and sulli) The only problem is the songs-Lachata and Chu~ are totally substandard. Maybe SM is concentrating on So Nyuh Shi Dae first.

  2. The 3 vocal powerhouse in Kpop for the females are SeeYa,Davichi and T-ara(Eunjung and Hyomin). They have the vocal range and the versatility. Taeyeon? Umm.. The only song worth mentioning is probably Can you Hear me. She always seems to be struggling with most of the high notes in the songs. Her range is pretty weak and that kinda sucks

  3. SM town love!!!

  4. From the looks of it, majority of the people commenting here are the ones who watch like the first 30 seconds of an f(x) video and then close it when they decide it isn’t worth it. take time, dudes, and you’ll really see what’s good about them.

    firstly, they aren’t plastic. they’re real beauties(and one handsome :p).

    second, victoria kinda’ cracks a lot when she sings, sulli is average, amber can sing well though she isn’t really given any real singing lines except when they performed snsd’s kissing you, and luna and krystal are really good at such young ages(hard & easy, you are my destiny). that doesn’t sound like a compliment but compared to other groups that only have 2/5s of their members who you can listen to without having to cringe, they’re actually pretty good.

    third: their dancing. srsly. they’re so synchronized(much like shinee, though imo shinee still rocks it better), evidently well-prepared, & precise, and victoria’s flexibility undoubtedly deserves two thumbs up.

    fourth is amber. no other girl group has someone like her. ’nuff said.

  5. just out of random, i really love the shade of purple Taeyeon is wearing in the picture. Nice color!

  6. The only one who probably has talent in f(x) is Luna. Listen to her cover of Whitney Houston’s I have nothing and you will know why. Pretty strong vocals, better than taeyeon in terms of the pitch i’d say. And yes, T-ara is talented. Eunjung is very strong vocally. Soyeon has a charming voice. Although taeyeon is my favourite, she aint the best singer. Thats a fact.

    • Actually I think you mean “opinion”. Because others think differently and even professional singers may think differently. It wall depends on one’s preference and thoughts on talents. I think Taeyeon got one of the best vocals out of all the girl group. You may think that other gg members are more talented but there’s no way to prove who is more talented. So it being “a fact” is just your opinion.

      Taeyeon is a great singer. She wouldn’t be considered one of the nation’s best vocals for nothing. I’m not saying the others aren’t talented either but in my opinion, she has the best vocals for being versatile.

      • Taeyeon voice is average. A common voice in Kpop. Her voice doesn’t have that emotion in it. Her voice suits pop the most. In ballad, her voice is nice but bleh, it doesn’t have emotion and she doesn’t have a strong voice.

    • Taeyeon’s voice isn’t extremely versatile. She’s great at ballads, and only average elsewhere. Who’s versatile? Hyomin. This girl has proven her vocal skills and hasn’t disappointed me once. Just wish that she’d get more of the vocal lines. Although her rapping is killer, so I don’t know why I’m complaining. :[

      I do love Taeyeon’s voice though, and find her to be one of the best ballad singers. However, if you listen to T-Ara’s Falling You, you’ll basically notice that T-Ara’s vocals aren’t to be messed with. After all, they debuted under Core Contents, alongside Davichi and Seeya for a reason. They have to be able to sing well.

    • And I like how somebody else notices Luna’s vocal prowess. She’s the best in the 14-18yearold kpop singer department, as of right now.

  7. NO ONE in F(x) is hot.

  8. People need to stop being bitter about everything n try to find the negative side in everything.
    When someone gives a praise to other group, they say things like it’s only coz they’re from the same company.
    When one praises a group from different company, they’ll start comparing.

    This is SM family love. When SNSD first debuted, Suju said that SNSD is like the female version of them. Same goes here when Taeng mentioned the similarities between SNSD n f(x).
    Whether u like it or not, it’s a compliment for f(x) coz SNSD is 1st of all their senior n is the korean top girl group now.

  9. like So Nyeo Shi Dae, like So Nyeo Shi Dae hahaha =)) ??? =))

  10. LOL haters are really pathetic.
    well SNSD and f(x) are beautiful and talented girls.
    SM family is love.

  11. I actually find it cute! Family love is always cute and nice to hear. ❀

    People read too much about her comment. Seeing how SM artists seem to have the most rigorous and intensive trainings, I think it's only natural for them to have close bonds with their seniors and juniors. It doesn't necessarily mean that they trained together because I'm not sure of that, but the fact thet they've been through the same things makes them easier to relate with each other.

    As for f(x), just give them the right and awesome songs. I'm not yet particulalry sold on them, but the huge potential they have there is undeniable.

  12. F(x) is prettier (except Amber)and 2 of them have good vocal but how can they show it with their kid songs? SM must make the new style of songs for them

  13. lmao, not bashing, but…conceited much? haha!
    But I guess she can say that, Taeyeon is gorgeousss! And in terms of looks AND talent, I say T-ara. f(x) has yet to grow up, they’re cute so far =/

    • Are you serious?! How is T-Ara talented?
      They debuted saying that they were “beautiful” but out of all the idol girl groups I’d say SNSD beats the rest.
      Plastic or not SNSD’s gorgeous. And their vocals are more dominate than one girl in T-Ara that can sing.

      • Are you serious? Hey troll, T-ara never said they are beautiful. People praise them for their beauty! Get your fact straight.

        And lol who in SNSD are more dominate? Ilmfao

      • How is T-ara not talented? Please be reasonable. Dont let hate cover your eyes.

        Hyomin get signed for nation wide musical “I really really like you” within a few months after debut.

        SoYeon got first place on singing contest of ChinChin radio BEFORE debut.

        EunJung, there’s no need to explain about her talent in rapping and singing.

        Boram, release her own single of indie music before joining T-ara, and she garnered quite a lot of attention back then with her indie single.

        JiYeon, though not having a strong voice, can still charm people with songs like Sound Of tears (from GOS) and such. + she’s a promising actress. Remember she’s only 16-17 y.o.

        The only 1 who have trouble with singing is Qri, but her force is her acting and look. Dont tell me SNSD has no one who cant sing but are either good looking (uhmmm Yuri?) or a good dancer (uhmmmm HyoYeon?). Every group has 1 more a few of member like this. They shine with their good look and success at other fields than singing.

      • KARA is more talented than t-ara πŸ˜€

      • haha! SNSD is my fave kpop girlgroup, but when it comes down to it, their talents really are mediocre. out of the 5 main vocalists, Taeyeon is the strongest but her voice is still very common (you can hear that at a noraebang lol), what more of the other members =/ I love them still though, it’s their charm I guess

        T-ara seriously has some awesome vocals (their last full length album was great!), SoYeon and EunJung especially! Plus, may I add, they truly are frickin gorgeouss!! Cute or Sexy, they ALL can pull it off…rare!

        Kara…they’re cute I guess, but seriously, their vocals lack GREATLY!! Ever since that main vocalist left (SeungHee is it?) idk, just sounded weird o_O

        I LOVE THEM ALL though. One thing they all have in common is that they can dance….as can my grandma lol

      • ^ I’m sorry to tell you but Taeyeon’s voice is NOT common. Her voice match with alot of different type of songs. That’s what makes her so unique and praiseworthy.

      • If T-Ara isn’t talented, rofl. Okay, I’ll shut up and just say one thing.

        You just lost all credibility with that one statement. bb now.

      • whoever said that t-ara cant sing and not talented just watch and listen to these two songs

  14. (Like So Nyeo Shi Dae), they are affectionate. And in terms of looks, f(x) is outstanding, (similar to So Nyeo Shi Dae.”)

    They know how to sneak in some complements about themselves!!
    But it is so true. They are all so cute.

  15. <>, they are affectionate. And in terms of looks, f(x) is outstanding, <>

    They know how to sneak in some complements about themselves!!
    But it is so true. They are all so cute.

  16. lol what a politically correct answer by the leader..it would have been more cool if she’s named a group NOT in the company *rolls eyes*…

    • sm artists always like that.

    • But there’s no denying that SM artists are close.

    • SM artists are always like that. It’s obvious that they are TOLD what to say and do.

      They won’t talk about another group from different company if they can avoid it.

      • What about all those times when Heechul fanboyed over WG’s Sohee? They’re probably told what to say, but the friendship is real.

      • noone can control what heechul says because it’s heechul and that time sohee was what everyone wanted. Everyone are told what not to say and say. I mean in other companies too. I’m sure key talked about Nicole and Dongwoon a couple of time. And JaeJoong talked about TOP and SS501.

      • I’m tired of people accusing SM artists for only supporting those from SM. Other companies are no different. It’s natural to support those that u know well, since they probably saw their juniors training.
        How many times did SNSD say that 2PM are their fav boyband along with Shinee now?
        They even fangirl over 2AM n Kwill saying how they like listening to their songs.
        Sooyoung is a huge fangirl of VOS.
        Taeyeon gave a shoutout to WG during her radio.

      • SNSD, Kara and the WGs are close friends.

        You see their interactions all the time.
        Like how Taeyeon says she misses the WG and talks to Yoobin and how nicole, tiffany and seohyun gets along very well.

        Wonsoka line ftw. love the original top 3 gg πŸ™‚

    • Well, THEY WERE THERE so of course she would talk about them -____- learn to read. How would it be if f(x) just did a performance on stage then Taeyeon goes on about kara or something…. now that would be messed up 😑

  17. so like….

    i really like this (:

  18. f(x) is probably the least plasticky girl group in kpop history.

    In terms of looks, they are about equal.

  19. SNSD are prettier, obviously.

  20. And in terms of looks, f(x) is outstanding

    she didn’t mention their singing abilities… I like it…

    • lols…What do you mean?

      • errr hahaha who can sing well in f(x)?

      • @joycb: LOL exactly. the only thing going for them are their teeny-bopper looks. ahaha

      • joycb, QUOTED FOR TRUTH!
        No one sounds good in f(x), they’re some who can hold a tune but none that’s comparable to taeng.

      • I love f(x) but i have to agree with this.
        Singing capabilities, SNSD beats them to it. (I’m talking about certain members)

        Taeyeon> Luna and Jessica = Krystal.

      • I can’t believe you guys all forgot about Luna. Then again, she’s like stuck in the shadow of the other members, rofl.

        Luna can sing though. Really well. Maybe you guys just haven’t seen her clips. And this is coming from a person who thinks Taeyeon’s the only decent singer in SNSD, so you know my standards are high.

    • Luna has pretty good vocals, you know

      • It’s just Luna only. I think SM debuted them too young (except Victoria). Maybe if longer time to train, Krystal and Sulli would sound better . ><

      • The other girls will improve.
        Not as good as Luna, but they will.
        Amber has decent n stable vocal. Too bad, SM promote her as a rapper too much.

      • The sad thing is, Amber hardly get any lines of rap.

  21. SM family is ❀ SNSD and f(x) saranghaeyo.
    espero que algun dia estos dos grupos puedan hacer un performance juntos.

  22. i love both snsd & f(x)…
    taengoo jjang…

  23. TaeYeon is sooo cute in that pic >o< kawaii~!!

  24. I love how Soshi n f(x) always support eachother.

    • no shit. they’re in the same company. If they were in a different company, do you think they would give a ffuck about each other.

      • Well WG and Kara are from different companies, but they’re friends with SNSD. Calm down.

      • Ew, as far as I know SNSD gave much support to Kara n WG. Yoobin n taeyeon call each other often eventhough WG are in US. Nicole is good friends with more than half of SNSD. SNSD are also supportive towards One Day.
        Do they come from the same company?
        Get ur fact straight before leaving comment.

  25. awww SNSD and F(x) are <33333
    SM girls Fighting!!!

  26. f(x) connects SNSD together because of the sibling relationship between Sica & Krystal.

    And of course, Taengoo would say that since they’re family and they’ve known them for years during trainee days. Plus, they’re also the only current active girl groups in SM.

    I prefer SNSD more though. lol

  27. No f(x) are hotter

  28. lmao!

    β€œThey are one of the girlgroups whom I like the most. Like So Nyeo Shi Dae, they are affectionate. And in terms of looks, f(x) is outstanding, similar to So Nyeo Shi Dae.”

    ofcourse! love your own family.. ^-^,

  29. gosh love her hair wonder how they do it…

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